Why Fold? 4 Reasons Why Your Next Electric Bike Should be Foldable

There’s plenty to consider when buying an eBike. Maybe you’re looking for a commuter model that can go the distance, or perhaps you want a fat-tire eBike capable of handling the roughest of roads.  One consideration that should top the list, however, is whether to go foldable or stay expansive — and there are seriously convincing reasons to go with the more carry-friendly option. 

Beyond merely looking cooler, foldable eBikes are redefining the riding experience by amplifying the benefits of getting around on an electric bike and introducing entirely new ones. 

Let’s get you caught up on the unique perks of our foldable eBikes — and why you should have one in your sights right about now.

1. Easy Portability 

We all know it’s more convenient to ride somewhere than walk, but the biggest worry is what to do with your bike during the short bursts when it’s not suitable to ride it. This could be something like going up and down stairs.  Or perhaps taking a bus into the city or hopping on the train. A foldable electric bike completely solves that, making sure the weight is evenly balanced for easy and comfortable carrying. 

You no longer have to worry about accidentally poking an innocent passerby, because with a package that compact, you’re only taking up your fair share of space, even in a crowded train station. 

The EB7 Plus and the EB5 Pro Plus are both designed especially with foldable portability in mind. Both have an integrated carry handle that makes carrying the eBike a lot easier.

Split image of the EB7 Plus being carried (left) and the EB5 Pro Plus (right) being folded.
The EB Plus and the EB5 Pro Plus—two SWAGTRON eBikes that fold for convenience.

2. Better Storage

There just doesn’t seem like there’s enough space to spare nowadays.

Foldable eBikes help solve this problem too. In their folded state, they essentially take up half the space you’d otherwise need to leave clear in your garage or apartment. 

That’s true for the bus or train, too, where you wouldn’t want to inconvenience your fellow commuters by taking up more than your allotted share. With a foldable eBike, you minimize the amount of space you’re occupying — staving off disapproving looks. 

Once you get to the office, foldability is just as useful. Whether you’re a little low on space or having your bike feature too prominently in your office isn’t a good look, the ability to tuck it away as a neat, inconspicuous unit is always welcome. 

And don’t forget how easy it is to stash your bike in the car. With the way many of our eBikes fold, like the EB5 Pro Plus, there’s no trouble fitting them into some of the smallest trunks out there, like that little gas-saving Prius you’ve been eyeing. Even something as massive as the EB8 Fat-Tire All-Terrain Electric Bike can be folded down to fit a compact sized trunk.

Split image of the EB5 Pro Plus (left) folded in the trunk and the EB8 Fat-Tire eBike (right) folded in a trunk.
Foldable eBikes, like our EB5 Pro Plus and the EB8 eBikes, make it easier to travel with.

3. Constant Adventure Readiness 

Driving along, it’s not uncommon to see something that piques your interest — perhaps a trail that looks particularly inviting. Your car won’t make it far off-road, but the eBike in the trunk can. And the model best able to handle that kind of terrain while still fitting in the trunk is the EB8 foldable fat-tire eBike

When spontaneous calls to adventure arise, a foldable eBike makes it much easier to indulge your exploratory mood, hop on the trails and conquer them.  After all, it’s simply a matter of popping the trunk open, pulling your eBike out and unfolding it, and seeing what adventure you can find.

Man wearing a helmet riding an EB8 Fat Tire eBike off road.
Adventure awaits! Grab a foldable eBike and be ready at a moment’s notice!

4. Easier Exercise 

Finding the time or motivation to fit exercise into your routine isn’t always the easiest thing to do. When you inject some fun into it — think foldable eBike now — you massively increase the odds that you’ll stick with the program. The benefits include increased health and greater fitness. 

Unlike many forms of exercise, riding outside keeps things fresh by letting you explore a new and exciting environment every day. That’s, of course, easier with an electric bicycle. Consider going up a hill, for example, and how it’s not the slightest bit intimidating once you have two electric-powered wheels at your bidding. 

If you’re looking to burn off calories and improve your cardio while having so much fun, it doesn’t feel like exercise, it doesn’t get better than a foldable eBike. At any moment, you and your trusty steed are ready to go. And when you’re done, fold it up and put it in your pocket — well, it’s not that compact, but close!

Now that you’ve heard the case for choosing a foldable eBike there’s really no reason to keep comparing. The take-me-anywhere portability, fits-there-too storage versatility and broader lifestyle benefits simply do justice to themselves. Browse through the options on offer and make these benefits yours. 

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