SWAGTRON ST047 Stunt Scooter

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Become the ultimate dragon rider and leave fiery trails of smoke at the skate park on SWAGTRON’s ST047 Advanced Freestyle Scooter!



Prepare to scorch the streets with style and power like never before. Weighing only 8.6 lbs, this light weight scooty makes riding feel like gliding by assisting riders up to 260 lbs with midair combos. Take on buttercup kicks to double flares on the kick scooter’s 20.5×4.3” aluminum deck and 25.5” chrome steel handlebars. No matter how wild your moves are, sturdy TPE grip provides enough grappling action for you to show off on the big stage.

From harsh landings to sharp skids, this adult scooter can handle it all. Test your limits on the pro scooter’s 110mm polyurethane wheels fused with aluminum cores to tackle insane stunts without splinters or tread separation. For smoother acceleration, top rated NSK 608ZZ and ABEC-9 bearings complete this skate scooter’s frame to pick up enough speed to cut through winds. Demonstrate your skills by whipping up rinks, pull a full 360, and slide into an epic stop by pressing down on the scooter’s flexible steel brake.

Unlike other pro scooters, this fiery ride is fortified by its fierce Dragon Claw CNC double clamp that secures the bars and stabilizes the stem for absolute stability. The stunt scooter’s built-in HIC system guarantees that your bolts and bars stay securely attached, so say goodbye to the annoying rattles and headshake! Per ASTM F2264 standards, the SWAGTRON® ST047 Freestyle Scooter meets all performance, test, and labeling requirements necessary to make this kids scooter safe, fun, and perfect for competing with the pros.

Awaken your inner dragon and glide your way into greatness.

Steely Perfection

Effortlessly slam hard onto ramps or skid into quick stops with the kids scooter’s 25.5” chrome steel stem, 20.5×4.3” aluminum deck, and flexible steel brake.

Lightweight Build

This 8.6 lbs custom scooter can take you high into the air while accommodating up to 260 lbs.

360° Stem Rotation

The scooter’s full 360° stem rotation allows you to add more twirls to your bar spins to stun your audience.

TPE Grip

Stay grappled onto your scooter with sturdy TPE grip while busting crazy stunts.

Top-Notch Bearings

ABEC-9 bearings allow you to smoothly hit higher acceleration to pick up speed and gain boost for perfecting combo moves.

Fiery Wheels

Leave blazing trails of fire as you pull off crazy stunts on 110mm polyurethane wheels fused with aluminum cores.

Steel Brakes

Slide into epic stops by pressing down on the flexible steel brakes.

Maximum Load Capacity

This durable kick scooter can support riders up to 260 lbs.

Dragon Claw Clamp

Fierce Dragon Claw CNC double clamp firmly grasps onto the bars to make your pro scooter dialed and ready for epic tricks without unsealed looseball bearings or headshake.

HIC System

Take full control of your ride with an advanced HIC system that keeps your bolts and bars attached. Simply tighten its bolt to the starnut, grab onto your handlebars, and prepare for a thrill ride!

ASTM F2264

The ST047 Freestyle Scooter meets all safety requirements for non-powered scooters.

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