Can Hoverboards Go On Trails?

Closeup on guy standing on a T6 hoverboard on the grass.

Yes. Hoverboards can go on trails. But let’s be honest, you wouldn’t take your Prius on an off-road adventure, would you? Likewise, you want a monster hoverboard to ride the trails. Large, sturdy, grippy tires provide the traction you need to traverse dirt, gravel and grass terrain. Powerful motors are necessary to climb relatively steep inclines with ease.

Read on to find out what to look for when buying an all-terrain hoverboard.

Five Important Features for Off-Road Hoverboards

1. Tire Size

Your hoverboard needs tires that can handle dirt, grass, gravel, and mud to ride on trails. The larger the tire, the better, and the 6.5-inch tires on standard hoverboards won’t cut it. Look for hoverboard tires that are at least 8 inches to handle the rough terrain you find off-road.

2. Tire Material

Most standard hoverboards have solid rubber tires, which are fine if you ride on mostly even surfaces. If you plan to ride on trails, air-filled tires are the way to go. Unlike solid rubber tires, air-filled tires don’t lose stability and traction on terrain with dirt, grass and gravel.

3. Tire Tread Pattern

The uneven surfaces of trails call for better traction and stability. The tread pattern on off-road hoverboard tires is deep and staggered because grooved tires have the best grip. With these patterns, an all-terrain hoverboard can maneuver over roots, rocks and thick mud.

4. Motors

A hoverboard needs a relatively high-powered motor to push those rugged tires across the rough trail terrain. If you plan to take your hoverboard off-road, look for one with more than a 200W motor.

5. Water and Dirt Protection

A hoverboard that rides on trails should be able to take a beating and survive getting wet and dirty. At the very least, the IP rating of an off-road hoverboard should be IPX4. This rating shows that the hoverboard was built to withstand contact with water and dirt.

Best Hoverboards for Trail Riding

swagBOARD T6 Outlaw Hoverboard

Closeup of guy standing on the T6 hoverboard in the dirt.

The swagBOARD T6 Hoverboard—Sometimes bigger really is better.

The Swagtron T6 Outlaw is a robust hoverboard that delivers power and speed. The T6 comes with LED headlamps, Bluetooth speakers, and an accompanying app for added control. It’s popular among hoverboard beginners and enthusiasts alike because it can travel most terrains. It’s a monster of a hoverboard, weighing 32 pounds, with its air-filled tires wrapped around massive 10-inch wheels. The board’s grippy wheels help it move over uneven trail terrain, including grass, mud and gravel. It can handle riders up to 420 pounds.

With two powerful 300W motors, the T6 can accelerate up to 12 mph and climb an incline of up to 30 degrees. It can go for up to 12 miles on a full charge, and it takes about three hours to recharge. Improve your riding experience by using the accompanying smartphone app to adjust the steering sensitivity and power setting to match your needs.

swagBOARD Warrior XL Hoverboard

The swagBOARD Warrior XL hoverboard.

The swagBOARD Warrior XL Hoverboard with LiFePo™ Battery.

The swagBOARD Warrior XL runs on a LiFePo™ lithium phosphate battery that is non-flammable, non-combustible, and non-explosive. Decked out with LED lights and Bluetooth speakers, the board can illuminate the sidewalk with 30 music-synced effects.

The XL roams the trails as effortlessly as it cruises the sidewalk, supporting up to 250 pounds. It has huge 8-inch off-road wheels that require no maintenance. These wheels dwarf the standard 6.5-inch wheels available on most hoverboards. Its dual 300W motors power you for 5-7 miles per charge, at a speed of up to 9 mph.

Added SWAG Bonus: With the Warrior XL, you’ll not only get the maintenance-free, all-terrain tires and EXCLUSIVE features of music-synced ground effects lighting, but you’ll enjoy the safest hoverboard battery on the market today—LiFePo™! No other hoverboard on the market has this battery tech.

If you’re a beginner when it comes to riding hoverboards or you want to get one for your kid, look no further. The XL comes with a smartphone app that lets you choose a training mode. This mode limits the speed at which a person rides the hoverboard.

Read More: Check out our infographic and video on the history of the hoverboard battery and why LiFePo™ is the safest on the market today!

Other Hoverboards You Can Ride on Trails

Of course, there are other off-road hoverboards out there, like the EpikGO All-Terrain Board, the Hyper GOGO, and the TOMOLOO Eagle V2. But why look further than SWAGTRON, where you know you’re getting the latest in eRideable technology.

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