Where can I buy a hoverboard in store?

If you are considering purchasing a hoverboard, you’ll need to do a little research to find the brick-and-mortar store that carries them. As popular as hoverboards are, there still aren’t that many physical stores that carry them. Most people will buy their hoverboards from online sites, such as Amazon. And the physical stores that do … Continued

Can Skateboards Get Wet?

Yes! Let’s start off on the right foot — or the left foot, if you’re left-handed. It’s good to set the record straight. Skateboards can get wet. When and how they get wet can determine whether they are damaged by water. For example, riding a skateboard in the rain is not the same as submerging … Continued

Can Skateboards Go on Bike Lanes?

We all know what a skateboard is and what they’re good for. They’re a fun, fast and efficient way to get from point A to point B. An electric skateboard takes all that fun and ramps it up. Some people use skateboards for transportation within short distances. Others use skateboards for sports and recreational purposes. … Continued

Are Hoverboards Easy to Ride?

You’ve had your eye on a shiny new hoverboard, either for yourself or a loved one. But you’re a little skeptical, because it’s a new experience for you. You’ve never ridden one before. Are hoverboards easy to ride? Fortunately, learning to ride a hoverboard is just like learning to ride a bicycle. If you were … Continued

Is an electric scooter safe?

Research suggests that an electric scooter is no different than riding a bicycle. In fact, bicycles with 10-20 gears have the potential to go much faster than the 20-mile-per-hour top speed of an eScooter. When you ride an electric scooter, both feet remain planted for solid control. A steady, stable ride allows you to concentrate … Continued

When Do You Charge Your Electric Bike?

When battery life is low and you can take a break from riding, that’s the time to charge. Recharging ensures your bike is ready to go next time you want to take it out for a spin. Since many ebikes use high-capacity batteries, recharging to full battery life sometimes takes hours. Riders benefit most from … Continued

Can Electric Scooters Go Uphill?

Whether or not an electric scooter can go uphill and tackle sharp inclines is an important question to answer for a lot of potential riders. Think residents of Asheville, NC, with their windy streets – or even San Francisco, known the world over for the steep hills. Many people today use electric scooters as a … Continued

How Far Can Electric Bike Go?

If you’re one of the people who have a penchant for riding eBikes, or you’re new to the game and looking to buy your first electric bike, you’ve probably asked yourself this question before. How far can electric bikes go on a single battery charge? The definitive answer is . . . it depends. The … Continued

Can you pedal an electric bike?

Yes, you can. Most ebikes in today’s market include pedals that you can use in tandem with — or separate from — the throttle. It’s the power assistance that gives eBikes an advantage over a traditional bike for some riders. An eBike is one way that people who otherwise wouldn’t ride a bicycle are more … Continued

Can Electric Scooters Be Used on Pavements?

We wish the answer to this question was a simple yes, and you all can drive your electric scooters on pavements. But first, we should point out that “pavements” in British English has the same meaning as “sidewalks” in American English. We will use them interchangeably here. In the US, unless you are a paving … Continued

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