5 Simple Steps to Keep Your eBike in Tip-Top Shape

Ask the owner of any vehicle used for transportation what the most important part of ownership is, and you’ll probably get a familiar answer: Maintenance, maintenance, and maintenance! Just like a car or a boat, proper servicing is critical when you own any kind of bicycle. And eBike maintenance is by far the easiest way to … Read More

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Electric Bikes vs. Regular Bikes

With an eBike, you get a lot of the same benefits with a lot less work. Riding an eBike is like being on a traditional bike with an extra (probably younger) pair of legs to handle the hills.

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Are Electric Bikes Any Good?

As anyone who remembers Vine, Disco or pre-ripped, stonewash jeans knows, fads don’t come and go, they morph, change with the times. Vine becomes TikTok. Disco becomes House Music, then shifts again into EDM. Pre-ripped jeans . . . well . . . maybe not pre-ripped jeans. (Perhaps some fads actually do fade into obscurity.) … Read More

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What Are the Benefits of Using an Electric Bike Instead of a Car

Our over-reliance on cars is a major contributor to global warming and declining air quality in cities around the world. As more vehicles hit the road, traffic congestion makes these issues even worse. Fortunately, eBikes have the potential to break the cycle (no pun intended) and help people meet their transportation needs. And all in … Read More

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What are the Pros and Cons of an electric bike?

People cycle for different reasons. Commuting. Exercise. Preferred lifestyle activity. Ambitions to be the next Lance Armstrong (minus the scandal). Electric bikes build on the benefits that traditional bicycles offer cyclists. Here we look at the numerous benefits that eBike provide and some of their drawbacks. Let’s ride. The Pros of Electric Bikes 1. Electric … Read More

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What Is the Right Electric Bike Size for Me?

Believe it or not, not all electric bike are the same size. Just like traditional bicycles, electric bikes are generally sized based on your height. So, whether you are 4’10 or 6’2, you can start by using this handy chart to figure out the right eBike size for you. Rider Height Frame Size (Inches) 4’10” … Read More

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