Where Can I Buy a Hoverboard In-Store?

If you are considering purchasing a hoverboard, you’ll need to do a little research to find the brick-and-mortar store that carries them. As popular as hoverboards are, there still aren’t that many physical stores that carry them. Most people will buy their hoverboards from online sites, such as Amazon.

And the physical stores that do carry hoverboards might have extremely limited inventory.

But that’s all changing.

Buying a Hoverboard at a Store

We’ve secured deals with several major retailers to keep an active inventory of some of our more popular hoverboards. As of this writing, retailers like Walmart, Best Buy and BJ’s currently carry a variety of hoverboard options at select locations.

Check with individual retailers for the location nearest you. They should indicate on their site if the hoverboard you want is available for store pickup or online only.

Some of these hoverboards are only available on their online sites, though. If you want to purchase the product in the store, call your local retailers and ask about their inventory.

Buying a Hoverboard Online

You also have the option of purchasing the hoverboard online. Shopping at Amazon.com is an obvious choice, so you might want to start there, especially if you are a Prime Member and can get the hoverboard delivered in two days. You can also go directly to the manufacturer’s site, for example, Swagtron.com.

Some retailers, like Walmart or Target, also have online exclusive SWAGTRON hoverboards. These can be shipped directly to you, of course. In some cases, you might be able to order a hoverboard online and have it delivered to the store for pickup. Check with your local retailer for this option.

Don’t Touch That Dial! Another Option: Television

QVC and the Home Shopping Network (HSN) have been around for decades. With such a long history, a lot people are extremely comfortable ordering from them. They’ve recently carried a number of SWAGTRON hoverboards and eRideables.

Evine – a multi-channel retailer – has also been added to an ever- growing list of TV shopping networks that sell select SWAGTRON hoverboards.

Whether you decide to purchase in person, online, or through a national television shopping channel, it’s important to consider where you are purchasing from.

Choosing where to purchase your hoverboard

When you buy a hoverboard, consider the following:

  • Authorized seller: If you don’t purchase your hoverboard directly from a retailer (for example, via Swagtron.com), make sure that you purchase from an authorized seller. When you purchase from a retailer or authorized seller, you lessen the chance of purchasing a counterfeit hoverboard.
  • Consider price: This might seem obvious, but it is worth keeping in mind. When researching where to purchase your hoverboard, consider the price. It may be that you’ll decide to purchase a hoverboard for a bit more from a retailer that you know and trust. Moreover, there may be bundles you can purchase from another source. Retailers are fond of our bundles – e.g., hoverboard and helmet – and they add value to any order.
  • Selection and inventory: Not all stores have the same hoverboard models for sale. Try to research your options first and then find a store that sells the model that best fits your needs.
  • Certification rating: Certifications should be a top concern when you’re purchasing a hoverboard. In 2015 when hoverboards hit the market in force, a few hoverboard models had batteries that spontaneously caught fire. Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) stepped in and developed over 150 tests to determine the reliability and durability of hoverboards, their casing material, their batteries and electrical components. Hoverboards that pass these tests become UL-2272 certified. Check the product labeling to learn if a hoverboard has UL certification.
  • Return policy and customer service: You may spend up to a few hundred dollars on a hoverboard, so you deserve excellent service. Study up on the return policy of the store from which you are considering purchasing the hoverboard. For customer service, look up online reviews of the retailer or authorized retailer you are considering. Make sure a retailer’s return policy and warranty information are posted. No warranty? No returns? Find another retailer.
  • Type of delivery: Do you need the hoverboard today, or can you wait a few days for an online order to be delivered? If you need a hoverboard immediately, check out one of the brick-and-mortar stores described in this FAQ. Shop online if you can wait a few days for the hoverboard to arrive. Purchase your hoverboard directly from SWAGTRON and you’ll enjoy free shipping in the 48 contiguous states, a.k.a., the lower 48.

What are you shopping for?

Not all hoverboards are created equal. Some hoverboards have additional features. But those extras can come at a cost. Think through the following key characteristics of hoverboards when determining which hoverboard to purchase.

  • Size and weight: You’ll want to purchase a hoverboard that is neither too narrow nor too wide you when stand on it in a natural standing position. Lighter hoverboards are easier to transport, and they get more distance on a single battery charge.
  • Speed: The top speed of most hoverboards is 10 miles per hour (mph), although there are a few models that can accelerate up to 15 mph. Let’s face it, faster can be more fun! But make sure you get a hoverboard suited for the rider. An eleven-year-old might not need to cruise at higher speeds.
  • Battery life: Battery life is measured by the distance the hoverboard can travel on a single battery charge. Battery life can vary but tops out at 16 miles in some models. You should also consider the amount of time it takes to charge the battery to 100% full. Most batteries can fully charge in 2 to 4 hours. Charge the battery in an open, well-ventilated space and never charge the battery overnight. Over charging a battery can greatly lessen its life.
  • Climbing angle and cornering: Climbing angle is the steepness of a surface a hoverboard travels without losing power. Cornering is the angle the hoverboard rotates when you turn it. It’s also called the turn angle. The tighter the angle, the tighter the turn. All hoverboards have a zero-degree rotation.
  • Smart Features: Do you want a hoverboard with built-in Bluetooth and a companion app? How about LED headlights that turn on automatically in low-light conditions? Wouldn’t colorful light-up wheels be absolute boss? Well, those features could push up the cost of the hoverboard.

How Does SWAGTRON® Make It Easier?

Not all SWAGTRON hoverboard models are available at stores. Yet. Some models are available online only, either through Amazon, our direct eBay store or our website, Swagtron.com. But we want the buying experience to be perfect. That means it needs to be accurate, quick and worry-free.

How do we do that?

First, we have our gold-standard customer service team based solely in the U.S. And it’s available to you seven days a week via live chat, email and limited phone support. If you have questions about our products, simply hit us up.

Since you’ve purchased online at swagtron.com, you’ll likely not have a chance to try before you buy. Because you might not be able to test drive a hoverboard, we have a generous 30-day hassle-free return policy. If you’re not completely happy with your purchase – or maybe you purchased the wrong hoverboard – simply return it, undamaged, for a refund.

At SWAGTRON, we understand that buying recreational vehicles online can be a nail-biting experience. So, until you’re able to buy SWAGTRON hoverboards in every store and every city (we’re working on that!), we aim to make purchasing a hoverboard easy, quick and absolutely hassle-free

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