Tips to help you cleaning and maintaining your rideable—electric or otherwise and best way to help your ride last a long time and maintain optimal performance.
There are plenty reasons to grab an electric bike—from convenience to exercise. But making it a foldable eBike gives you even more options and value.
Getting out and riding your electric bike to an electric scooter—even hoverboards and electric skateboards during COVID-19 can help you tap into the mood-lifting benefits of staying active, so you keep your spirits raised and your body fit.
From smartphones to eRideables, if it’s got a battery, then it’s got a battery life. Here’s how to make your eRideable’s battery life last even longer.
Figure out which eBike you should buy based on your needs.
If you've just purchased an eBike or are looking for new fitness strategies incorporating your old electric bicycle, check out these six recommendations.
What Everyone Should Know Before Buying an Electric Bike?
Ask the owner of any vehicle used for transportation what the most important part of ownership is, and you’ll probably get a familiar answer: Maintenance, maintenance, and maintenance! Just like a car or a boat, proper servicing is critical when you own any kind of bicycle. And eBike maintenance is by far the easiest way to … Read More
With an eBike, you get a lot of the same benefits with a lot less work. Riding an eBike is like being on a traditional bike with an extra (probably younger) pair of legs to handle the hills.
As anyone who remembers Vine, Disco or pre-ripped, stonewash jeans knows, fads don’t come and go, they morph, change with the times. Vine becomes TikTok. Disco becomes House Music, then shifts again into EDM. Pre-ripped jeans . . . well . . . maybe not pre-ripped jeans. (Perhaps some fads actually do fade into obscurity.) … Read More
Our over-reliance on cars is a major contributor to global warming and declining air quality in cities around the world. As more vehicles hit the road, traffic congestion makes these issues even worse. Fortunately, eBikes have the potential to break the cycle (no pun intended) and help people meet their transportation needs. And all in … Read More
People cycle for different reasons. Commuting. Exercise. Preferred lifestyle activity. Ambitions to be the next Lance Armstrong (minus the scandal). Electric bikes build on the benefits that traditional bicycles offer cyclists. Here we look at the numerous benefits that eBike provide and some of their drawbacks. Let’s ride. The Pros of Electric Bikes 1. Electric … Read More
Believe it or not, not all electric bike are the same size. Just like traditional bicycles, electric bikes are generally sized based on your height. So, whether you are 4’10 or 6’2, you can start by using this handy chart to figure out the right eBike size for you. Rider Height Frame Size (Inches) 4’10” … Read More
You can ride an electric bike anywhere your good pedals will take you! Well . . . theoretically.  But the truth is – as we’ve mentioned before – that state laws vary greatly when it comes to where you can ride your eBike. And even within those states, some cities will have even different regulations … Read More
Short answer: Definitely! (We love short answers.) If you love cycling but, as an older person, you no longer relish the calf-burning climb to the top of the hill, an eBike is perfect for you. Not only can an electric bicycle provide extra power when you need to catch your breath, it can help you sail by your … Read More
The era of social distancing has changed life across the globe in all sorts of ways, with major impacts on nearly every industry. It’s the kind of time we won’t soon forget, with people cooped up for weeks and months on end to flatten the COVID-19 curve. It’s a time when (let’s face it) more than a … Read More
In October 2019, the city of San Francisco did something cool, something other cities would do well to imitate. They closed off portions of its iconic Market Street — one of their busiest streets — to private vehicles. This $604 million initiative follows the lead of other cities that have done something similar — New … Read More
Whether you must manage a daily commute, or you’re just having fun with your family, nothing really beats an eBike. Electric bikes for family run as unique as the family itself. The choices you make for yourself and your kids aren’t going to be electric hot rods. Electric bikes for families need to cover a … Read More
If you’ve not jumped on an eBike, what are you waiting for? Over the past few years, the eBike industry has seen amazing growth across the United States and the world. Known by a variety of names, such as electric bicycles, eRiders, and eCycles, these new vehicles have captured the attention of young and old. Local governments promptly got in the … Read More
Electric bikes are perfect for those wanting to stay active and reduce car dependency. With a bit of research, you can find the best eBike for your that won't empty your wallet.
Electric bikes are great fun to ride, and there are a lot of different models you can choose from when you’re looking for your first eCycle. One option new eBikers have is to install an ebike kit on their regular bike frame. At first glance, this may seem like a good way for new bikers to … Read More
Electric bicycles are experiencing a huge surge in popularity. It’s not hard to understand why. They’re fast, convenient, multipurpose and, more importantly, fun. With their assisted pedaling mode, eBikes can easily help you conquer commutes to school, work or the store without breaking a sweat — perfect for anyone trying to ease into an exercise regimen or who … Read More

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