As anyone who remembers Vine, Disco or pre-ripped, stonewash jeans knows, fads don’t come and go, they morph, change with the times. Vine becomes TikTok. Disco becomes House Music, then shifts again into EDM. Pre-ripped jeans . . . well . . . maybe not pre-ripped jeans. (Perhaps some fads actually do fade into obscurity.) … Read More
Electric bikes are great fun to ride, and there are a lot of different models you can choose from when you’re looking for your first eCycle. One option new eBikers have is to install an ebike kit on their regular bike frame. At first glance, this may seem like a good way for new bikers to … Read More
Electric bicycles are experiencing a huge surge in popularity. It’s not hard to understand why. They’re fast, convenient, multipurpose and, more importantly, fun. With their assisted pedaling mode, eBikes can easily help you conquer commutes to school, work or the store without breaking a sweat — perfect for anyone trying to ease into an exercise regimen or who … Read More
When the Chicago Cubs were planning their end-of-season parade, they reached out to us to give their mascot, Clark, his favorite ride — a SWAGGER 5 ELITE. And we were more than happy to oblige!
Getting out and exploring is important for a happy, healthy life. Just ask Jeff, who sent us this video of him and his daughter trail-riding on their EB6 eBike.
YouTube and "Euphoria" stars, The Trvp Twinz, Tristan and Tyler Timmons, discuss being content creators, living their best #ElectricLife and more. Plus, an EB7 Elite prank vid!
The Fittipaldi family is an immensely successful racing family that spans four generations, so they know a thing or two about getting around. See how Formula One legend and two-time Indy 500 racing champion get things done in style with their SWAGTRON electric scooters.
Jon Lester is a lot of things: Cubs pitcher. Dedicated husband. Loving father. And he’s also a cancer survivor on a mission to help fund pediatric cancer research through his NVRQT campaign along with his wife, Farrah.
Riding a hoverboard takes practice. Playing the violin takes skill. Riding a hoverboard WHILE playing the violin? Now that's legendary! Watch as this 11-year-old kills it at his school talent show doing just that.
Doug Long delivers some of the most important mail and documents in Lackawanna County. A SWAGTRON electric scooter more than doubled his productivity.
What happens when your city is about to pass legislation that will drastic change how you commute to work? You take it to city council! That’s exactly what Matthew Bradshaw did.
What does it mean to live an #ElectricLife? For us, it means staying active, engaged and energized. It permeates everything we do here at SWAGTRON®, from our diverse product lines to our community outreach efforts.

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