[WATCH] Father-Daughter Team Conquers Trails and Explores More on Their EB6 eBike

The electric rideable revolution is upon us. Everyone is realizing how easy and hassle-free an electric scooter or eBike can make daily commutes. From politicians to college students, single dads to working moms — and everyone in between. But more people are realizing that electric bikes are more than just a tool to get from home to work and back again. An electric bike is a great solution for people looking to boost their fitness and explore more of the world around them.

Case in point: this video we received from outdoor enthusiast Jeff. An avid outdoor cyclist, he bought an EB6 fat-tire electric youth bike for his daughter (and even one for himself*). Jeff’s goal was to create an opportunity for some quality father-daughter time in the great outdoors. Check out the video he made of her first ride with the EB6.

Watch Father-Daughter Team Ride the EB6 eBike

The video shows off the terrain versatility of the EB6. The high-volume 4-inch fat tires with deep tread handle everything Jeff and his daughter throws at it, from smooth neighborhood pavement to gravel-heavy hills. We even appreciate hearing some of Jeff’s riding tips that he gives his daughter, like using the rear brakes when stopping on heavily graveled roads.

A Path Less Traveled with the EB6 eBike

For Jeff and his family, getting out and exploring with family and friends is more important than ever. “It’s a lot easier than when I was a kid,” Jeff says. “And the best times are looking back at videos or photos just to get that feeling all over again.”

But ‘that feeling’ doesn’t just come from the exploration itself. It’s also about the lead-up to the adventure: “My favorite part is usually the night before we head out,” Jeff tells us. “We usually go over the bike and decide where to go riding.” This adventure ‘pre-game’ is important because it gives you time to inspect the equipment and make sure everything’s in top form. That means checking the brakes and lights, making sure the tires are properly inflated, and checking that helmets are in working order. Equally as important, for Jeff, it’s a time to bond with his daughter.

“I guess it’s the buildup of going out for a few hours and riding in areas that we normally wouldn’t do or get a chance to see,” says Jeff.

eBiking to Enhance Fitness

Jeff and his family are well on their way to enjoying a healthier lifestyle, thanks in part to their EB6 eBike. After all, it’s totally possible to use an electric bike to enhance your exercise routine, especially if you choose a pedal-assist bike. The beauty of an electric bike is that you can put in as much — or as little — work as you want.

According to Jeff, “The pedal assist is incredible and has allowed for me personally to get back on a bike and enjoy riding around the hills in the neighborhood.” If anything, people like Jeff are finding that you have more control, not less, over your workout when you use a pedal-assist eBike.

Close-up of health-conscious woman pedaling on the EB6 fat-tire eBike.

Knees starting to ache? Simply ease off on the pedaling and let the pedal-assist pick up the slack.

Getting tired but you’re not quite ready to quit just yet? Use Throttle Only mode and take a quick breather without stopping.

Hill quite a bit steeper than you thought it would be? Engage the throttle and beat that incline like it owed you money!

You’ll be able to push through your workout and ride longer with a pedal-assist bike. The more you ride, the less likely you’ll be to stop. This will go a long way for improving your cardiovascular fitness and your blood pressure.

study done by the University of Colorado Boulder showed that cycling regularly on an electric bike is an effective workout that can improve cardiovascular health. The study also showed that people who were previously sedentary benefited from using a pedelec bike on a regular basis.

Explore More with SWAGTRON®

Jeff even provided a video of him on his EB6* trail-riding California’s Indian Truck Trail, which is rated by many to be a fairly difficult trail. This video perfectly illustrates how the electric bike handles off-road terrain. (Spoiler alert: expertly!)

For Jeff, just getting outside again is a victory in itself. “But doing a 25-mile ride and beating it,” he says, “is actually quite enjoyable too!”

Without a doubt, eBikes are empowering people to get out and stay active more than ever before. That important in today’s Digital Age, where staring at screens all day are becoming a norm. Jeff has plenty of plans to do just that with his family.

“An adventure I’d really like to take with my daughter would be a coastal ride,” he tells us. “Start from San Diego and ride as far up north as possible, juicing up at power stations to continue our coastal journey!”

With the EB6’s removable battery, it’s easy easier to go on extended adventures. Just grab a couple extra battery packs, toss them in your backpack and hit the road!

Fit woman removing swappable battery from the EB6 eBike

City landscapes. Urban jungles. Beach boardwalks. These are just some of the places that Jeff loves to explore with his family. “When I think about the next ‘frontier’ of exploration,” says Jeff, “it’s got to be something with our oceans. There’s more to explore than space.”

Well, let’s just say we’re working on that . . .

Meet the EB6 Kids Electric Fat Bike

You’re shredding down the perfect trail. You’re in the zone, dialed in. And that’s when it happens. You’re bonked, you’ve hit a wall. But not just any wall — the wall. The one where your legs are burning, your lungs feel heavy, and you think you simply can’t move another inch. That feeling can be discouraging for kids new to riding the trails and mountain biking or for riders with mobility concerns. But with the EB6 kids off-road eBike, you’ve got the power to push ahead — up and over that wall!

The EB6 is a real fat-tire eBike built to give young riders the opportunity to experience the thrill and freedom of mountain biking. With 20-inch wheels and a durable frame sized just for kids, the EB6 is boosted by a 350-watt electric motor capable of reaching speeds up to 18.6 miles per hour. Accelerate through a twist-grip throttle or through a “pedal to go” mode. With a range of up to 20 miles on a single charge (throttle only, farther if you pedal), you’ll be able to conquer the tough trails with ease.

*the EB6 is a youth-sized frame. For adults looking to get in on the electric fat-tire fun, we recommend the EB8 Folding Fat-Tire All-Terrain Electric Bike.

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