Watch Kid Absolutely DESTROY Talent Show Playing Violin on SWAGTRON Hoverboard

It’s not often that we’re blown away at the SWAGTRON office.

But then we received a video of 11-year-old John.

It takes healthy dose of confidence to get in front of an audience and perform.

Especially an audience of your peers.

Especially elementary school peers.

But John does it with confidence that’s enviable. And when he starts cruising on his SWAGTRON Swagboard hoverboard in the middle of his recital, it’s easy to see why the crowd goes absolutely nuts!


Everyone here at the SWAGTRON office was absolutely amazed at John’s effortless performance. This kid’s clearly living his very best #ElectricLife. He’s riding a Swagboard Twist, the perfect entry-level hoverboard. Built to help riders of all ages master the basics. Automatic balance at start-up. Robust, hyper-stabilized motors. Learning advanced modes. The Swagboard Twist T881 delivers a superb riding experience with the same legendary quality that put SWAGTRON® on the map.

Young lady sitting against a wall next to her Swagboard Twist T881

How does he do it? How is he so cool at such a young age? Having a quality hoverboard like the Swagboard Twist certainly helps. But there’s more to it than that. The SWAGTRON office had questions — and only John had the answers! So we just had to hop on the phone and get to know him better.


Between school, sports and violin practice, where does John find the time to hoverboard, let alone practice playing violin while hoverboarding? “At the end of each violin practice, I jump on the hoverboard and play a song or two.”

Young boy sitting at a table doing homework next to cat

Some of us at SWAGTRON barely remember our junior high school years. But one thing we all recall with clarity was how difficult it was to pay attention. Not for John. “School is fun and my teachers are great and help me a lot. I actually enjoy school. There’s really no reason not to pay attention!”

John’s inquisitive nature is matched only by his go-getter attitude. That’s what sparked his interest, not only with playing the violin, but also riding his SWAGTRON hoverboard. If something grabs his attentions, he learns it until he’s mastered the skill. “It’s very satisfying to work and work at something and have your work pay off,” John says.

In fact, adding the hoverboard element to his violin playing was something he did to challenge himself.

So what else has young John learned on his own? “I’ve taught myself how to yo-yo, dice stack, juggle, skateboard, solve the Rubik’s cube,” John says. “And ride the hover board.”

That same attitude also helps him with his violin lessons: “When I learn to play a new song, I work at it until I get it right.”

(This kid’s a legend!)

Multiple shots of John wearing helmet, riding his Swagboard Twist

For John, living an #ElectricLife means having fun. And not just around town, either. “My family and I were in Washington D.C. for the weekend and we rode around on electric scooters. It was so fun, and it helped us get around faster.”

In a flash of daredevil-like inspiration, John contemplated riding his scooter back home to Pittsburgh. “But my parents wouldn’t let me.”

Probably a smart move!

But riding a hoverboard has advantages outside of adventures and having fun. John is well aware of this. “I’m only 11 years old,” John reminds us. “But I plan to take my hoverboard to college with me to get to class on time.” See? He already has plans for his future with his Swagboard!

“Every time I’m somewhere there’s a wide-open smooth surface, I think, What a great place to hoverboard.”

So do we, John. So do we.


Step up your hover game with the Swagboard Twist, a self-balancing scooter powered by dual 250W hub motors inside 6.5-inch wheels. Cruise up to 7 miles per hour. Conquer steep 30-degree hills. But more importantly, the Swagboard Twist automatically balances itself at startup, smoothing out learning curves for new riders. So getting proper balance and riding technique is easier than ever before.

The Swagboard Twist, a perfect entry-level hoverboard that’s sure to be a hit with experienced and advanced riders too. Coast along the pier. Cruise down winding paths. Or discover local hotspots with friends. The Twist delivers a superb riding experience at a family-friendly price point. And all with the same legendary quality that put SWAGTRON on the map.

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