FEATURED ON ROLLING STONE MAG: Swagger 7T Transport Among Top 4 Best Electric Scooters for Commuters

With warmer weather just ahead of us and pandemic shutdowns (hopefully) behind us, the U.S. is once again looking to micro-mobility options to get from point A to point B more efficiently and conveniently. From eBikes to electric scooters, these personal transportation options are fun, affordable and environmentally friendly—and they are here to stay. Recently, Rolling Stone Magazine released their list of the best electric scooters for city commuters and casual riders. And high on that list is our own Swagger 7T Transport eScooter.

Split image of Saxl Rose with his Swagger 7T Transport

The Swagger 7T and Saxl Rose, viral sensation and saxophonist for Wiz Khalifa, Paramore & more.

Let’s talk about sax! Check out Saxl Rose’s swagTEAM interview where we talk about his love for Kenny G. and his Swager 7T Transport!

Removable and Rechargeable—a Great Way To Go

Rolling Stone lays out the criteria they used to determine their recommendation. They list motor, rider capacity and mileage among the top factors. But they also included other considerations, including brake type and the ability to ride the eScooter like a traditional kick scooter when the battery is depleted.

So it’s understandable how the Swagger 7T Transport made the list. Rolling Stone lists the combination of the Swagger 7T’s removable battery and 10-inch puncture-proof honeycomb tires. This airless technology adds extra stability and delivers a maintenance-free ride, free from flats. Cruise control also helped secured our spot on this list.

Other features mentioned were the SWAGTRON app, which gives you even more control over the eScooter, the rear disc brakes, and the Swagger 7T’s easy foldability.

Who’s ready for some swag$ . . .?

Guy wearing a helmet riding the Swagger 7T Transport

The Swagger 7T Transport—giving that rock-star SWAG!

The Swagger 7T Transport is packed with tons of top features that undoubtedly helped secure its high ranking, even if not mentioned in the article. The kick-to-start motor lets riders manually ride like a traditional kick scooter. Once the scooter reaches 1.8 MPH, the throttle can be used to power the ride. In testing, this feature has been shown to increase travel range by 25% and level-up your riding SWAG. And because Safety is Swag, the Swagger 7T Transport also includes our “Autoguard” technology. “Autoguard” automatically disengages the motor when the brakes are used, perfect for situations where you might need to brake quickly.

Split image of the SG7's integrated display and foldability

Swagger 7T Transport eScooter At-a-Glance

☑ Massive 350W motor to reach top speeds of 18 MPH for up to 18.9 miles*
☑ Say “goodbye” to flats with puncture-resistant 10” honeycomb tires
☑ Save battery and increase range with cruise control & kick-start motor
☑ Ultra-durable and lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum frame
☑ Built for comfort for riders as tall as 6’6” with 220 lb. rider capacity
☑ Responsive rear disc brakes with “Autoguard” brake technology
☑ Integrated display with speedometer, battery indicator & more
☑ Quickly folds down to 42.9 x 16.14 x 17.9” dimension

* Performance-based specs such as top speeds and range per charge vary between rider and can depend on a number of factors, including rider weight and pavement conditions.

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