Swagtron T1

swagtron t1

Swagtron T1 ushered in a new generation of hoverboards with improved dual motors and innovative features. The T1 quickly became one of the most popular, self-balancing personal transporters. Deploying advanced gyroscopic technology that again totally revolutionized the way you travel, just the slightest shift of body weight…and you go! It’s simple to operate, easy to control, and looks incredibly cool!

The T1’s roll up to 8 mph with an 11 mile range with LED indicators to let you know how much battery is left. Environmentally friendly with zero emissions, the T1 became the standard for the Swagtron line. It is solidly built using the highest quality components and industry-leading safety features.

Starting with the T1 and the models that followed, Swagtron insists you turn the T1 over and take a good look. Notice the UL authorized holographic label on the back of product? T1 was First in the World to pass all the new UL2272 hoverboard safety tests and the only one to pass the 10-ton crush test and UL1998/UL991 evaluation UL 2272 Certified E482805. Yes, the T1 is bold, and solidly safe. Patented “Swagtron® Sentryshield™” aluminum alloy housing provides multilayered protection to the battery, mainboard and gears from moisture, heat dispersion, and fire hazards.

The T1 began a new era for Swagtron hoverboards, but the flagship rolled in shortly thereafter: the Swagtron T3.
(See the specs on the Swagtron T1 Hoverboard)

Swagtron T3

swagtron t3

This is the Flagship of the Swagtron line. T3 is the rugged, bigger, bolder personal transporter that riders of all ages crave. Featuring an improved 350-watt dual motor it cruises at 8 mph with a range of 12 miles before re-charging and can support up to 220lbs. With the T3 you can now add music to your adventure with built in Bluetooth speakers.

The T3 is the only model that is compatible with the Swagtron hoverboard App. The App can be used to monitor battery life, view your route history and cycle through the riding modes. Riding modes help users become acquainted with the gyroscopic technology, Beginners can start with “novice”, build confidence with “standard”, and take charge with “advanced”.

Additional safety features: T3 offers patented Sentryshield™ multi-layer electronics/battery protective exterior aluminum alloy shell. Anti-slip foot pads and LED movement indicators alerting for braking, forward/reverse and left/right.

With T1 as the standard and the T3 as the upscale, flagship, the basic beginner hoverboard for those just starting out is the new Swagtron T5. This is the entry level, value priced, self-balancing, electric hoverboard. The Perfect Starter for Kids and Adults. Swagtron T3 is available Now!

Swagtron T5

swagtron t5

Let’s assume you just made the decision that you want to try a hoverboard. The choice is simple: it doesn’t get any easier than the Swagtron T5. This is the best entry level self-balancing, personal transporter. Not ready for the bigger, fancier hoverboards? T5 is just for you.

Just like the heavy hitting T3 and industry standard T1, the new T5 deploys the same dramatic, gyroscopic technology that totally revolutionizes the way you travel. Steering and stopping are controlled by your balance. It’s called Dynamic Equilibrium and its all based on the shifting of your body weight. It’s simple to operate, easy to control, and looks incredibly cool!

The new T5 is lighter than other hoverboards at 18 lbs, but carries loads up to 187 lbs, while still rolling along at 7 mph for a full 7 miles. Like all Swagtron models, the T5 is environmentally friendly, producing zero emissions. Solidly constructed, the Swagtron T5 employs only the highest quality components and industry-leading safety features. Ready to roll for the first time? Get the T5 Swagtron, the best beginner board. Buy one of our most popular hoverboards, the T5, here!

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