Electrifying Interview with “Black Panther” and HBO “Euphoria” Stars, The Trvp Twinz

The Trvp Twinz, Tristan and Tyler Timmons, are coasting on their newfound success.

Following their breakout role in the blockbuster MCU film “Black Panther,” the fraternal twins now star in HBO’s latest hit “Euphoria.” Portraying ‘Troy’ and ‘Roy’ in the series, the brothers deliver a steady stream of comedic relief — much like they do in their highly successful YouTube Channel, Trvp Twinz, which often finds them rolling around on electric scooters or pranking each other on their EB7 Elite electric bike.

Executive produced by Drake and his manager, Future the Prince, “Euphoria” is an American adaptation of the Israeli show of the same name. While “Euphoria” focuses on the troubled life of 17-year-old Rue, played by Spider-Man star Zendaya, fresh out of rehab, the show also delves into the lives of Rue’s high school peers. It’s an oft-times devastating look of how a group of high school kids navigate love and friendships in a world of drugs, sex, trauma and social media.

Tristan & Tyler’s Electric Bike Journey

Tristan and Tyler are widely known for their fun-loving YouTube Channel, Trvp Twinz. There, we can watch them prank each other — and sometimes their friends &mdash and share dramatic stories of growing up together. Sometimes they’ll even reveal hilarious on-set antics while working on a film or show.

To celebrate landing over 200,000 followers, the twins dropped a “mini-Q&A” that sheds some light on how they live their best #ElectricLife and how they really feel about being content creators.

It’s easy to lose perspective while pursuing acting careers. It’s a common thread with child actors. But the Trvp Twinz stayed grounded mostly by finishing high school in their hometown of Atlanta. They admit that it was tough to juggle content creation, high school and acting — especially around finals time.

But Tristan believes in the adage: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” And they love acting and creating content. Tristan particularly loves the recognition they receive from creating a video and watching people’s reactions — often positive — to the videos. Knowing that they have people who enjoy their videos is a great feeling to have, one that Tristan acknowledges.

For Tyler, though, the best thing about being a content creator is “being a content creator.”

“I remember watching other [creators],” explains Tristan, “and thinking, ‘I would have done this’ or ‘He could have done this.’ But when you creator your own [content], you do it how you want it done.”

Spoken like a true auteur!

Trvp Twinz SWAGTRON Prank

Closeup of EB7 Elite and Tyler on his EB7

For the Tyler, living an electric life means living your best life. But more than that, it “means to be energized, ready for anything.” So it was surprising that he wasn’t prepared for an early-morning prank that Tristan pulled off with his EB7 eBike.

Watch for yourself!

For the Trvp Twinz, living an Electric Life means keeping a positive outlook on life, setting goals and staying focused on them. That means staying hydrated and eating an “electricious” breakfast (Tristan’s new word for electric + delicious).

“Do it all, get it done and make sure you’re having fun,” says Tristan.

Words to live by!

About the Trvp Twinz

Tristan and Tyler Timmons are the dynamic duo known as the “Trvp Twinz.” From YouTube vloggers to social media influencers and now, movie stars. Following their breakout role together in the MCU blockbuster “Black Panther” as the lead kids on the Oakland basketball court, Tristan and Tyler now star in HBO’s latest teen hit drama “Euphoria.”

Despite their successful journeys in Hollywood, the twins continue to produce video content on their YouTube Channel, Trvp Twinz, for their 225,000+ subscribers. Videos range from pranks to interviews and Q&A.

“Euphoria” airs every Sunday on HBO. The pilot aired on Sunday, June 16, 2019.

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