More Than Fun: Boosting Your Fitness with an Ebike

Riding an eBike is more than just fun. It’s also a great way to boost your personal fitness. But is it cheating to use an electric bike to get fit? Are you even getting proper exercise? Our friend Nate gives us his personal fitness story and how the SwagCycle EB-6 helped him overcome his hurdles.

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Why Buy an Electric Bike?

Electric bikes are steadily getting more popular all over the world. And it’s no wonder! They’re a fun, eco-friendly way to get around. Improvements in battery technology have made them more affordable than ever. But there are other reasons why you should consider buying one.

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Are Electric Scooters Legal?

Exploring your city has never been easier than in today’s day and age. There are so many new forms of transportation that are crazy fun: electric scooters, eBikes, hoverboards. They’re great for commuters and can help us lower our carbon footprint. But are they legal? You might be surprised at the answer.

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Do You Even “Double Dare,” Bro?

Everyone’s favorite kids’ TV game show growing up is back, messier than ever – “Double Dare.” It’s gonna be one messy summer. And Swagtron is joining in the fun with our EB-6 fat-tire eBike! You can join in the fun, too. Read on!

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Enter to Win! Give Kids the World Charity Contest

Recently, Simplicity eSports hosted ‘Hearts of Reality: 24 hour Charity Live Stream,’ a 24-hour livestream to support the nonprofit organization Give Kids the World. To help the cause, we donated a Swagtron SwagCycle electric bike for a contest they’re also running until July 28th. Here’s how to enter!

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