How Much Do Electric Bikes Cost in 2023?

By Vincent Liew Electric bikes, often referred to as eBikes, are surprisingly affordable for the value they bring! Unlocking the Perfect Ride: Navigating Electric Bike Costs Embarking on the journey to find your ideal eBike? The cost of your desired electric bike is intricately linked to the kind of riding experience you envision and the … Read More

Can Electric Scooters Go Uphill?

By Vincent Liew Mastering Hills: Can Your Electric Scooter Go Uphill? For prospective riders eyeing the electric scooter scene, the burning question often revolves around conquering inclines. Picture residents in Asheville, NC, navigating the windy streets or San Francisco locals braving the world-renowned steep hills. In an era where electric scooters are becoming a staple … Read More

Can Electric Bikes Go Uphill?

Electric bikes, or eBikes, seamlessly blend the convenience of motor assistance with the health benefits and joy of pedaling, offering multiple levels of support to tailor the ride to your liking. In the global market, the acceptance and demand for electric bikes have surged, with China alone manufacturing 27 million units back in 2010. However, … Read More

Are Electric Scooters Allowed on the Sidewalk?

Although electric scooters have been around since 1996, they have only recently flooded a number of large American cities. And the numbers are fairly impressive. Bird, the biggest player in the electric scooter rental market, has scooters in dozens of cities at an estimated value of $2 billion. With so many scooters entering the market … Read More

Can electric scooters be used in the rain?

It’s one of the fundamental truths we lived with for decades: water and electronics don’t mix. But with electric scooters, the temptation to throw caution to the wind and ride out in the rain is too great to ignore. So, this article will answer the question: “Can electric scooters be used in the rain?”. As … Read More

How Much Do Electric Bikes Cost?

Electric bikes come in many shapes and sizes. Not every body is perfect for everybody.  Pricing an eBike —and determining what you’re willing to pay for one—is a balancing act between form and function, style and substance. Yeah, the latest eBike may look suave. But does it do what you need it to do? Will … Read More

3 Ways to Buy SWAGTRON® Electric Scooters

So you want to up your swag? Of course, you do. After looking through our eRides, how could you not? By now, you’ve decided an electric scooter suits your swag best and may have picked out the model that’s right for you. But the age-old question remains: where should I buy my ride? If it … Read More

Can Hoverboards Go On Trails?

Yes. Hoverboards can go on trails. But let’s be honest, you wouldn’t take your Prius on an off-road adventure, would you? Likewise, you want a monster hoverboard to ride the trails. Large, sturdy, grippy tires provide the traction you need to traverse dirt, gravel and grass terrain. Powerful motors are necessary to climb relatively steep … Read More

How to Ride a Hoverboard

Hoverboard — also commonly known as self-balancing boards—get you where you need to go without leaving you in need of a shower or change of clothes, and you’ll have a lot of fun getting there. Once you’re more of a pro, you can even do some sick tricks. But you gotta start somewhere. So might … Read More

How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go?

Time. It’s one of life’s most valuable resources, and it’s the one people seem to demand from you the most. Long lines, traffic jams, and long-distance treks often take up more of your time than you have to give—and yet you’re still expected to get from A to B with seconds to spare. A swagster … Read More

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