Cleaning and Maintaining Your Electric Bike, Electric Scooter, Hoverboard and other eRideables

Cleaning and maintaining your rideable—electric or otherwise—is the best way to help your ride last a long time and maintain optimal performance. Too often, people find themselves on their backside because maintenance hasn’t been their top priority. So, if you don’t want to end up on YouTube chasing after the runaway wheel of your bike, use the tips below to clean and maintain your electric scooter, electric bikehoverboard or electric skateboard

General Cleaning

The first step in making your eRideable look presentable is wiping it down. You take a shower to clean the sweat off yourself after a ride, so make sure you give your eBike a “shower” too. A clean damp cloth will help make your off-road eBike look better by removing dirt, dust and grass.

For those extra-grimy areas, like the handlebars and wheels, dish soap or mild household cleaner can help eliminate the extra grime.  A toothbrush is great for cleaning the wheels, as it can get into the tread where dirt is often trapped. It may also help in removing small pebbles and rocks that can become stuck. 

Give the bike a good wipe over once you are done to take care of any leftover dust or dirt. And always remember to keep water far away from the electrical components, like the battery.

Woman sitting on her swagCYCLE Classic pedal-less eBike.
The swagCYCLE series of eBikes have no pedals and are a bit easier to keep clean.


The frame of the eRideable holds everything together, and without it, you just end up with two wheels, a battery and a drivetrain. Check it over carefully to ensure that everything moves as it should and, conversely, that nothing moves that shouldn’t. Periodically grease movable parts such as the sprockets according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and make sure you have a full range of movement on any part that is meant to move. 


Cleaning and maintaining wheels is vital in making sure your eScooter and you make it to class on time. You also don’t want to take a dive in front of friends after bragging about your amazing skill on your electric skateboard due to a wobbly wheel. 

Remove any rocks or stones lodged in the tire’s crevices to ensure they don’t get further pushed in when you are out and about. Also, clear any dirt or grass that is stuck to it as well. Once a week, or as often as needed, check the tires over to see if there are any punctures or possible cracking. If there are any, don’t ride until they are fixed. You might be able to patch some punctures, but sometimes a trip to a shop that specializes in eRideable repairs is necessary.

Wheels are the only thing keeping you up off the ground, so look after them — at least until you can really hover.


Not all eBikes have chains. The no-pedal bikes—like the swagCYCLE Classic or the swagCYCLE Envy—don’t. They’re pure throttle. But for all others, you’ll want to keep the chain nice and lubricated. A dry chain won’t shift gears smoothly. And they sound terrible—like an ear-piercing banshee’s wail. After long, an unoiled chain will rust and, dangerously, snap while riding. Check your local bike shop for chain oil recommendations.

Closeup of someone oiling the chain of their electric bike.
Clean and oil your eBike’s chain to keep it in prime condition.

The lithium-ion Batteries

The lithium-ion batteries used in eRideables can be dangerous when damaged or used improperly. Keep your battery sealed and dry. In addition, give it an occasional inspection to check that it’s in one piece. If it has denting or cracks in the outside structure, you should get it replaced. We have replacement battery packs that work with a lot of our eRideables.

You should also check for corrosion on the contacts. While this is highly unusual, it’s always worth a quick look every month or so or after a major wipeout (if you’re doing stunts, you need to give it a solid check-over).

Closeup of the bike rack with removable battery of some SWAGTRON EB-Series eBikes.
Bike rack with removable battery of some SWAGTRON EB-Series eBikes.

Semi-Annual Maintenance Check

When it comes to traditional electric bikes — like the EB7 Plus or the EB12 Electric Road Bike — we recommend getting your eBike looked at by a professional bicycle shop mechanic at least twice a year. They would be able to check brakes, tire tread, chain, battery and gears (if applicable) are in good working order.


Proper storage is one of the most important parts of maintaining equipment. eRideables left outside can become damaged by the weather, and that’s a waste of anyone’s money. Rain can cause components to seize, begin rusting, ruin the battery and trigger mold growth on plastic and materials attached to the eRideable. The sun can do damage as well, causing cracking and fading. Winds can throw loose items against your electric toy, potentially breaking components or at least denting them.

Thanks to Mother Nature’s quirks, you shouldn’t leave your eRideables outside ever. If you want to keep your eRideable equipment safe, bring it inside and put it somewhere out of the way. If you leave it in a shed or covered porch, make sure it’s out of direct sunlight and protected from moisture.

Maintaining your eRideable is necessary if you want to keep enjoying your adult toys for months and years to come. By following the above tips, you can prolong the life of your favorite SWAGTRON product, whether its an electric scooter, eBike, hoverboard or electric skateboard.

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