Best Cheap Electric Bike for 2020 Reviewed

Electric bicycles are experiencing a huge surge in popularity. It’s not hard to understand why. They’re fast, convenient, multipurpose and, more importantly, fun. With their assisted pedaling mode, eBikes can easily help you conquer commutes to school, work or the store without breaking a sweat — perfect for anyone trying to ease into an exercise regimen or who has mobility challenges. Many eBikes are small and mostly portable, making a cheap electric bike the perfect way to get around town. 

Cheap Electric Bike Price Range

Some general-purpose eBike models can go for around $1,500, and an electric mountain bike might be nearly twice as much. But if you’re not interested in paying an arm or a leg — who would be? — you can find a cheap electric bike for as little as $500. And while not packed with high-end features, these models are still balanced, practical bikes that come with all the essentials:

  • Ample range
  • Multiple riding modes
  • Solid design
  • Extra portability
  • Enhanecd comfort
  • Easy, simply use
  • Robust reliability and durability
  • Fair price

Because for SWAGTRON®, “cheap” doesn’t mean cheap. It means affordable, feature-rich and value-packed. So if you’re searching for one of the cheapest commuter eBikes around, then look no further than Specifically, the SWAGTRON EB5 Pro. It’s got everything you could want in an affordable electric bike: solid price, market-leading features and gold-star support.


The SWAGTRON EB5 Pro, with a price tag under $500, is right in line with the much heavier Ecotric Swallow and the NAKTO Skylark series. It consistently performs well on electric bike reviews, where riders praise its solid performance, great form factor and incredible price point.

Swagtron EB5 Pro - Best Cheap Electric Bikes & Affordable E-Bikes in 2020.
Swagtron EB5 Pro – Best Cheap Electric Bikes & Affordable E-Bikes in 2020.


The SWAGTRON EB5 Pro offers a strong, reliable performance. With it, you can ride on full throttle and cruise around without a care in the world. Or you can ride it like a traditional bicycle, using pedal power to coast down streets. Then there’s the third option, the inbetween option: pedal-to-go. This electric-powered assist mode activates the motor while you pedal, improving both your performance and the performance of the bike itself. You’ll be able to go longer in pedal-assist mode than you could on your own, and the EB5’s battery will last longer than it would on throttle-only.  The best of both worlds that allows for easy cruising that economizes on battery power and your own energy.

Speed & Range

In terms of speed, the SWAGTRON EB5 Pro can reach speeds of 15 mph and higher. A full charge can carry the rider 15.5 miles while relying on a combination of motor power and pedaling, but the practical range may be higher depending on how much you rely on pedal-to-go. There is a small charger port located on the bottom of the frame.

PORTABILITY & Convenience

Best Cheap Electric Bikes & Affordable E-Bikes in 2020
Best Cheap Electric Bikes & Affordable E-Bikes in 2020.

Of course a bike is “portable.” You ride it, after all. But when we talk about portability, we refer to the handling of the bike outside of riding it. Can you fit it in tight places when you need to store it on the go? Can you fold it and carry it up a flight of stairs at work? That’s what we mean by “portability.” And this battery-powered bike is extremely portable.

The neat, efficient folding mechanism reduces the dimensions to 26 x 23.5 x 15.5 inches, and the bike itself only weighs 37 pounds, considerably less than the 50lb NAKTO Skylark. The SWAGTRON EB5 Pro is still a little too large to fit in most backpacks, but you can carry it with relative ease. The compact dimensions also ensure that you can tuck it into a corner of your residence — or under your desk at the office — while letting it charge. 


When it comes to electric bicycles, comfort isn’t just a matter of riding. The control layout is also important. Can the rider easily change settings? Are the brakes in the “expected,” easy-to-reach places? Is the display nice and bright? In all cases, the SWAGTRON EB5 Pro is a winner. The power button is within reach of your thumb while riding, and you can control the settings by the same sort of dials that change the gears on a traditional bicycle.

The handlebars and seat can be adjusted to suit the rider. You can move the handles upward or downward or twist them to take advantage of the unique design that allows you to rest your wrists while riding. Rides across uneven roads and hilly terrain should be comfortable.

The SWAGTRON EB5 Pro isn’t the least expensive or fanciest electric bicycle. But it strikes an excellent balance between cost and function. On standard metrics like speed and range, you’re getting more than your money’s worth. Additional features, such as pedal-to-go and the ability to rest your wrists while riding, bring extra value.


EBikes with Removable Batteries

If you’re in the market for an electric commuter bike with a detachable battery, you can’t go wrong with the SWAGTRON EB7 Elite. Switching out an extra battery can extend your ride for another 20 miles with normal use. Add on the Shimano 7-speed gears, and you’ve got a premium bike at an affordable price point.


Electric bicycles aren’t just for city commutes anymore. SWAGTRON has cheap electric bikes with fat tires so you can enjoy cruising your favorite nature trails without worrying about hills or protruding rocks or roots. Check out the SWAGTRON EB8 Folding All-Terrain eBike and the EB6 “Fat-Tire” eBike for Kids for competitively priced models that can handle tough rides. Priced higher but full of features that can tackle heavy mud and steep hills, Wallke’s X-series mountain bikes have enhanced shock absorption and Shimano speed transmissions.


Electric bicycles aren’t just for flash or for show. They are real tools that can bring real value to our lives. This is especially true for anyone with mobility challenges or concerns. People recovering from surgery, people with bad knees with limited functionality. There’s no reason why they can’t remember active and engaged, ready and able to explore the world around them. Step-through eBikes, like our EB9 Electric City Bike with Shimano 7-Speed and Removable Battery, are designed for these riders.  

Regardless of your preference, there’s an affordable eBike option for you. What are you waiting for? Browse through the available options to find the one that’s right for your lifestyle and start enjoying all the perks of effortless riding.

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