Can Hoverboards Ride on Carpet?

One of the first things everyone wants to do when they get their new hoverboard is hop on and ride. And it’s no wonder! Self-balancing hoverboards are popular for a reason. They’re a fun and exciting way to get around. And invariably, one of the first questions people ask has to do with where you can and cannot ride the hoverboard. In fact, since a lot of first-timers get their hoverboard during the holiday season, when there’s snow on the ground and most recreational activities are relegated indoors, we’re often asked, Can I ride my hoverboard on my carpet?

Short answer: Yes, but . . .

(There’s always a ‘but’, isn’t there?)

Whether you can ride your hoverboard on carpet depends on a few factors.

Quality of Your Hoverboard

Not all hoverboards are built equally. When hoverboards first became popular, many fly-by-night manufacturers pushed subpar product to the market. Those low-quality hoverboards are likely to perform poorly on carpets.

Tire Quality & Grip

Along the same lines as quality, premium-grade tires are an important factor if you’re looking to ride your hoverboard on carpet. A good tire grip is essential for hoverboards. Any hoverboard having a poor grip can either skid or not move at all due to lack of the friction between carpet and the tire. Make sure that the tires have good treads and are made of rubber.

A treaded rubber tire provides the best possible performance with maximum grip on most surfaces. Premium hoverboard manufacturers take into consideration that their riders will navigate through different types of terrain, so they make sure that the tires have enough grip to make them rideable over carpets.

Type of Carpet

Understandably, the type of carpet can have an impact on how rideable it is. A carpet tends to be one of two styles: low pile or high pile.

A low-pile carpet features shorter, tighter fibers. Most homes, hotels and offices use low-pile carpets. They provide more friction. In contrast, a high-pile carpet has taller and looser fibers (think ‘70s shag carpets).

A more rugged hoverboard, like our Swagboard Outlaw T6 with its 10-inch all-terrain wheels, would handle a high-pile carpet a lot better than an entry-level hoverboard. But be warned: riding a hoverboard on carpet could damage the carpet. So do a stress-test first before committing!

Your Riding Skills

When it comes to riding your hoverboard on the carpet, your riding skills play an important factor too. Riding a hoverboard on the carpet feels different than riding on even pavement. Depending on the thickness of the carpet, the hoverboard can feel sluggish and slow to respond. And being able to adjust how you ride takes a bit of skill and patience.

To ride your hoverboard on the carpet, you will need to lean more slowly than on regular, even pavement. Once you’ve built enough momentum with the hoverboard, you can then start to increase your speed.

Battery Levels

Some hoverboards underperform once their charge levels drop below a certain level. This is a feature — not a bug! — that is sometimes referred to as ‘power saving mode.’

Power saving mode limits the energy supplied to the motor so that the battery can last longer. When this happens, riding a hoverboard on a power-demanding surface like a carpet will start to drain the battery more quickly.

Always make sure your hoverboard is well charged and delivering peak performance.

Age of the Hoverboard

Everything is subject to time and degradation. Your hoverboard is no different. Over time, your board might start showing signs of aging. The battery might start producing less energy, even though the motor might need more energy to work. This drop in power output and efficiency will have an impact on how well the hoverboard rides on a carpet. If your hoverboard is older and showing signs of deterioration, we suggest not using it on a carpet.

(And it might be time to look at buying a new or recertified hoverboard.)

Other Considerations – Room Layout

At SWAGTRON®, we believe in getting out, exploring the world and staying active. Our recreational products are built mostly for that purpose. Naturally, we’d rather you grab a ATSM-certified helmet, strap on your knee and elbow pads, and ride the pavement! But understand that there are plenty of reasons why you might want to ride your hoverboard indoors, on carpet.

One thing to consider is the layout of the carpeted area. Is it free of obstacles? Is there a lot of furniture around? Or, is it an open area with little to no obstruction? While not preferred, a large, open office space or unfurnished room would be better than trying to ride a hoverboard in a busy living space.

Will riding on carpet affect my battery life?

Riding your hoverboard on carpet for a long constant time may affect the battery adversely. Moving your hoverboard on the carpet requires more power due to the roughness of the surface. More power is required by the motor to move the wheel. Riding for longer durations over the carpet constantly strain the battery and affect its longevity. Riding your hoverboard on the carpet also drains your battery faster as more power is required by the motor.

Will riding on carpet affect my hoverboards motor?

It all depends on the quality of the hoverboard that you are purchasing. This is why it’s important to purchase from only top brands. A low-grade manufacturer might use cheap battery and motor components. These shoddy components can underperform and deteriorate quickly when subjected to a heavy workout.

It is advisable not to ride your hoverboard on carpet if the hoverboard is not purchased from a reputable company. As always, be sure to do your research about the brand you’re buying and the company selling them before you purchase your hoverboard.

Is it okay to ride my hoverboard on carpet?

Certainly. So long as you take into consideration everything that we’ve talked about and taken the necessary precautions. That means learning how to properly ride your hoverboard, wearing proper protective gear, clearing away unnecessary obstructions and, above all, and purchasing a top-quality hoverboard.

Always buy your self-balancing hoverboard from a brand you trust. One with a reputation for manufacturing top-quality hoverboards using premium-grade materials. Read reviews. Watch YouTube videos. Ask around.

SWAGTRON® offers powerful hoverboards that can ride on challenging surfaces. We achieve this using state-of-the-art engineering and the premium materials that goes into the manufacturing of our products.

And remember, your hoverboard might be able to ride on your carpet just fine. But your carpet might not take too kindly to it. Take care to make sure that riding your hoverboard on your carpet doesn’t do irreparable damage to the carpet!

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