SWAGTRON Spectra Pro

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Take riding to the next level with Spectra Pro smart electric penny board.

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Experience the power of electric skateboards with the Spectra Pro. The Spectra Pro is the world’s first electric penny board to feature A.I. technology that learns and adjusts to your riding style.

The Spectra uses SenDeck technology which comes with five smart sensors and an ultra-intelligent algorithm to enable Spectra’s 3D Posture Control System to analyze how you ride and adjust accordingly, allowing you to ride like you’ve never ridden before.

The Spectra Pro features specialized MagBrakes which shorten the braking distance by up to 47%. If you step off the board, the Spectra Pro stops almost immediately after. The eco-friendly Spectra Pro also uses regenerative braking to recharge your board as you ride.

Unlike other electric skateboards with complicated charging cables, the Spectra Pro penny skateboard uses a specially-designed MagCharger that snaps on easily to the charging port, allowing you to be back on the road in just 90-120 minutes.

A single charge lasts for 12.4 miles – enough time for you to run errands, commute to school, and travel from the subway to your office.

With the Spectra electric penny board, big things come in small packages. Weighing just 12.5 lbs and featuring a super compact 19.4” deck, this mini skateboard is small and light enough to fit easily in your hand or backpack. The Spectra Pro can also support up to 187 lbs.

The Spectra Pro comes with an app which allows you to share photos, check battery life, and push your cruiser skateboard to the limit. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the Spectra Pro comes with 3 different riding modes which you can adjust via your phone. You can also set your top speed to 15.5 mph, and conquer inclines up to 15°.

The Spectra Pro short cruiser comes with a lock and alarm feature allowing you to travel wherever you want without having to worry about your Spectra being stolen. For night riders, the Spectra Pro comes with LED lights which double as a battery indicator to safely travel out at night.

Take skateboarding to the limit with SWAGTRON’s Spectra Pro remote control skateboard. Order yours today.

AI Riding System

The Spectra Pro is patented with a built-in AI system that learns and adjusts to your unique riding style.


The Spectra Pro reduces the braking distance by up to 47%, and stops almost immediately after it detects that you’ve stepped off.


Go the Distance        

Go where you’ve never been before with a range up to 12.4 miles.

Max Load     

The Pro can reach a max speed of 15 mph. and accommodate riders up to 187.4 lbs.

Regenerative Hub Motors

The Spectra Pro comes with dual hub motors in the front that run smoothly and quietly. The motors also recharge the battery when decelerating or going down a ramp.

3D Posture Control

Integrated pressure and gyro sensors detect and function according to your body movements to provide a complete hands-free riding experience.

Extremely Portable

At 12.5 lbs., the Pro is extremely lightweight and can be easily carried by hand or in your backpack.

App Compatibility

Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth® and download the eBoard Go App to select your gear, lock your electric skateboard, track battery life, turn your e-board into a traditional board, and more!

Optional Remote Alternative

Access the Spectra Pro mobile app to use your smartphone as an alternative control panel for your mini cruiser, and use it to check battery life, choose riding speed, and turn the motor on or off.

LED Indicators

The electric skateboard comes with a headlight and taillight that doubles as a battery level indicator.


Easily charge your Spectra using the magnetic charger and charging port for hassle free charging.

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