Can eBike Riding Help Seniors?

Short answer: Definitely! (We love short answers.)

If you love cycling but, as an older person, you no longer relish the calf-burning climb to the top of the hill, an eBike is perfect for you. Not only can an electric bicycle provide extra power when you need to catch your breath, it can help you sail by your smirking spouse waiting at the summit of the biggest hill in town.

Electric Bikes and Older Riders

For seniors who want to stay active without overexerting themselves, 
electric bike give you the best of both worlds. Research shows that 
eCycles provide a moderate workout that falls somewhere between walking and conventional cycling. So, not is using an electric bike a great a great cheat…you can burn off enough calories to ease your guilt over the extra cookie you ate at lunch.

Even better, you may be able to enjoy an eBike even if you have mobility concerns and health limitations — but don’t forget to clear it with your doc first! 

eBikes for older riders let you work out your cardiovascular system and gain strength. For seniors with heart conditions or problematic joints, eBikes let you pedal when you can and enjoy the ride the rest of the time. 

How Electric Bikes Work

Electric bikes have a battery-powered motor hooked up to the pedaling mechanism. This allows you to get some exercise and control how much effort you’re able — or willing — to put into it. It’s like having a spotter when you lift weights. In other words, you’re Popeye, your electric bike is your spinach. Except instead of ship-sized biceps, you get a mechanical boost for your calf muscles (anchor tattoo optional).

eBikes for older riders have several levels for versatile motorized support. You can amp up the power when you want to get your errands done faster or turn it off on the downhill stretches. 

When engaged, the motor gently pushes — or pulls — you along. (This mostly depends on the placement of the motor. A rear-hub motor feels like a “push”, whereas a front-hub motor feels more like a “pull.”) Depending on your preferences, the motor provides the torque you need to power through a steep climb or sail unflinchingly into strong headwinds.

Most SWAGTRON® eBikes feature an easy-access display that lets you control the “riding modes” — throttle-only, pedal-only, or a mix of the two (a.k.a. “pedal-assist”). It’s this pedal-assist mode that gives you the ability to go farther and faster than normal, thanks to the electric boost you’re getting from the motor.

How eBikes Help Seniors

Putting aside the satisfaction of keeping up with the grandkids on long rides and letting the Joneses eat your dust — figuratively speaking — eBikes have many positive health benefits for older adults. 

Woman wearing a riding helmet, standing with her EB10.
4 reasons why electric bike riding is good for seniors.

Keeps You Healthy

When you exercise regularly, you can decrease your risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, obesity and depression. So, if cycling is your thing, an eBike can keep you cruising, even if you aren’t quite as fast as you used to be. 

Traditional bikes may leave you out of breath and discouraged, and scooters aren’t as easy to handle, but eBikes for older adults may be the magic fix you’ve been waiting for to maintain an active lifestyle.

Improves Your Balance

Even if you are a retired tightrope walker, age may bring balance challenges. Aerobic activity, muscle-strengthening and special exercises can help you maintain your equilibrium, but did you know biking helps too?

Just like a traditional bike, an electric bicycle requires a sense of balance. So, riding regularly may help keep you upright — and it’s not detrimental to your tightrope routine either. 


Cycling in general, indoor or outdoor, is considered a low-impact exercise, meaning, at least one foot always remains on the equipment (or the ground). Bicycling lets you work up a sweat without the stress of consistent impact on your knees and ankles. And using an eBike to extend your cycling adventure when you need a bit of a breather can help you get the most of your low-impact exercise.


Some ambitious cyclists log 60 miles or more a week commuting to work on a traditional bike. They can reduce their carbon footprint and get some exercise. Since they run on electricity, eBikes won’t pollute the environment. eBikes for seniors let you save some gas money, exercise while running errands and feel good about your eco-friendly transportation.

Safety First

eBikes are fun, and it’s cool to go fast. However, you can avoid rookie mistakes and losing some skin by moderating your speed until you get used to your eBike for older adults. Slow down way ahead of an intersection or stop sign. eBikes are much faster than traditional bicycles, and this takes some getting used to. Giving yourself plenty of time can prevent an embarrassing skid or worse.

And don’t forget to always “gear up” with protective gear. This means knee pads, elbow pads and ATSM-approved helmets. There are also shin guards that can help absorb the impact of a fall.

Top Electric Bikess for Seniors

The EB9 7-Speed Step-through Electric City Bike from SWAGTRON® has the body of a classic cruiser that looks good on the road and allows you to ride in an ergonomic position. The senior-friendly, lightweight aluminum chassis makes it easy to carry, push or lift, and the low-profile design makes it simple to mount. Meanwhile, the Shimano® gear speed system and removable battery give you ultimate flexibility for powerful assistance or traditional mode that relies on your own two legs. 

Full side-view image of the EB9 eBike from SWAGTRON.
The EB9 Low Step-Through eBike. Easy on, easy off, easy riding!

For something with a bit more excitement, the SWAGTRON EB8 Foldable Fat-Tire All-Terrain eBike presents a lower profile and the option to go off-road. It folds up neatly for travel or storage, so it comes in handy if you need a quick getaway from the grandkids on your next RV adventure. Its 4-inch tire width provides traction and a unique style that will set tongues wagging in the neighborhood. (Bear in mind, as this is an off-road eBike, it’s a lot heavier than something like the EB9 or EB10 step-though eBike.)

So, what are you waiting for? Choose your eBike model and start enjoying all the benefits of two-wheeled travel and exercise without worrying about running out of steam.

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