The Best Cyber Monday Electric Bike Deals 2023!

Gear up for the ride of a lifetime this Cyber Monday! SWAGTRON is unveiling the most exhilarating electric bike deals of Cyber Monday 2023. Enhance your autumn escapades with our premium eBikes, thoughtfully designed for the contemporary adventurer.

Embark on the Thrill:
Uncover the delight of riding with SWAGTRON’s exclusive Cyber Monday electric bike deals. As the fall season unfolds, immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes with the ideal companion for your outdoor exploits.

The Best Cyber Monday Electric Bike Deals 2023!

Cyber Monday SALE 2023!


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The Best Electric Bike for Sale Cyber Monday 2023

SWAGTRON EB6 – Trail-Blazing Adventure Awaits:

The Best Electric Bike - EB 6
$200 Off SWAGTRON EB6 Electric Bike

Experience the thrill of off-road biking with the EB6, a fat-tire eBike tailored for young riders eager for trail excitement. With a robust 350-watt electric motor, sturdy frame, and high-volume 4-inch tires, navigating challenging terrain becomes effortless. This Cyber Monday, seize exclusive deals on the EB6, empowering you to ride longer and tackle tougher trails.

SWAGTRON EB8 – Ride Beyond the Beaten Path:

The Best Electric Bike - EB 8
$150 Off SWAGTRON EB8 Electric Bike

For thrill-seekers hungry for adventure beyond conventional trails, the EB8 stands as your ultimate off-road companion. This foldable, all-terrain, fat-tire eBike ensures improved mobility, featuring a high-torque 350-watt motor and three riding modes. Take advantage of Cyber Monday deals on the EB8 for the perfect opportunity to explore uncharted backwoods terrain.

SWAGTRON EB7 Pro Plus – Commute in Style:

The Best Electric Bike - EB 7 Pro Plus
$250 Off SWAGTRON EB8 Electric Bike

Enhance your daily commute with the EB7 Pro Plus, equipped with a 350-watt motor, quick-folding frame, and a range of up to 15.5 miles on a single charge. Take advantage of Cyber Monday deals to make this stylish and efficient electric commuter bike yours.


The Best Electric Bike - EB 5 Pro Plus
$100 Off SWAGTRON EB 5 Pro Plus Electric Bike

The SWAGTRON EB5 PLUS is a versatile two-in-one powerhouse. Pedal with your legs or switch to full throttle, transforming it into an electric motorcycle. With a 250-watt motor, enjoy a ride of up to 15.5 miles on a single charge, reaching top speeds of 15mph. Its formidable performance allows you to effortlessly conquer steep hills and 30-degree inclines. Whether you’re blazing through a forest trail or casually cruising the neighborhood, engage pedal-to-go mode for electric motor assistance.

Take advantage of exclusive Cyber Monday discounts on this adaptable EB5 Pro Plus eBike.

Best 2023 Cyber Monday Full Size Electric Road Bike Sales – SWAGTRON EB-12

Best 2023 Cyber Monday Full Size Electric Bike Sales.
Full Size Electric Road Bike – SWAGTRON EB-12.

The SWAGTRON EB-12, a full-sized road bike, is turbocharged with a 250-watt motor, perfect for Cyber Monday 2023. Tailor your ride with customizable modes, whether you’re rushing to a holiday party or casually enjoying the autumn foliage. Cruise at speeds up to 16 mph using the battery alone, and even faster when you pedal along with the boost. The efficient 36-volt 7.5Ah Li-ion battery charges fully in under four hours, and its removable design allows you to carry an extra EB-12 battery (available separately) for extended commutes or quick swaps without waiting for a charge.

With a classic diamond frame and flat bar, the EB-12 ensures an upright riding position that truly lets you “feel the road.” The inflatable rubber tires effortlessly grip the road, particularly beneficial on streets covered in wet leaves and branches. This electric commuter bike boasts a 7-speed Shimano gear system and a detachable 36-volt battery, offering a travel range of up to 28 miles on a single charge without pedaling.

The Best Cyber Monday 2023 Full-Size Electric Cruiser Bike Deals

SWAGTRON’s comfort cruiser e-bikes are engineered for maximum comfort, with a deep-sweep handlebar that helps you ride with a more relaxed posture. No undue strain on your shoulders or lower back.  The wide, swept-back bars with slight upward pitch help keep your wrists in a natural, comfortable position. The low step-through frame makes mounting and dismounting easier, and the cushioned, extra-wide, spring-supported saddle adjusts to whatever height feels best for you.

You’ll love the smooth ride on 26-inch wheels and the wide 2.125-inch cruiser-style tires. This wheel-tire combo delivers spectacular shock-absorbing qualities that make cracks in the pavement all but disappear.  The Shimano 7-speed gear system always finds the perfect gear with precise index shifting to conquer difficult hills and inclines. Enjoy the riding control and flexibility that comes with a truly joyful ride.

The EB10 (white) and EB11 (black) electric cruiser bikes support adults up to 245 lbs.  They also feature 16 mph speed, up to 28-mile range, and cruise control.  It is IPX-rated splash- and weather-resistant. And the high-efficiency battery is removable, letting you swap out the battery without missing a beat.  (Extra battery packs are sold separately. Click here to buy one!)


Embrace the enchantment of autumn with Cyber Monday 2023! Navigate rural trails for leaf-peeping, pedal along the sunset-kissed shore, or e-bike through the scenic cityscape en route to your Christmas feast or office party.

Our top picks from the SWAGTRON E-Bike lineup—EB6, EB8, EB7 Pro PLUS, EB-5 PRO PLUS, and the EB-12 CITY COMMUTER—are featured in our Cyber Monday 2023 E-Bike Sale. If these boosted electric bikes don’t precisely match your needs, fret not; we have diverse options for you. Explore our Electric Bike Special Offers or peruse our other products to discover your perfect ride.

For any inquiries, our support team is ready to assist you via live chat. Happy riding!

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