Swagcycle Pro Goes to Hollywood with HBO’s The Righteous Gemstones

So there we were, sitting around the SWAGTRON® office, watching HBO’s latest comedy hit, “The Righteous Gemstones,” and totally doing work. (No, really, we were.) And that’s when we see it — the Swagcycle Pro pedal-free electric bike, “chewing the scenery,” as they say. Stealing the show. Needless to say, we were pretty excited.


The Swagcycle Pro had already been making the rounds in the sports and music world. Chicago Cubs Ian Happ rides one in his Chicago digs. And one of the original boy bands supreme, the New Kids on the Block, rode on a fleet of Swagcycle Pros, both on and off stage — and in their music video. Not to mention the all-killer, no-filler blistering hard rock of Michigan’s Pop Evil.

The next step was obviously HBO, with Danny McBride’s new series, “The Righteous Gemstones.”


This show is a darkly funny comedy. It’s a deep dive into the tacky opulence of megachurches, the absurdity at the intersection of religion and business, and the greasy underbelly of it all. But it’s also about identity, familial bonds (and tenuousness) and, we hope, redemption.

(Watch the series and find out!)

The show focuses on the Gemstone family and their massive evangelical empire, built by the patriarch of the family, Eli Gemstone, and the matriarch, no longer in this mortal coil. The opening minutes of the show find the trio conducting a massive baptism marathon in China before heading home in one of their three private jets.

Shortly after returning home, we’re treated to the home of the youngest Gemstone, Kelvin, (played by Adam Devine at his man-child best). He has a houseful of impressive toys — and an awkward reformed Satanist best-friend.

Four full-size vintage arcade games litter his living room — Double Dragon and a racing game complete with a ride-on motorcycle. But the coolest bike in the room, however, is unquestionably the Swagcycle Pro, propped up against the fireplace. You’ll catch it right around the six-minute mark of the first episode.

HBO's The Righteous Gemstones scene with a shirtless guy and the Swagcycle Pro eBike


The Swagcycle Pro isn’t the only SWAGTRON product making a name for itself in Hollywood. Our Swagger 5 Elite scored a supporting role in “Between Two Ferns, The Movie,” delivering a powerhouse performance as Will Ferrell’s scooter. Really stole the scene, if you ask us. (Totally not biased.)

Another Netflix film, the rom com “Someone Great,” also featured an epic performance from the Swagboard T580 Vibe. And now the Swagcycle Pro is vying for its star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

We like where this is going.


The Swagcycle Pro is the perfect ride to zip around the huge Gemstone estate. It really is the ultimate ride. With a strong, foldable frame that supports up to 264 pounds and 12-inch front and 10-inch rear air-filled tires, this cycle provides a smooth ride to every rider.

Connecting the app unlocks the full suite of features, like tracking speed, recording travel time, and more. And if you’re phone’s low on power, the Swagcycle Pro includes a USB port and a hidden compartment for cable management so you can charge while you ride.

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