How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go?

Colorado recording artist Rossini on the EB7 Plus eBike.

Time. It’s one of life’s most valuable resources, and it’s the one people seem to demand from you the most. Long lines, traffic jams, and long-distance treks often take up more of your time than you have to give—and yet you’re still expected to get from A to B with seconds to spare.

A swagster like you needs an electric bike — and a fast one, at that!

You’re not about that rush hour traffic crawl life. You’ve got no time for holdups on your commute—and no interest either. Whether it’s the next class across campus (that you’re apparently supposed to be able to teleport to) or the business meeting you’ll crush if you can ever get there, you need something that will get you there with a speed that’ll match your swag. At SWAGTRON®, we’ve got some of the fastest, affordable electric bikes on the market—along with the range and comfort to cover your entire commute with swag.

Close-up of woman riding the EB11 Cruiser eBike.

The EB11 Cruiser Electric Bike w/ Removable Battery.


We know you’re ready to fly down the road with the wind in your hair, but there are some things you need to know first. The exact speed of your eBike depends on multiple factors, so you’ll need to do some research first. Different classes of bikes exist for the terrain you’re going to master, the range of your ride, and how much help you’d like along the way. To help you find the eBike with the specs and speed to match your swag, we’ve put together this list of our fastest electric bikes, and the features we’ve packed into them.

EXTRA-CREDIT READING: Federal, state and local laws may determine which type of electric bike you’re allowed to ride in your particular area. Brush up on some of these laws here: eBikes—Understanding the Three (Legal) Classifications.

A Note About Performance Specs

It’s easy to get stuck on the numbers when looking at an eBike’s spec list. But there’s more to that spec than just the number. Many factors affect the advertised speeds and range-per-charge—many of which you don’t control, some you do. When it comes to a pedal-only bike, you can go as fast as your legs can take you. Want to go faster? Pedal harder. Even then, something like a steep incline will drastically affect how fast you can go. So even when you’re doing all the work, there are outside forces affecting you.

The same can be said for the motor on an electric bike. Performance-based specs, like speed and range-per-charge for throttle mode, can be impacted by rider weight, pavement incline and other riding conditions.

Bike Class

Even the fastest electric bikes are as diverse as their riders, so bike type is an important factor to consider no matter what you’re looking for. There are three basic eBike classes to choose from, namely commuter, pedal-less and off-road. Here’s an overview of the three:

  • Commuter: Modern yet practical, these SWAG eBikes are for owning the streets.
  • Pedal-less: Looking for a way to get around without breaking a sweat? These models do all the work for you.
  • Off-road: Why stay stuck on the pavement when the whole world awaits? With our rugged off-roadsters, you’ll dominate any terrain.

Some overlap exists between these three bike classes, as a few pedal-less eCycles can be classified as commuters. Our Swagcycle Classic, for example, doesn’t have pedals, but it’s still good for a city commute of up to 12 miles at a max speed of 15 mph.

Woman standing next to her swagCYCLE Classic eBike.

The pedal-free swagCYCLE Classic—part eBike, part scooter!


So you’ve decided how you’ll be using your eBike, but you still need some info on what every swagster wants: power. How much work will you have to put in to light up the roads? Are you looking to get in some exercise and have the motor give you a boost, or would you rather the bike do it all for you while you enjoy the ride? If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, here’s a breakdown of some specs to help you fly.

Pedal-to-go: With a motor for ease and pedals for exercise, the only speed limit with these hybrids is how fast your legs can take you—and the law, of course. These rides let you get the bike started, and the motor kicks in before your coffee. That’s how our EB5 Pro Plus and EB7 Elite work, letting you reach top speeds up to 15.5 mph and 18 mph, respectively.

R&B/Dance artist Rossini on the EB5 Pro Plus eBike.

The EB5 Pro Plus—maximum portability in a powerful eBike.

Full throttle: Need a breather, or just want to relax? Throttle up at the push of a button and go full speed with no effort at all. The throttle on the EB7 Plus will take you up to 20 miles at a max speed of 18.6 mph, leaving your commute and cares in the dust. (All of our commuter eBikes let you easily switch between pedal-to-go and full-throttle modes.)

R&B recording artist Rossini on the EB7 Plus eBike.

The EB7 Plus eBike—epic style meets epic performance.

Motor size: More power means more swag. Our 250W motors give you plenty of juice for your flight, but why not max out on power and speed? Our EB6 All-terrain fat-tire bike comes with a 350W motor, topping you out at 18.6 mph for 21.4 miles on a single charge. And the added torque and tires—along with the 7-speed gear shift—combine to give you the control you need to dominate the trails.

Woman sitting on the EB6 eBike.

The EB6 Off-Road Electric Bike—Speed meets Superior Control.


What good is having the fastest electric bike if it weighs you down when you get to your destination? You need an eBike that’s as portable as it is fast, if it’s going to keep up with your on-the-go life. Our compact, foldable eBikes are lightweight enough to carry through your office or on the crowded parts of your commute, and our step-through models offer those with limited mobility the chance to catch some swag too. Campus cruiser or riding rookie, there really is an eBike for everyone.

SWAGTRON eBike feature chart for some SWAGTRON eBikes.

More popular SWAGTRON eBikes and feature list.


You’re welcome to keep packing yourself in with the friendly folks on that crowded subway if you want to, but we know you’ve got no time for that. You live your life at a breakneck speed every day, and you need an eBike that can keep up. At Swagtron, we’ve got some of the fastest electric bikes you’ll find. And they all come with the quality and performance it takes to deliver maximum swag. So step up your street speed today, and let Swagtron help you fly!

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