The Definitive Guide To Choosing An Electric Bike

Electric bikes have taken the world by storm. With a surprising amount of torc and rechargeable, eco-friendly batteries, these e-bikes give an electric boost to your daily commute and delivers the best bang for your buck. Between saving you time and energy, you won’t be throwing away hundreds of dollars of gas every month. Many … Continued

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10 Unique Ways To Use Your Electric Skateboard

So you did it. You sprang for an electric skateboard. Welcome to the club! If you’re anything like me, you probably thought giddily to yourself, “I’m never walking anywhere again!” while ripping open the packaging without a shred of hesitation. And maybe at first, you didn’t. Walking became obsolete, and grossly uncool. You took trips … Continued

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The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide For Racing Drones

If you’re here, we can go out on a solid limb and assume you’re looking into buying yourself your very own racing drone. But with so many variations available and even more terms (like quadcopter, rpv, and rtf) being casually tossed around, it is difficult to know which one is the perfect-fit for your drone-needs. … Continued

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How The Swagger E-Scooter Changed My College Commute

We’ve all been there, right? That commute that becomes a backdrop of white noise. You set your alarm the night before, resigned, and consider the extra factors you might encounter – jam-packed buses and trains, and the inevitable roadblock. The routine is tedious. Whether you’re a part-time student or a full-time working adult, “the commute” … Continued

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Tips for safety when Hoverboarding & more protective gear ideas for rideables

Hoverboarding safely Here are some tips for safety gear to use when riding on a hoverboard. First and foremost, don’t worry about other people, worry about your own safety, your head (helmet) your knees (knee pads) your wrists (learn the right way to fall or you will break wrists…until then – wrist guards. And finally … Continued

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Gabe’s ollie SwagCycle e bike Challenge at Braille Skateboarding

SwagCycles, e bikes are easy rides when injured Recently we have been riding the SwagCycle e Bike around when we need some air, as well as the off road hoverboard, more than the skateboard and there’s a really, really good reason for that. It’s not just that the hoverboard is amazing for shooting video, not that … Continued

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Fun and Unexpected uses for Hoverboards

Today we’re talking about fun and unexptected uses and reviews of hoverboards from back in 2016 all the way up to Labor Day 2017. Now for the best Swagtron hoverboard review I can give you, I need to break it down by hoverboard model, but I will tell you right now, that hands down, the … Continued

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Do the new T6 offroad hoverboards make them cool again?

Do the new off-road hoverboards make them relevant again? After seeing the craziness ensue around the hoverboard craze in 2015, you probably saw many examples of two wheeled self-balancing scooters, or hoverboards in the news and on television, at airports and on the sidewalks.  You also may have noticed that most of these hovercrafts or … Continued

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