What are the Pros and Cons of an electric bike?

People cycle for different reasons. Commuting. Exercise. Preferred lifestyle activity. Ambitions to be the next Lance Armstrong (minus the scandal). Electric bikes build on the benefits that traditional bicycles offer cyclists. Here we look at the numerous benefits that eBike provide and some of their drawbacks. Let’s ride.

The Pros of Electric Bikes

1. Electric Bikes Keep the Environment Healthy

Just like electric cars, electric bike are an eco-friendly alternative for transportation. They’re great for both short and long commutes to work, school or personal errands because unlike traditional bicycles, electric bikes ones don’t rely only on your muscle power. Depending on the city you live in and your lifestyle, the eBikes can completely replace your car.

By reducing how often you need to use your gas-powered vehicle, eBikes help reduce emissions and keep the planet healthy. Furthermore, they reduce noise pollution by offering much of the benefits that motorbikes do without the noise because the electric motors on eBikes run quietly.

2. Getting Started With Electric Bikes Is Easy

Unlike traditional bikes that rely solely on your muscle power, eBikes have motors that can either assist your pedaling or eliminate the need to pedal when you’re in throttle mode. So, you don’t have to worry about showing up at work or school all sweaty like you just ran a 5K at the gym.

eBikes lower the barrier to entry into the cycling lifestyle. Many people who consider getting into cycling hesitate, but an eBike provides these people with a good starting point. You can push yourself as hard or as easy as you want. Over time, you’ll become a better rider with more endurance as you rely less and less on the battery-assisted motor for pedal support, and more on your own legs and feet.

Close-up shot of a woman sitting on an EB12 electric bike.
The EB12 Electric Road Bike is perfect for casual and expert riders.

3. Electric Bikes Ride Fast and Far

eBikes quickly get you to where you want to go. If you live in an area with a lot of traffic congestion, an eBike might get you to your destination faster than your car.

A trip of a few blocks may take an unreasonably long time if you get stuck in traffic, which seems to happen more and more. With an eBike, it may only take a few minutes as you can ride to the side of a traffic jam or even take shortcuts.

eBikes also quicken trips that you would have taken with a traditional bike. You can cycle for much longer distances on an eBike than you would on a traditional bike using the same pedaling energy.

And, say good-by to walking your bike up a steep incline. The electric motor on an eBike boosts your torque when you pedal. The throttle mode lets you ride the bike like a scooter, which means minimal effort on your part. Just crank the throttle!

4. Electric Bikes Are Sturdy and Rugged

You can typically carry more weight on eBikes because they’re sturdier than traditional bikes. If you carry rather hefty luggage often (hello, brick-like work laptop), you can get an eBike with a robust frame, thick wheels and a sizable chassis. The bike will not buckle under the combined weight of you and your luggage.

Close up of two people riding their EB8 Fat-Tire eBikes on a rugged dirt trail.
It doesn’t get any more rugged than our EB8 Fat-Tire All-Terrain eMTB!

The power and range that eBikes provide also let you explore places otherwise inaccessible to traditional bikes, especially when you cycle off-road. An eBike can venture deep into bike trails and deliver additional torque to bike wheels when you pedal to let you traverse terrain previously unnavigable by traditional bikes.

5. Electric Bikes Are Convenient

An eBike reduces the stress related to using public transport. You can use the bike for both short and relatively long trips without having to worry about the inconveniences of public transport. Most notably, you can commute on your own schedule instead of following preset bus or train routes.

Most SWAGTRON® electric bikes have extra features that help enhance portability. Our foldable eBikes range from the trail-blazing EB8 Fat-Tire eBike to the more campus-friendly EB7 Plus electric bike. So you could ride to the train or bus station and, with enough available space, fold up the eBike and keep it next to you. Or if you’re going to be cruising around a park, you can easily stow a foldable eBike in your trunk until you’re ready to roll.

6. Electric Bikes Cost Less Than Cars and Motorbikes

eBikes are much cheaper to buy and maintain than cars or motorbikes that offer the same level of utility. Furthermore, you don’t need to pay to learn to use an eBike nor do you have to pay insurance to ride your eBike about town — although laws do vary by state, so be sure to check those out before you ride.

Adding an eBike to your options for commuting also reduces your use of your car. As a result, eBikes help car owners save costs related to wear and tear. Many daily trips in America are no more than three miles, a range eBikes cover with ease.

7. Electric Bikes Are Tons of Fun

eBikes offer you all the joys of cycling, including enjoying some personal time to reflect as you commute or take a leisurely ride. A morning ride on your eBike can improve your entire day’s outlook by elevating your mood.

Smiling woman wearing a helmet riding the EB10 Step-Through Cruiser electric bike.
The EB10 Step-Through Cruiser electric bike from SWAGTRON®.

The Cons of Electric Bikes

1. Electric Bikes May Cost More Than Traditional Bicycles

eBikes typically cost more to buy and maintain than traditional bikes. You may need to replace the batteries after some time, for example. But this may be a small price to pay when you’re not paying for the upkeep of a traditional car or truck.

2. Electric Bikes Can Be Hefty

The additional components and sturdier build of many eBikes make them comparatively heavier than traditional bikes. However, many are relatively light and are built on aluminum frames. As we mentioned before, SWAGTRON® carries several models that are foldable and more portable compared to classic-looking eBikes.

3. Electric Bike Riding Rules Aren’t Always Clear

In many regions, the rules for using an eBike on the road are a gray area. eBike classifications tend to vary across individual states and countries. As a result, trying to figure out the rules for riding your eBike can be confusing. It’s a good idea to check your local laws for details on where you can ride your eBike.

4. Electric Bike Batteries Can Be a Hassle

An eBike is practical only if you have reasonably easy access to charging stations. You always have to keep an eye on the battery to avoid the inconvenience that comes with it suddenly running out. The good news is you can use less battery by easily switching riding modes from all-throttle, to pedal-only, to something in-between with pedal assist. Do so gives you more control over how much you rely on your battery.

Young woman changes the battery of her EB6 Fat-Tire eBike.
Many of our eBikes, like the EB6 (shown here), have swappable batteries.

That said, it’s hard to even consider this a true “con.” You’ll have plenty of options to keep riding the eBike, even without a fully charged battery. And plenty of SWAGTRON® eBikes — like the EB7 Plus, EB6 and EB12 to name just three — have swappable batteries that are easily accessed, lightweight and compact. You can charge these batteries installed in or detached from the eBike itself. That means you can get to the office in the morning, charge up the batteries inconspicuously at your desk, and be full amped and ready to roll by lunchtime! And if you lose track of time on your ride and run out of juice, you’ll have a spare at the ready for power on demand.

So What Are You Waiting For? It’s Time You Got Yourself an eBike!

Overall, eBikes’ benefits far outweigh any drawbacks. Whether you cycle as a necessity of leisure or you’re fairly competitive about your exercise, finding the right eBike can greatly improve your cycling experience. If you’re thinking about adopting the cyclist lifestyle, eBikes are a great place to start.

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