Staying Active, Commuting and eRiding During COVID-19

Breathing in energizing fresh air, getting a good workout to keep the body in top condition and experiencing the world around you — you already know these are essential to your well-being. Getting out and riding your LEV (light electric vehicle) during COVID-19 can help you tap into the mood-lifting benefits of staying active, so you keep your spirits raised and your body fit. So this could be anything from your eBike to an electric scooter—even hoverboards and electric skateboards. These are all ways you can get out, stay active and having fun, even during these unprecedented times.

SWAG TIP: Remember to check with your local ordinances on their recommendations/requirements for safe social distancing and physical distancing. This includes curfews, mask mandates, etc. And continue to stay 6 feet from others when possible.

eBiking During COVID-19

If your main objective is to burn calories and break a sweat, an electric bike is simply unbeatable. Depending on how much you want to feel the burn (if at all), you can have the electricity provide a little more or less of the thrust.

First, you can pedal fast and furious to give your body a fitness-boosting workout. Then, as you catch your breath, you can cruise along, taking in the sights and letting the world outside work its cheer-giving magic. And “cruise along” is quite literal. Several SWAGTRON® eBikes, like the EB7 Plus and the EB5 Pro, have a cruise control function you can toggle to maintain a steady pace effortlessly. 

Using your eBike to explore is an experience goldmine on its own. Sure, things have changed during these times. But you can still enjoy a ride around town, peppering your day with small, familiar moments to give it color. 

Man wearing helmet riding the EB7 Plus electric bike.
The long-range EB7 Plus eBike is perfect for commuting and exploring.

Finding the space to fit your eBike and getting it to the outdoors is easy as you stay active during COVID-19. Folding eBikes are delightfully inconspicuous on the train, light and portable in hand, and rather unnoticeable at the office (until it’s time to go home). 

And, hey, why not take this time to bike into areas of your town or city you’ve never visited before? You never know what hidden gems have been under your nose this whole time. 

Physical Distancing on eScooters 

Electric scooters are great for keeping your feet firmly planted while you feel the sensation of the wind against your face. Speed-wise, you can enjoy a range that starts at a perfectly adequate 6.2 mph and reaches an exciting 18 mph. That makes it convenient to pair your exercise or relaxation with running your errands, especially if adapting to COVID-19 has tightened your schedule.

Just lean forward, handlebars gripped, eyes focused, and zoom forward to your speed-craving heart’s content. Or you can ride at a more relaxed pace, letting the abundant fresh air fill your lungs, simply enjoying the outdoor atmosphere with a deeper sense of quiet. 

Those benefits for the mind are half the experience. Your body takes part in the action, with one leg doing some amount of kicking if you prefer, and the other helping with stability. 

Man wearing helmet riding the Swagger 7 electric scooter.
Staying active is easy with the Swagger 7 eScooter with removable battery.

As you stand and keep your body aligned with your electric scooter, you may experience a gradual strengthening of your core. That’s a welcome benefit at this time, particularly if you’re spending more time than usual sitting at home. 

What you’ll need to focus most on, however, is the actual “distancing” part of “physical distancing.” After all, your city might have specific guidelines on where you can ride an eScooter, e.g., sidewalk or bike lane or sharing the road. If you’re riding with friends, a lot of the time you’ll be riding single file. But don’t let that stop you!

Hoverboards: When You Need to Escape

Maybe you’re the type to give your feet all the control. In which case, do away with pedals and handlebars, and step right onto a hoverboard. Whether you’re heading out to satisfy your desire for fast movement or you prefer to crawl around and relax, speeds ranging between 6.8 and 12 mph make it all possible. 

If, like most people, you’ve been sitting for longer than usual, standing while you ride on a hoverboard may help you maintain your posture. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself strengthening your core while having loads of fun with friends. And same as with electric scooters, you may have to deal with physical distancing concerns, especially if there’s a team of you and not a wide sidewalk to ride on. But once you get to an open space or park, that no longer matters!

Boy wearing helmet riding a swagBOARD hoverboard.
Boy having fun riding a SWAGTRON hoverboard.

Get Moving with Electric Skateboards 

Step out on one of these, and you’re guaranteed fun. With a remote in hand to keep all the controls intuitive and close together, or simply with your feet giving all the commands, electric skateboards add their own spin to helping you experience the outdoors, also offering an alternative to eBiking during COVID-19. 

Off-road models provide the right balance between support and adrenaline-pumping quivers if you enjoy the bumps of rough or hilly terrain. 

Again, both mental and physical benefits are on the table here. For relaxation and a sense of calm, you can just ride with few turns or bends. To focus and give yourself a break from all that’s going on, try riding where you have to swivel and swerve, keeping the mind alert and focused. 

AI-enabled models, such as the SWAGSKATE NG2, sense weight distribution, acceleration changes, and incline shifts, giving you a real sense of intelligent support and an overall richer experience. 

Woman wearing helmet and elbow- & kneepads riding on the NG2 electric longboard.
Stay active with the hands-free NG2 eSkateboard with A.I.

COVID-19 has changed lifestyles to varying degrees. Thankfully, it’s possible to retain some control over how you feel and maintain your body. Nature and the free outdoors are still there, and SWAGTRON products are ready to liven up the experience. Look through the options and models and pick one to help you exercise and elevate your mood. It’s a double win.

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