Which Are the Best Electric Bikes to Buy?

The way you intend to use an eBike is your most important consideration when deciding which electric bike to buy. Are you a mountain maniac, cycling off-road as a form of exercise or adventure? Do you use your eBike to commute to school or work, saving pennies and the environment? Or, maybe you’re just a great parent and are planning on surprising your child with an electric bicycle for their birthday.

In this article, we examine all these use cases to help you figure out which eBike you should buy based on your needs. But first, here’s a quick summary if you’re in a hurry.

Young woman wearing a helmet riding a white EB9 Step-Through Electric City Bike.
EB9 Electric City Bike with 7-Speed Shimano Gears Removable Battery.

Find out which eBike to buy, at a glance

  • Commuting: EB7 Plus, EB5 Pro Plus
  • Off-roading: EB8 Fat-Tire All-Terrain & EB6 Fat-Tire Off-Road
  • Seniors: EB9 Step-Thru
  • Teens: swagCYCLE PRO; EB5 Pro Plus; EB6 Off-Road
  • Younger Teens: swagCYCLE Classic, swagCYCLE Envy

Let’s take a closer look at each of these options.


If you plan to cycle to work or school but don’t live around the block, it’s a good idea to get an eBike that’s comfortable with enough power to cover the distance. Two electric bicycles that fit this need are the EB7 Plus and the EB5 Pro Plus.

The EB7 Plus has three riding modes to pick from for a comfortable and sweat-free ride home: pedal-to-go electric-assist, full throttle, and pedal-only. And it has the benefit of Shimano®‘s gear speed system, which helps it deliver even more control to your ride.

Split image of the EB7 Plus eBike and the EB5 Pro Plus electric bike.
The commuter’s dream: EB7 Plus eBike and the EB5 Pro Plus electric bike.

And if you’re short on space or just need a little more portability, both the EB5 Pro Plus and EB7 Plus are foldable and feature removable batteries. Grab an extra battery and keep it with you and you’ll never be caught off-guard, wishing you had extra juice.


Off-road eBikes give you a chance to explore your adventurous side in a fun, inexpensive way. In case you get left behind by over-eager friends, you want an eBike with a throttle mode that enables you to catch up quickly. With these considerations in mind, we recommend the SWAGTRON EB8. Powerful 350-watt motor. Extra-wide, deep tread tires. 20-inch wheels. Removable battery. Shimano® gear system. It’s easy to believe how the EB8 can help you cycle confidently over bumpy terrain.

For younger riders—or smaller riders—the EB6 All-Terrain eBike has similar specs as the EB8, but with a slightly smaller frame. We’ll talk more about them in a bit.

Split image of the EB8 Off-Road Fat Tire eBike (left) and the EB6 Youth All-Terrain eBike with fat tires.
Conquer the trails with the EB8 or the EB6 Off-Road Fat Tire electric bikes!

Seniors or Anyone with Mobility Concerns

The SWAGTRON EB9 Step-Thru is just right for seniors. Among the biggest concerns for seniors are ease of use and safety, although looks count too. For this reason, the best eBikes for seniors have a step-through frame that makes it easy to get on and off the bike, even with limited mobility and agility.

The frame construction of the SWAGTRON EB9 Step-Thru is a huge plus for seniors, making the eBike simple to manage, even if they have little experience operating one. Its layout is not too different from that of a traditional bike, so the EB9 has a familiar feel to it. Handling is easy because of the ergonomic way the pedals and central bar are positioned. This bike is popular among seniors, whether they’re effortlessly cruising the streets or keeping up with the grandkids. 

Woman sitting next to her EB9 electric bike.
The low step-through frame of the EB9 electric bike.

Use the adjustable handle to choose a height that suits you and carry your handbag or backpack along on the multifunction rear rack. You never know when you’re going to need to splurge on ice cream.


Electric bikes are a godsend to teens. A car might be out of their price range, but an eBike is an affordable solution that gives teens the ability to commute to and from school, visit famil and friends, and just get out and enjoy the world around them. Plus, eBikes are a fun, affordable option. Any of the swagCYCLE Pro, EB5 Pro Plus, or EB7 Plus models are great choices for teens for various reasons. And there are even recertified models available that make it even more affordable.

The scooter-like swagCYCLE Pro has a sturdy aluminum frame for durability. It’s pedal-free, which makes it feel more like a seated electric scooter with a bicycle form. The EB5 Pro Plus, in contrast, is a bike through-and-through. It features a 250-watt battery that helps it power up to 15.5 mph on throttle alone—even faster when you engage the pedal assist. Or you can turn off the battery completely and ride it like a traditional bicycle.

Three-image split of the EB7 Plus (left), the EB5 Pro Plus (center) and the swagCYCLE Pro (right) electric bike.
Solid eBike choices for teens: the EB7 Plus (left), the EB5 Pro Plus (center) and the swagCYCLE Pro (right).

Teens who like the off-road experience are likely to prefer our EB6 Fat-Tire All-Terrain eBike.  Powerful, high-torque 350-watt motor. Three riding modes (throttle, pedal-only and pedal-to-go). Removable battery. Shimano® gears and disc brakes. And 4-inch thick, deep tread tires that help you conquer almost any trail. It’s a favorite among teens, who even use the EB6 as a commuter bike.

Younger Teens

If you have younger school-age children, check out the pedal-less eBikes. These types of rideables require little effort or prior experience with eBikes, so the young ones can still have fun while learning to ride. Because they are throttle-only, they feel more like seated eScooters than eBikes, but they have that eBike feel. From the O.G. swagCYCLE Classic to the swagCYCLE Envy. These eBikes tend to have lower top speeds, so many parents feel more comfortable giving these to their younger teens.

Split-image of young woman sitting on a swagCYCLE Classic (left) and swagCYCLE Envy (right) electric bike.
Perfect for younger teens – the swagCYCLE Classic and swagCYCLE Envy.

Regardless of which eBike type you’re interested in, determining which are the best eBikes to buy comes down to a few basic principles. Look for a well-known brand with a good warranty at a reasonable price. After that, it’s all smooth cruisin’ from there.

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