SWAGSKATE A.I. Electric Penny Board

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Intelligent, portable and affordable, the Spectra Mini cruiser offers you a quick solution to spicing up your campus life.


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Smarter than the average board. The first e-skateboard powered by A.I.
    Integrated with intuitive artificial intelligence systems that adjusts itself to your riding style.
    Navigate by shifting your weight thanks to five intelligent pressure sensors embedded in the deck.
    Download the eBoard Go app to control the board from your smartphone and unlock power features.

Featuring an A.I. self-learning system, iOS/Android app integration and a 200-watt hub motor, the Spectra Mini is a smarter way to get from point A to point B without breaking a sweat. Its responsive 23-inch maple deck comes with SenDeck gyroscopic sensors to detect changes in your posture and riding style. This way, you and your e-board learn simultaneously to begin riding within minutes.

Whether you choose to go full electric or power assist mode, the Spectra Mini is completely adaptable. By downloading the eBoard Go app, you can track battery life, travel log, speed and more. Use your smartphone as an alternative remote to adjust your speed and accelerate. If you prefer a traditional riding style, use the app’s Pedal To Go Mode to get a boost after you’ve kicked off. It takes only a glance to check on your board as you head to class.

Accessories include a MagCharger and a tool to adjust your board’s trucks to your preference. The MagCharger connects in a snap. No matter how busy your schedule is, you can attach the included MagCharger to the bottom of the board for a quick 22 to 30-minute charge.

Additional Features

Download the Go App on your iOS or Android to select your speed modes, engage Pedal to Go Mode, share photos and riding paths, and check remaining battery life. You can even use your smartphone as an alternative remote if you prefer a handheld remote.

Pedal To Go Mode
With the Go App, you can disengage your Spectra Mini’s motor to ride it as a traditional skateboard.

Turning Assist
The skateboard’s hub motor engages an optimized differential to help smooth out each turn you make.

Regenerative Hub Motor
Whenever you decelerate, your e-board’s single hub motor converts kinetic energy into electrical energy and feeds it back to the battery for increased efficiency.

Charge in a Snap
The Spectra Mini comes with its own MagCharger that snaps into its magnetic charging port to make charging quick and easy.

Ultra-Bright LED Indicators
From sunrise to sundown, the electric skateboard’s LED indicators show its current battery status and alert oncoming cars or pedestrians of your presence.

Electric Skateboard Comparison Chart

SWAGSKATE A.I. Electric Penny Board

SWAGSKATE Spectra Advanced Electric Skateboard

SWAGSKATE Spectra PRO Electric Skateboard

Price $199.99$799.99$299.99
Charging Time
  • 90-120 min
  • 90-120 min
  • 90-120 min
Range Per Charge
View View View
SWAGTRON Electric Skateboard Penny Board
Range Per Charge
5.6 Mile Range
9.3 mph
All Specs

Charging Time
90-120 min
LED Front Lights

Swagskate A.I. Electric Penny Board Reviews

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Review for SWAGSKATE A.I. Electric Penny Board
It is a fantastic product!

Although I bought this as a gift for my adult son, I can tell you, it is a fantastic product! The quality of engineering, design, material s

Review for SWAGSKATE A.I. Electric Penny Board
So freaking awesome!!

So freaking awesome!!! Day one we have had a blast! Bought it for my 11 year old sons birthday, he road it around the neighborhood and loves

Review for SWAGSKATE A.I. Electric Penny Board
Well built product

I would recommend this as a toy. It goes about 9-10 mph that is really slow. I suggest this for a child between 8-12 yrs old. Well built pro

Review for SWAGSKATE A.I. Electric Penny Board

My kid takes it every!!! Small enough to go any where on vaction!! Great quality!!

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