Make Your Daily Commute Easier with an Electric Last-Mile Vehicle

You’re a busy person. We get it.

You have a lot riding on you — and not a lot of time to get everything done.

Maybe you find yourself spending way too much money on gas or Ubers or taxis — especially for short trips. Maybe you’re spending way too much time getting to a place rather than finishing a task.

An electric last-mile vehicle might be perfect for your situation. It could shorten the time you spend commuting and save you money in the long run. It will certainly make your journey more fun!

What is an Electric Last-Mile Vehicle?

If you work downtown in a major city, there’s a good chance that you don’t live downtown. And your city might not have adequate public transportation that will take you full-stop to your destination. It may get you close, sure! But you might still have quite a trek ahead of you.

A last-mile vehicle is anything that helps you complete the final leg of your commute.

Electric Last-Mile Vehicle - Is it right for you? Yes!

That commute might be from your home to the bus stop or from the bus stop to your office. It might be from one side of campus to the other. A last-mile solution is the idea of concluding (or starting) a journey. And that’s what separates electric last-mile vehicles from electric motorcycles or cars.

Why Electric?

We have plenty of personal mobility options that are more than capable of taking you through the final leg of your commute. (Swagtron K1, Swagtron ST047, as examples.) But our electric vehicles give you the freedom to experience more. And with added positive benefits to the environment!

Go Farther

An electric bicycle with pedal-assist (pedelec) gives you the power to travel farther than ever before. Exploring extremely hilly cities, like San Francisco or Asheville, NC, is easier with a pedelec bike. You can explore more without tiring out before you’re ready.

Go Faster

According the U.S. Census Bureau, American workers spend on average of 26 minutes commuting to work. For commutes that include more than three city blocks, electric vehicles could shave off several minutes.

Get to work faster. Get home quicker. Enjoy life more!

Go Better

Looking to reduce your personal carbon footprint? We’ve built an arsenal of electric last-mile vehicles to help you do just that. Electric scooters and ebikes open up a new world of transportation options. With them, you can rethink how you get around, whether it’s to and from work or school, or just around town.

All with zero-emissions! And that means you’ll be doing your part for a cleaner world!

An electric last-mile vehicle is great for going green!

(Bloomberg, Feb 27, 2018: How Green Is Your Electric Car?, Infographic, Pulled from URL.)

Who Could Benefit from Going Electric?

Nearly everyone can benefit from going electric — especially for recreation!

There are other situations that could benefit for using an electric vehicle as an affordable last-mile solution too. College students. Neighborhood explorers. From people with mobility issues to those who work deep in the city. These are just some of the people who could benefit the most:

The Working Commuter

“I live and work downtown. A lot of times, I have meetings to go to that aren’t too terribly far, but are exactly close, either. But parking options are scarce — and expensive.”

Electric last-mile vehicle solutions truly solve the problem that ride-sharing tried to: moving people from one place to another quickly and affordably.

Have a meeting on the other side of downtown that you need to get to? Sure, you could call an Uber, hail a cab, wait around for a bus or, worse, break a sweat walking.

Electric last-mile vehicle for the working commuter

But really, getting to your destination quickly and effortlessly is as easy as hopping on your electric bike or e-scooter.

No parking fees. No surge pricing. No taxi fares. Just you and the open road — or sidewalk, as it were. In, out, and back to work, with little to no fuss!

The Campus Cruiser

“I’m an IU student and our Bloomington campus is pretty big. It’s tough getting from one end to the other, especially when I only have 15 – 20 minutes between classes to get there.”

This is a common problem for many university students today, especially as schools continue to grow, both in physical size as well as in enrollment.

Electric last mile solutions for the campus cruiser

For students finding it hard to navigate to and from classes, electric last-mile vehicles are a great solution, whether you choose an electric scooter or electric skateboard.

Living on-campus? Space limited in your dorm room? Choose an e-scooter or ebike that’s foldable for a perfect fit!

The Urban Dweller

“I make a lot of short trips to places that are too far to walk to, so I need to drive. But parking is a pain and gas is getting expensive again.”

According to AAA, the average gas price in America is currently $2.98 and rising, as of this writing. As recent as last year, the highest gas price recorded was $4.11 — and we have every sign that gas prices this year will meet or exceed that just from the normal seasonal surge alone.

An electric last-mile vehicle can help reduce your dependency on gas. Especially with those short trips to the neighborhood grocery store.

Last mile electric vehicle for the urban dweller

The Commuter with Needs

“I take the bus to and from work every day. But I still have a three-block walk from my home and six blocks from my stop to the office. It doesn’t sound like much, but after ankle surgery, it became problematic.”

Most of us want to be active. But life happens. Things get in our way. Your mobility restriction could be transitory or permanent. Either way, an electric last-mile vehicle could give you the independence you need to get out, get around, and stay active — whether it’s using an e-scooter or an ebike!

Three of Our Best Electric Last-Mile Vehicles

Swagger 5

Our Swagger line has always been popular with students and people who work in the city. And our newest electric scooter has taken the technologies of our previous e-scooter models to the next level. A 250-watt motor for speeds up to 18MPH. Long-lasting, UL-certified Li-ion battery. Android/iOS-compatible app with anti-theft and alarm capabilities. Air-filled 8.5-inch tires for a smooth ride.

Swagger 5 Electric Scooter

But what makes the Swagger 5 a great last-mile option? The sturdy, lightweight aluminum frame folds for easy carry and storage. It won’t get in the way in the office or while on a subway or bus.

When you ride the new Swagger 5, you’ll be hard pressed to want to stop.

SwagCycle EB-5

The EB-5 is a viable, eco-friendly last-mile solution. Compact yet powerful, this electric seated scooter bike delivers an enhanced riding experience. Thanks in part to its 250-watt motor. This sturdy last-mile vehicle will support riders up to 264 lbs. And it folds for easy storing in a closet, small dorm room, or under your office desk.

Even better, the EB-5’s electric pedal assist means you can be as active as you want to be on your commute!

Need more proof that the EB-5 is perfect for living and commuting in a city? Watch Becker’s Reviews 3-week review of the Swagtron EB-5 in New York City here:


SwagBoard NG-1 Electric Skateboard

Like the Swagger scooter series, the SwagBoard NG-1 e-skateboard has been a favorite among students for years. A wireless remote lets you control speed and braking. The polyurethane wheels provide the shock-absorption needed for an enhanced, smooth riding experience.

Swagtron NG-1 electric skateboard as a last-mile solution

What makes the NG-1 a killer last-mile solution? The SwagBoard uses a 24V Li-On Fe battery that reach full charge in under 90 minutes. Plug it in at the start of your class. By the time your class is over, you’re ready for your next adventure!

And Swagtron will help make that journey more fun!

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