So far I use this fella for about one or twice a week for three months so that’s close to about twenty-four days and so far it’s held up to a 190-ish pound Asian going about 2 miles back and fourth each time. So far nothing is broken and riding on it is fair.I don’t know what it is talking about it’s wheels giving a smooth ride, but then again all roads will always have a flaw or two due to various things so it doesn’t even matter. There is nothing you could call as a shock absorber so you’ll feel about every bump or uneven surface as you travel.Folding it is a bit awkward as the wheel sometimes gets in the way and at times it feels stuck if you do it at certain angles.The…rear brake i suppose it is called is not what I expected. While it can slow the scooter down given enough time, but if you live on the top of a hill and going downwards at what seems like twenty MPH, you may as well jump off the scooter at the halfway point and be safer that way. I put my entire weight on the brake and I barely got it under control before reaching the crosswalk when it got that fast.I’d advise people who consider buying this to go only on even ground or anything below a ten degree angle downwards for beginners due to it’s rear brake. Anything more than that requires time and experience. Other than that, this scooter is more toy than a way to commute.

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