Are Electric Bikes Any Good?

As anyone who remembers Vine, Disco or pre-ripped, stonewash jeans knows, fads don’t come and go, they morph, change with the times. Vine becomes TikTok. Disco becomes House Music, then shifts again into EDM. Pre-ripped jeans . . . well . . . maybe not pre-ripped jeans. (Perhaps some fads actually do fade into obscurity.) You might be inclined to think eBikes are one such fad, destined to be as forgotten as the Pet Rock™.

But that isn’t the case. Electric bikes are changing the face of city planning and personal transportation, as well as helping individuals get active and reduce their carbon footprint.

Electric bike don’t have to be expensive, either. Many people have found that a $400 eBike can be a cost-efficient replacement for their car! A robust, compact electric bike can be perfect for urban living or for those with mobility issues who can’t manage a regular bike. There’s a wide range of bikes on the market with options tailored to every need. 

Budget-Minded eBikes

Woman riding an EB5 Plus Pro ebike in front of a psychedelic backdrop.
The EB5 Pro Plus eBike from SWAGTRON® — budget-friendly, feature-rich.

While lower-priced ebikes carry fewer features than more expensive bikes, many of them provide excellent value for their price point. For instance, the SWAGTRON® EB5 Pro Plus retails around $500-$600 online. While it’s not a small investment, it checks off every box of what an urban commuter needs. Thanks to its foldable design, it fits neatly in a closet, trunk or other storage space.

The EB5 Pro Plus also has a comfortable range of 15.5 miles, seven-speed Shimano® gears and lightweight aluminum construction that makes it easy to carry. And if you’re interested in a more basic bike and can do without added perks, you can find excellent electric bikes as low as $250-$300.

High-Functionality Electric Bike

While cheap eBikes can replace a car and solve mobility issues for many people, there are many bells and whistles available for those who want them. The record-breaking Delfast Prime electric bike can run for over 200 miles on a single charge! If that isn’t making you gasp, the $4000+ price tag is sure to do so.

The EB8 All-Terrain eBike outside on the trails.
The EB8 All-Terrain electric bike doing what it does best — conquering trails and lookin’ good!

On the other end of the high-performance spectrum, some electric mountain bikes can tackle the most rugged terrain. Like our off-road, fat-tire electric bikes — the EB6 and EB8. These definitely aren’t toys. You can find eCycles that are just as good as, if not better than, any traditional bike on the market.

If the question is “Are eBikes good?” the answer must be a resounding, “yes!” There’s no shortage of great bikes at every price point. More importantly, there’s no shortage of heartwarming stories about the increasingly popular bikes changing peoples’ lives.

Electric Bikes Conquer Mobility Challenges 

While using a traditional bike instead of a car sounds great, there are many reasons people can’t always do so.

  • Hilly terrain can make cycling tough going.
  • Standard bikes may demand too much exertion for people with health conditions.
  • Older people may struggle with traditional pedal-power.
  • Long commutes may make regular cycling impractical.
  • Cycling with a heavy load (groceries, tools for work and so on) can be difficult.

Since eBikes rely on a combination of pedal power and electricity, they’re less strenuous to ride than standard bikes. Most also have the option to run on motor power alone, which is perfect for tackling inclines along your route. Not to mention, any bystanders are going to be pretty impressed when they see you cruising up a hill without breaking a sweat! 

Electric bikes give everyone a way to leave the car at home and exercise while accomplishing their daily errands.

Electric Bike is Great for Health 

While you might doubt the health value of assisted cycling, studies consistently show that it’s a clear health benefit.  A senior contributor wrote on Forbes stating that electric bikes represent a boon to health. The conclusion of the cited study was that electric biking “provided physical activity of at least moderate intensity, which was lower than the intensity elicited during conventional cycling, but higher than that during walking.”

While lower intensity might sound like a point against electric bikes, it’s important to remember that eBikes typically aren’t replacing traditional bikes. Instead, they’re replacing car rides and other low-activity transportation methods. The study showed that pedal-assisted bikes helped encourage physically inactive people to begin riding, and their health showed clear improvement afterward. We explore more of this in our FAQ article, “Cheating or Not? Can eBikes Help with Fitness?

eBikes Are Affordable

Many people with health conditions have written about how electric bikes have changed their life. However, electric bikes have also changed people’s lives by making personal transportation financially accessible. With excellent bikes retailing as low as $400 or $500, it’s clearly a much more affordable alternative to a car.

Electric bikes are also exempt from the taxes many regions place on cars, and some areas don’t require eRiders to carry insurance or a license. Always check with the laws in your state before mounting your eCycle for the first time. 

The amount of electricity they need costs a tiny fraction of the gas bill for an automobile. Even with heavy usage of your bike, charging shouldn’t cost more than a few dollars a month! 

Electric Bikes Deserve the Hype

But eBikes aren’t good — they’re great. The bikes themselves are reliable and offer excellent performance at reasonable prices. But that’s not what truly makes them stand out. The most important factor is that they make cycling and transportation accessible — and fun! — to everyone.

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