Where Can You Buy Hoverboards?

Looking to buy a hoverboard but don’t know where to start? Fortunately, you have plenty of choices, from online retailers to brick-and-mortar stores—even direct to the source. That’s us! Here’s where you can buy SWAGTRON hoverboards and be guaranteed the latest technology and battery safeguards. SWAGTRON Hoverboards at SWAGTRON.com You might be thinking that SWAGTRON’s … Read More

Can Hoverboards Go On Trails?

Yes. Hoverboards can go on trails. But let’s be honest, you wouldn’t take your Prius on an off-road adventure, would you? Likewise, you want a monster hoverboard to ride the trails. Large, sturdy, grippy tires provide the traction you need to traverse dirt, gravel and grass terrain. Powerful motors are necessary to climb relatively steep … Read More

How to Ride a Hoverboard

Hoverboard — also commonly known as self-balancing boards—get you where you need to go without leaving you in need of a shower or change of clothes, and you’ll have a lot of fun getting there. Once you’re more of a pro, you can even do some sick tricks. But you gotta start somewhere. So might … Read More

Best Bluetooth Hoverboards of 2021

Question: What are the best Bluetooth hoverboards of 2021? Well . . . look no further than SWAGTRON for the answer. We have an extensive catalogue of hoverboards with Bluetooth connectivity. Simply pair your phone with your SWAGTRON® hoverboard’s speakers, and you’ll soon be gliding along to your favorite songs. Wave goodbye to clunky wires … Read More

Hoverboards: Are They Worth It?

What kid watched “Back to the Future ll” and didn’t want a hoverboard? Well, the hoverboards of today don’t necessarily hover above the ground, but rather operate on a gyroscope and electric motor. But that doesn’t stop them from being fun. And when you look at the brand-new hoverboard lineup with the upgraded LiFePo™ battery … Read More

How Much Does a Hoverboard Cost?

Since their conception in the early 2010s, hoverboards have become a common sight, especially on YouTube fail channels. They typically consist of two motorized wheels connected to a pair of pads on which the rider places their feet. And it’s not surprising that they’re popular — how many articles have compared them to the ones from Back to … Read More

Are Hoverboards Legal in the U.S.?

Since the 2010s, the term hoverboard has become synonymous with the self-balance scooter, which was popularized by the movie franchise “Back to the Future” in the 80s and celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and rapper Soulja Boy more recently. Because who else to trust but your favorite celebrities? Hoverboards have, however, been a subject of controversy, with … Read More

Bike Helmet Size Guide

Riding an electric scooter or eBike is an exhilarating and empowering experience. Though exhilarating, riders should take precautions to minimize the possibility of injury. That means, always wearing protective gear when riding, especially certified bicycle helmet. A Reminder on Bicycle Helmet Certification There are organizations that inspect and rate helmets. Before buying a helmet, make … Read More

Can Hoverboards Get Wet?

Hoverboards can take you a lot of places. Riders enjoy a lot of different styles and all sorts of features, bells, and whistles. Some of them, like the T6 Outlaw, can even handle a variety of terrains — from gravelly pavement to tall grass. The one place your self-balancing board can’t go, is into the … Read More

How to Stop on a Hoverboard

Hey! Want to star in a viral YouTube video compilation of hoverboard fails? No? Then read on! Because we have some tips on how NOT to faceplant while riding your self-balancing board, as well as how to stop and dismount without ending up spread-eagled on the pavement. Become a Master of the Hover Board Basics … Read More

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