What Type of Pump Works on My SWAGTRON Hoverboard, Electric Bike and Electric Scooter?

We work hard to make sure our SWAGTRON® electric bikes, electric scooters, and hoverboards are not only fun but also easy to maintain and high on convenience. That’s why our eBikes, electric scooters and, hoverboards are fitted with air-filled tires using Schrader valves.

These valves are similar to the valves found on your car tires. It was important to us that you would be able to go anywhere that had a standard air pump and be able to refill your tires without any extra hassle. Our eBikes and electric scooters can be filled at most gas stations, sporting goods shops, and some local stores.

Closeup of guy using a bike pump on their bike tire.

How Much Air Should I Put in My Scooter or eBike Tires? 

The owner’s manual that came with your SWAGTRON product will tell you the optimal tire pressure. The sidewall of your tire will have a number stamped on it, and it will probably be higher than the recommended pressure in the owner’s manual. This is because the tire sidewall number states the maximum pressure the tire can handle, whereas the owner’s manual number reflects the optimal tire pressure. 

All SWAGTRON product manuals can be found on our FAQ pages or by following this link. SWAGTRON Product Manuals.

Even then, use the owner’s manual number as a guide rather than gospel. Play around with the tire pressure until you find the most comfortable ride. The air in your tires may expand on hot days, so it might pay to deflate them 2-3 PSI. Since all body types are different, you might find different PSIs perform better depending on body weight. Just don’t stray too far from the booklet recommendation, and especially don’t exceed the tire-sidewall number. 

Will a Bike Pump Work on My SWAGTRON eScooter or eBike? 

It might.

There are two major kinds of valves. We already mentioned the Schrader valve because it’s found in SWAGTRON products. The other common valve type is the Presta valve. Presta valves were made for street-style, thin wheel bike tires and are about half as wide as Shrader valves. They also don’t have a check-valve pin in the center like the Shrader valve. 


If your bike pump is a Presta-only pump, it won’t fit around your tires’ Schrader valves. The good news is many modern bike pumps are made to service both kinds of valves. Included in these pumps are:

  • Twin-head pumps, which come with both a Presta and a Schrader gasket
  • Swappable-head pumps, which have an adjustable gasket that can be altered to fit either kind of valve
  • Adjustable-head pumps, which feature a head that requires no alteration. Just press firmly on either kind of valve and pump

Why Shrader Valves? Aren’t They for Cars?

Close-up of guy using gas station air pump to air-up his bicycle.

Yes, these valves are for cars, but other things use them as well. We chose this valve for one reason, convenience. With this valve, you have several options for refilling your tires other than carrying around a pump.

Most of the following places have air pumps that support this valve, gas station air machines, sporting goods shops, and most auto stores.

So, no matter where you are, you will always have local support options available for refilling your eScooters or eBikes tires.

Just make sure, however, you’re not approaching the maximum pressure stated on the tire sidewall when topping off your tires’ air. Doing so could result in a tire blow-out.

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