Can Skateboards Get Wet?

Yes! Let’s start off on the right foot — or the left foot, if you’re left-handed. It’s good to set the record straight. Skateboards can get wet. When and how they get wet can determine whether they are damaged by water. For example, riding a skateboard in the rain is not the same as submerging … Read More

Can Skateboards Go on Bike Lanes?

We all know what a skateboard is and what they’re good for. They’re a fun, fast and efficient way to get from point A to point B. An electric skateboard takes all that fun and ramps it up. Some people use skateboards for transportation within short distances. Others use skateboards for sports and recreational purposes. … Read More

Can Electric Skateboards Go Uphill?

Technology is ever-changing. And nowhere is that more evident than with consumer electronics. Several years ago, no one would have thought an electric skateboard could – or would – exist. But today, it is not only a thought, it’s a reality. An electric skateboard is basically skateboard with a battery and electric motor. People are … Read More

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