Family eBikes Guaranteed to Make Everyone Happy

Whether you must manage a daily commute, or you’re just having fun with your family, nothing really beats an eBike. Electric bikes for family run as unique as the family itself. The choices you make for yourself and your kids aren’t going to be electric hot rods. Electric bikes for families need to cover a range that progresses from little ones to teens and even grandparents.

Obviously, souped-up premium electric bikes aren’t necessarily the best choice for your third grader. And high-priced eBikes designed to carry heavy loads aren’t appropriate for your teenager, any more than your family minivan would be.

Instead, you’re choosing a family eBike using your best judgment and gut feeling about what your kids are ready for. When you’re confident in your kids’ ability to ride without pulling out the first aid kit, it’s time to start shopping for basic models. Here are some tips to help you do it right, so you can get the whole family out in the fresh air.

Family eBikes for Teens and Kids

You’ll probably know when your kids are ready for their first eBikes. Preschool may be a little early, but children with good balance whose feet can reach the ground are probably physically big enough to manage a throttle-only electric bike. The SWAGTRON® Swagcycle Classic and Envy are both pedal-less eBikes with headlights and horns — a good option for kids. They’ve even got USB ports to charge up tablets and phones, so your kids can keep in touch with friends, in case the family outings become too much.

The Ravent 350W is another pedal-free eBike. One thing you have to be careful about, however, is how much horsepower you’re putting under your teenager. Ravent and Shaofu offer bikes with 350W electric motors and 36V 6AH lithium-ion batteries that are a bit much for kids. You might want to look for something tamer for your junior high child.

Two women and a man sitting on SWAGTRON Envy pedal-free eBikes.
SWAGCYCLE ENVY for that no-pedal eBike freedom.

Older kids tend to travel farther from home, mostly to school and sometimes out with friends. The SWAGTRON EB5 PRO is pretty good for daily school commutes. They have about as much power as you’re comfortable with a 15-year-old riding on, and they’re affordable. An added bonus for families with kids who can’t remember to bring home their gym clothes, let alone put their bike away.

For off-roading, your teen might be best off with something like the SWAGTRON EB6. The EB6 has a rugged aluminum frame and solid positive traction on its standard tires. The model has dual disc brakes for quick stops and a removable/replaceable battery for equally quick starts. The bike also has wide, durable pedals, so even running out of power on a long ride doesn’t mean walking back.

Best eBikes for Adults in the Family

As an adult, you’re probably splitting your days between a home where you’re comfortable, a family you love, and the job you’re forced to do to pay for the first two things on this list. Family eBikes are for you too. After all, don’t you deserve it?

For commuting, you’re probably best with an efficient, roadworthy model that’s big enough for an adult to ride. The SWAGTRON EB7 comes with a sturdy folding frame on 16-inch tires that’s perfect for college students and office workers alike. It’s portable, lightweight, and best of all, is a cinch to fit in city apartments.

Man wearing sunglasses and a helmet, riding an EB7 electric bike
The more traditional EB7 electric bike. Coolness, redefined.

If you’re looking for a slightly bigger option, the EB12 boasts full-size 700C wheels similar to Ecotric’s models with 26-inch tires. Or, try the SWAGTRON EB11 with a seven-speed Shimano® gear system. It’s a premium cruiser that’s great for casual rolls in and out of town.

Looking for something good for trail-riding or tackling rougher roads? Adult riders are much better off with a solid frame and powerful motor. The all-terrain EB8 fits the bill nicely. This fat-tire eBike works well for older teens whose judgment you trust. (In other words, you trust them with car keys!) Off-roading trailer riders, after all, need something that’ll chew up steep inclines for breakfast and won’t run out of power before lunch. Tougher models of family eBikes are also practically an invitation to take the family off the proverbial beaten path, exploring more of the world around them.

Rear view of young woman trail-riding with her EB6 fat-tire electric bike
Conquering off-road trail riding with the EB6 Fat-Tire eBike.

Choosing eBikes for Older Adults and Grandparents

Older adults have different requirements in an eBike than 30- or 40-something parents do. For one, it’s nice to have large side panels for stick-on flame decals and skull stickers. For another, older adults often have mobility issues that get in the way of just hopping onto a high-centered bike frame and taking off. That’s why many seniors are most comfortable with a low, step-through frame. This gets around the horse-mount leg hike that generally stops being fun around age 50, and it makes for easier dismounts.

Woman wearing helmet and sitting on an EB9 step-through electric bike from SWAGTRON.
The “Easy Mount” low step-through frame of the EB9 electric bike.

The SWAGTRON EB9 has an easy step-through frame that seniors can generally manage without help. The EB9 also has something very close to a conventional bicycle layout, which helps older adults who may lack experience with eBikes learn to ride. It has the same Shimano® 7-speed motor and powerful removable Li-ion battery as the EB11 you’re using as a street cruiser. However, its pedal and center bar layout are much more forgiving, requiring less dexterity than the high-centered street machines.

Comparison infographic of comparable family eBikes.
Chart of comparable family eBikes.

Okay, so you’re busy, and there’s work, and the kids are a mess, and you don’t visit your parents as much as you should, and the yard looks awful. Don’t despair. You can still get out with the family sometimes. Instead of putting it off any longer, have a look through SWAGTRON’s selection of family eBikes and pick out a set that everyone can enjoy together.

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