Are There Electric Bikes with Big Tires?

Close-up rear shot of someone riding the EB6 fat-tire eBike in the snow.
Do electric fatties exist?
Absolutely! Why shouldn’t they?

Fatbikers have been around for some time, impressing us with their nonmotorized monster bikes in fatbiking sports events. As for electric fat bikes, some of us wouldn’t know they’re real unless we see a running big-tired bicycle with toned down motor sounds or maybe hear of celebrities sporting them.

While it’s cool to see Justin Bieber riding one, it’s way cooler for an iconic active senior like Arnold Schwarzenegger to be spotted with varying electric and nonelectric fat bikes through the years. Even a relatable nonathletic personality like Jimmy Fallon offers convincing proof that fatbiking is loads of fun. But don’t be fooled. Riding a fat eBike is more than just looking good. Even better, it’s about becoming invincible for all the right reasons.

Necessity proves that fat electric bikes are not just a trend but here to stay. We owe their existence to the emergence of their predecessors: the motorless fat-tire bicycles. The first modern fat bikes were invented in the 1980s to conquer the Alaskan snow and the sands of New Mexico, and these monster bikes eventually paved the way to mainstream fatbiking races and expeditions around the world. Three decades later, their electric versions are a welcome upgrade. Pedal-assist for uphill trail rides? Yes, please!

Fat Tires Are for All Terrains and Seasons

Split screen image, showing the EB6 (left); two women outside in the snow riding their EB6.

The EB6 Fat-Tire Electric Bike, tackling the Great Outdoors.

Designed for rugged use, fat bikes can take you almost anywhere. Their oversized tires can range from 3.5 inches to over 5 inches wide, allowing greater stability and traction on nearly any surface. Unlike standard bicycle tires, bigger tires usually require low ground pressure, providing a smooth ride that makes you feel like floating over unstable, irregular terrain. Despite the original intent for snow and sand, fat bikes can also tread dirt, grasslands, mountain bike trails, bumpy roads and even ice. Simply adjust the tire pressure according to the type of terrain you’ll be tackling to optimize your riding experience.

Whether you live in the city or the countryside, you can stay active with a fat bike all year round. Even if you’re not taking an off-road route, braving potholes and snow-covered streets can make a simple trip feel like a mini adventure. Explore winter trails designated for biking and look forward to traversing them again when spring or summer comes. Venture into the desert and ride on the beach. Join fatbiking tours and stand out on bike paths during ordinary commutes. The trail of possibilities is endless with fat bikes, so have a blast!

Fat eBikes Make Unstable and Rough Rides Easier

It’s worth mentioning that because fat bikes have bigger tires, they’re usually heavier and slower than standard mountain bikes. However, fat bikes can go to places where mountain bikes can’t. Likewise, fat eBikes may be heavier than normal electric bikes. This makes nonmotorized fat bikes more challenging to pedal on uphill paths. That may not be a problem for hardcore fatbikers and extreme adventurers, but that’s also what makes electric fat bikes golden.

A fat eBike on pedal-assist mode lets you overcome steep, winding paths in less time. You’re still pedaling, but you won’t get tired easily. Save your energy for another fat bike run or to cover longer distances. You can always ride on pedal-only mode to challenge yourself more and save battery power. And because fatbiking lets you explore more places than ever before, there’s no need to get off a fat eBike just to push it around while avoiding obstacles.

We also recommend electric fat bikes for different kinds of beginners. Adults learning to ride a bike for the first time may find it easier to maintain their balance with bigger tires. Riders who are used to standard bicycles can adapt more easily to heavier fat bikes with pedal-assist. First-time off-road bikers can ride comfortably with the extra stability and power of a fat-tire eBike. Even a change of season or environment makes every fatbiking experience feel like the first time. Is there anything an electric fatty can’t do?

Fat eBikes are Downright Game-Changing

Older man riding on an uphill trail with his EB8 Fat-Tire eBike.

Conquer more than the road with an EB8 Fat-Tire Electric Bike.

More than just the incredible riding experience, electric fat bikes are also about value. If you want the simplicity of a standard bicycle and the convenience of a motorcycle, you’ll love the versatility of an eBike with big tires. Fat eBikes are eco-friendly, easy to ride and don’t require a license in most states and provinces in North America.

While every state regulates the use of bicycles and eBikes in general, fat-tire bikes are gaining special attention due to the recreational opportunities they present during low seasons. A study published in the Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism sees the development and maintenance of dedicated snow biking trails to provide positive economic results with potentially low environmental impact. These trails allow fatbikers to practice safety and even have more fun, especially with an electric fat bike.

Because fat bikes have become all-around two-wheelers, there are now options with suspension forks for added shock absorption on gnarly terrains. Fat bikes were originally designed with rigid forks because the volume of the tires delivers ample flotation over snow even without suspension. This makes fatties easier to maintain than standard mountain bikes. Some fatbikers even switch between their rigid and suspension forks according to their comfort preferences and the different terrains they tackle. Our SWAGTRON® electric fat bikes have rigid and suspension options to suit your style.

Split-image close-up of the EB6 (left); another shot of the EB6 behind a yellow backdrop.

The EB6 All-Terrain eBike – with 7-speed Shimano Gears and 20” Fat Tires.

EB6 Electric Fat Bikes for Adventurous Young Riders

Ready to rock on big tires? The SWAGTRON EB6 electric fat bike features knobby 4-inch tires on 20-inch rims, delivering the extra grip that various loose terrains demand. This 350W fat eBike offers a smooth off-road cruising experience at up to 18.6 mph and is designed with a Shimano® gear speed system for effortless control. The pedal-to-go and throttle-only modes make conquering hilly areas a breeze for teens and adults alike.

EB8 Fat Tire Foldable eBikes for Nature Enthusiasts

Touring national parks is simply a blast with a SWAGTRON EB8 foldable fat-tire eBike. Its balanced front and rear suspensions maximize rider comfort, whether on rocky trails or normal paved paths. The collapsible design makes it easy to store in the garage and fit in your trunk during cross-country road trips.

Older man riding on rough terrain on his EB8 Fat-Tire eBike.

Don’t stop; won’t stop – with the EB8 Fat-Tire All-Terrain eBike from SWAGTRON®.

Also featuring a Shimano® gear speed system, 350W motor and reinforced aluminum frame, the EB8 handles 25-degree inclines and supports riders up to 264.5 pounds. A single full charge covers up to 21.4 miles on throttle-only mode, which means you can go even farther on pedal-to-go and pedal-only modes. 

Whichever you choose, it’s safe to say that fat eBikes could give the best ride of your life.

Last Update: November 3, 2021  

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