How to Change Tires on the EB5 Pro eBike

The EB5 Pro City & Campus eBike is tough, durable and easy to use. We designed it to stand up to the rigors of your daily commute — and it does a fantastic job. On its own, you get a 15.5-mile range and speeds up to 15.5 mph, but both can be extended by pedaling. … Read More

How to Install the EB5 Rear Cargo Rack

The EB5 Pro Electric Bike will change the way you get around your city or campus. It’s designed to be compact, comfortable and, more importantly, capable. ✔ Rides up to 15.5 miles on a single charge. ✔ Reaches speeds up to 15 mph. ✔ Folds to fits where you need it to. And with our … Read More

How to Loosen the Throttle on the EB5 Pro Folding eBike

If the throttle becomes difficult to twist or feels “stuck,” the hand grips may be too tight. Simply loosen the hand grips a bit and this should ease the throttle enough to twist smoothly again. Here’s How to Loosen the Throttle on Your EB5 Pro   (Remember: Twisting the handle grip towards the front of … Read More

General Maintenance Tips for the EB5 Pro eBike

As with a traditional bicycle, you’ll want to keep up on general maintenance. The EB5 Pro is no different. Here are some general maintenance tips to help you keep your electric bike at optimal performance. Need More Help with EB5 Pro General Maintenance? We designed the EB5 Pro to be as easy to maintain as … Read More

How to Adjust the Brakes on the EB5 Pro

Over time, the brakes on your EB5 Pro might start “lagging,” meaning, the actual stopping time increases. If this happens, you can easily tighten the handbrake cable tension without the need for special tools. More times than not, that’s a simple fix that will correct this issue. But if tightening the handbrake doesn’t help, you … Read More

How to Tighten the Seat on the EB5 Pro

Seat feeling a bit wobbly? Hey, it happens! Especially if you’re commuting a lot or frequently dealing with bumpy, uneven pavement. Fortunately, all you need to fix this in three seconds is a simple hex key! Watch: How to Tighten the Seat on Your EB5 Pro   Want to maintain optimal performance with your EB5 … Read More

How to Tighten the Seat Post on the EB5 Pro

A simple but effective latch system is found on the seat post, much like the handlebar post. If the seat post gets loose and the clamp needs adjusting, you can do easily tighten it without the need for special tools. Careful to avoid over-tightening. The latch should offer some resistance but shouldn’t be impossible to … Read More

How to Tighten the Handlebar Post on the EB5 Pro

Much like the seat post, the clamps on the EB5 Pro’s handlebar post might get a bit loose over time. Or maybe the handlebar stem starts to feel wobbly or even keeps sliding down. Well, you can easily fix this by hand — no tools needed! — by tightening the stem’s latch screw just enough … Read More

Troubleshooting Tips for the EB5 Pro

From tightening the seat to loosening the twist throttle, EB5 troubleshooting is almost as easy as EB5 riding. Here are some troubleshooting tips that might come in handy as you live that #ElectricLife with your EB5 Pro. Have questions not answered in our FAQ? Have an issue that this video didn’t cover? You can always … Read More

How to Ride the EB5 Pro Electric Commuter Bike

Your EB5 is assembled. The battery is fully charged. The tires are properly inflated. Now it’s time to ride! Right? Well, almost. There’s one more important thing we need to discuss first . . . You should always wear protective gear while riding your EB5 Pro. This means age-appropriate elbow and knee pads, and an … Read More

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