How to Tighten the Handlebar Post on the EB5 Pro

Much like the seat post, the clamps on the EB5 Pro’s handlebar post might get a bit loose over time. Or maybe the handlebar stem starts to feel wobbly or even keeps sliding down. Well, you can easily fix this by hand — no tools needed! — by tightening the stem’s latch screw just enough … Read More

Troubleshooting Tips for the EB5 Pro

From tightening the seat to loosening the twist throttle, EB5 troubleshooting is almost as easy as EB5 riding. Here are some troubleshooting tips that might come in handy as you live that #ElectricLife with your EB5 Pro. Have questions not answered in our FAQ? Have an issue that this video didn’t cover? You can always … Read More

How to Ride the EB5 Pro Electric Commuter Bike

Your EB5 is assembled. The battery is fully charged. The tires are properly inflated. Now it’s time to ride! Right? Well, almost. There’s one more important thing we need to discuss first . . . You should always wear protective gear while riding your EB5 Pro. This means age-appropriate elbow and knee pads, and an … Read More

How to Assemble the EB5 Pro Electric Bike

So you got your very own EB5 Pro eBike. We know you’re ready to hop on and ride, but there are some assembly you still have to do. Fortunately, we built the EB5 to be fun and exhilarating. But most of all, we’ve designed it to be simple and easy. It mostly comes pre-assembled. And … Read More

First Steps with Your Swagger 5 Elite

So you’ve ordered your Swagger 5 Elite. You’ve taken the first step to an exhilarating adventure. In this article, we’ll go over the first steps to take after you receive your Swagger 5 Elite. This will ensure that you’ll have the best experience and get the absolute most from your e-scooter. And don’t forget: Just … Read More

How to Assemble SWAGTRON K8 Titan Folding Kick Scooter

The K8 Titan kick scooter was built with a tool-free design, so you won’t need any special tools to put it together. Just remove the scooter and the manual from the box and you’re almost ready to ride. But there is some assembly required. Watch our video on how to unbox and assemble the SWAGTRON® … Read More

Bike Helmet Size Guide

Riding an electric scooter or eBike is an exhilarating and empowering experience. Though exhilarating, riders should take precautions to minimize the possibility of injury. That means, always wearing protective gear when riding, especially certified bicycle helmet. A Reminder on Bicycle Helmet Certification There are organizations that inspect and rate helmets. Before buying a helmet, make … Read More

Can Hoverboards Get Wet?

Hoverboards can take you a lot of places. Riders enjoy a lot of different styles and all sorts of features, bells, and whistles. Some of them, like the T6 Outlaw, can even handle a variety of terrains — from gravelly pavement to tall grass. The one place your self-balancing board can’t go, is into the … Read More

How to Stop on a Hoverboard

Hey! Want to star in a viral YouTube video compilation of hoverboard fails? No? Then read on! Because we have some tips on how NOT to faceplant while riding your self-balancing board, as well as how to stop and dismount without ending up spread-eagled on the pavement. Become a Master of the Hover Board Basics … Read More

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