Where Can You Buy Hoverboards?

Guy on a hoverboard.

Looking to buy a hoverboard but don’t know where to start?

Fortunately, you have plenty of choices, from online retailers to brick-and-mortar stores—even direct to the source. That’s us! Here’s where you can buy SWAGTRON hoverboards and be guaranteed the latest technology and battery safeguards.

SWAGTRON Hoverboards at SWAGTRON.com

You might be thinking that SWAGTRON’s website seems like a good place to buy SWAGTRON hoverboards. And you’d be right. The selection on offer is vast, including Bluetooth hoverboards, hoverboards for adults or for kids and off-road hoverboards. It’s a hoverboarder’s paradise.

New for 2021, there are the cream of the crop hoverboards—the new T580 models: the Twist, the Warrior and the Warrior XL. All three models feature light-up wheels sure to swagDAZZLE your friends and our exclusive LiFePo Battery tech, the safest in the hoverboard industry currently. Check out our video on why LiFePo is the best battery technology for hoverboards.

Image of the three T580 hoverboards: the Twist, the Warrior and the Warrior XL.

The latest line of hoverboards from SWAGTRON®!

Visitors can sort models by popularity to view the latest trends or by price to stay within their budgets. Popular models include:

  • The swagBOARD T1 Pro Hoverboard, voted Top All-Round Hoverboard Choice 2019 by HOVER PATROL. It supports riders of all ages, travels 11 miles after one charge and can climb 30-degree inclines.
  • The swagBOARD T580 Vibe Bluetooth Hoverboard, which lets you connect your phone to the board’s built-in speakers so you can hover to your favorite tunes.

A split-image of the swagBOARD T1 Pro and the swagBOARD T580 Vibe hoverboards

Popular older models that are still going strong: the T1 Pro and the T580 Vibe Hoverboard!

And because accidents happen, you can also add an extended protection plan on your hoverboard for added peace of mind.

SWAGTRON Hoverboards at Amazon

Amazon is the go-to website for online purchases these days, and SWAGTRON hoverboards are no exception. Searching the site, you’ll notice that SWAGTRON has its own manufacturer page. Once you’re there, choose your category and get shopping.

Perks of shopping for SWAGTRON hoverboards on Amazon include:

  • Detailed product descriptions and specifications
  • FAQs
  • Warranty information
  • Choice of color scheme
  • User reviews

Current best-seller and Amazon’s Choice for SWAGTRON hoverboards is the swagBOARD T580 Twist, perfect for younger first-time SWAG riders.

The swagBOARD T580 Twist hoverboard.

The swagBOARD T580 Twist. A best seller kid’s hoverboard on Amazon for a reason!

SWAGTRON Hoverboards at Walmart.com

Walmart’s online store puts SWAGTRON in the spotlight, as well. The product descriptions are just as educational as Amazon’s, and color options are available. Added benefits on Walmart.com include:

  • Free delivery
  • Free shipping for Walmart+ members
  • The Walmart 3- or 4-year protection plan, powered by All-State.

Walmart even has an exclusive hoverboard designed specifically for them: the swagBOARD EVO V2 hoverboard with LiFePo™ battery and balance assist.

The swagBOARD EVO2 Hoverboard

The swagBOARD EVO2 Hoverboard—a Walmart exclusive!

Walmart’s online market is very similar to Amazon’s in that they also have resellers. These are third-part sellers that are not the manufacturer/brand that makes the product. If you’ve shopped on Amazon for any length of time, then you’re likely already used to seeing “sold by” with your purchase. When you see “sold and shipped by Walmart,” you know that is coming directly from Walmart; otherwise, you’ll see “sold and shipped by Company Name.” This means you’re getting your product from a third-party seller. Again, this is similar to what Amazon has been doing for years, but it’s something to take note of.

SWAGTRON Hoverboards at Best Buy

Looking to buy SWAGTRON hoverboards on BestBuy.com nets quite a few listings. Like the other sites, you can filter by features or price.

Best Buy has the swagBOARD T6 Off-Road hoverboard with MASSIVE 10-inch wheels. It’s the only hoverboard on market capable and certified to hold riders up to 420 pounds. Plus, it has Bluetooth speakers, so you can blast your fave jams while you SWAG.

The swagBOARD T6 Off-Road Hoverboard

The swagBOARD T6 Off-Road Hoverboard—massive wheels, massive SWAG!

Much like Walmart, Best Buy lets you snag product protection with their 2-Year Geek Squad Protection Plan. The other main perk of Best Buy is the option to collect your order from selected pickup locations after purchase. No more waiting for deliveries. This might not be available for every product in every zip code, but you could be buying your new swagBOARD and be riding it that same day. Welcome to the hoverboard future!

Models on offer at Best Buy include a price match guarantee — not only can you (sometimes) pick up your purchase immediately, but you can do so at a price that no one else can beat. If one of the few models on BestBuy.com catches your eye, you’ve got yourself a deal.

The Final Word

For variety, availability and a personalized shopping experience full of swag, SWAGTRON.com is the best place to buy a SWAGTRON hoverboard. But you’ll find that same SWAG quality wherever SWAGTRON hoverboards are found. Ultimately, you’re sure to be happy with your SWAGTRON hoverboard wherever you buy it.

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