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K8 Titan Commuter Kick Scooter for Adults and Teens
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Recertified K8 Titan Folding Kick Scooter. Factory recertified by Swagtron Technicians. These include a 90 day warranty. These are described as fully functional, but possibly cosmetically flawed. We can not send pictures of any individual K8 Titan Folding Kick Scooter.

  • Lightweight & Foldable
  • Performance wheels built for speed
  • Sleek look – Easily Portable
  • Adjustable Height

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Boy crosses the street while riding on his kick scooter
Upgrade your kick with a ride as smooth as it looks. Going places? We'll help get you there.
    When you’re on the go, the K8 is light enough to be carried when you need to. Just fold, lock and go.
    Extra-large wheels with extra-precise ABEC-9 bearings for an extra smooth ride other scooters can’t match.
K8 Titan Lightweight Kick Scooter

You deserve performance. You deserve durability. You deserve style. You’ll get all of that and more with the SWAGTRON K8 Titan kick scooter — the most fun you can have on two wheels while still looking like an adult. Cruise from one end of campus to the other with time to spare. Save money on your daily commute to and from work. Meet up with friends at the park. And look good doing it. You provide the power, the K8 Titan provides the style.


The sleek, eye-catching design doesn’t diminish the quality of the K8 Titan. It’s undeniably one of the smoothest rides you can have on a manually powered kick scooter. This is thanks in part to the extra large 200-millimeter wheels and the ABEC-9 bearings, balanced for precision and durability not found on most scooters.


You got places to go and things to do. So while we wanted to make sure the K8 Titan was durable, it also had to be extremely lightweight. Weight just under 10 pounds, the Titan folds down in three quick steps and can be easily carried when you need to. And once it’s folded and locked, our upgraded locking mechanism makes sure it stays folded and locked. Need more space? Remove the detachable handles and secure them in their clamp.


But performance and durability don’t mean much if the scooter is uncomfortable to ride. That’s why we included ergonomic handle grips made from extra soft EVA material. The durable deck can take a beating and offers secure footing on its no-slip grip tape. Need to raise the handle bar? The aluminum-alloy stem is not only durable, it’s also fully adjustable, offering maximum comfort for riders of different heights.


The K8 Titan also features a kick stand and an attention-grabbing bell. More importantly, it’s backed by our expert team of support specialists, fully staffed in the U.S. and available seven days a week. Have a question? Need extra guidance? Simply contact us via email, by phone or on live chat. All new SWAGTRON scooters also enjoy one-year limited warranty.

It’s time to upgrade how you get around. Whether you’re a college student, young professional or urban adventurer, there’s no better way to get around than with the K8 Titan Commuter Kick Scooter from SWAGTRON.

The K8 Titan. Powered by you. This ain’t your kid’s scooter.

Man walking with his folded kick scooter
Adjustable Height
Maximum Load
220 lbs
Safety Standards
9.75 lbs
All Specs

12+ Years
7-11 Years

K8 Titan Folding Kick Scooter – Recertified Reviews

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Average Score: 4.74 (76 ratings)
I am 239 lbs and 6'3 (was 230 lbs) and this thing can carry me. I try to abuse it to see if it will last and its been holding up really well. I dont use it everyday though only when I am able to go out.

I weigh 239 pounds and stand tall at 6 feet and 3 inches. It’s worth mentioning that I used to weigh 230 pounds. Anyway, I have this thing t

this is a piece of you know whatmy kid almost broke his armI am surprised website still has this in there website

this thing is complete garbage. My kid was messing around with it and almost ended up with a broken arm! I can’t believe this website still

So far I use this fella for about one or twice a week for three months so that's close to about twenty-four days and so far it's held up to a 190-ish pound Asian going about 2 miles back and fourth each time. So far nothing is broken and riding on it is fair.I don't know what it is talking about it's wheels giving a smooth ride, but then again all roads will always have a flaw or two due to various things so it doesn't even matter. There is nothing you could call as a shock absorber so you'll feel about every bump or uneven surface as you travel.Folding it is a bit awkward as the wheel sometimes gets in the way and at times it feels stuck if you do it at certain angles.The...rear brake i suppose it is called is not what I expected. While it can slow the scooter down given enough time, but if you live on the top of a hill and going downwards at what seems like twenty MPH, you may as well jump off the scooter at the halfway point and be safer that way. I put my entire weight on the brake and I barely got it under control before reaching the crosswalk when it got that fast.I'd advise people who consider buying this to go only on even ground or anything below a ten degree angle downwards for beginners due to it's rear brake. Anything more than that requires time and experience. Other than that, this scooter is more toy than a way to commute.

I’ve been using this scooter for about three months now, once or twice a week. It’s been able to handle my weight of around 190 pounds and g

Two weeks after the return window, the scooter is broken. Compared to the other scooter, which is still good, this one is garbage. Only one

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