I have been using the smart Bluetooth helmet now for about a month

Review for LivAll BH60 Bling Helmet

I know the reviews on this helmet have been mixed so I thought I’d include my review. I am a recreational cyclist on the weekends and a cycling commuter to work every day. I have been using the smart Bluetooth helmet now for about a month.

What I like: most important feature of this helmet for me is the Bluetooth phone option. I’m a physician that takes call therefore I get phone calls I need to answer while I’m commuting and writing recreationally. To be able to answer a phone call on the bike with the Bluetooth helmet is a very positive option for me. No more getting my phone out stumbling with it with one hand and trying to speak while writing with my friends or commuting on a busy road. This feature alone is worth the price of the unit. The other nice option is to use your mapping GPS software on your phone to find the location and allow the Bluetooth speakers to lead you right there. This is as nice as my GPS in my car. I really don’t listen to music on the device and I don’t have any use for the walkie-talkie functions.

Things I can do without: music function again is I think dangerous and distracting. That’s my opinion about music and writing. The walkie-talkie function between my colleagues might be useful if everyone had one but that’s not the case. I do use the signal light option, but I doubt cars really get it anyway so I still use hand signals and check by turning my head every time. It doesn’t hurt having redundancy.

I know there have been concerns and comments about durability. So far I have had none as a daily user. The charge on the battery of the helmet lasts about a week and is easy to read charge. The battery on the remote control lasts about a month.
Note that when you buy the option on Amazon, mine came with a signal remote as well, my wife also got a signal remote for Christmas for me so now I have two. It’s not difficult to switch between two bikes and two signal remotes by simply linking them individually to the cell phone when you hop on the bike. So far I’ve had no problems with the functionality and durability. No software incompatibilities, but I don’t use the mapping and other fitness features on the software.
Overall would recommend the product if you want to be a use your phone on Bluetooth and have your GPS map guide you to an address.

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