Swagboard Electric Skateboard VS. Voyager Electric Longboard – What’s the Difference?

Electric skateboards hit the scene big time a few years ago. You almost can’t go anywhere in a major city without seeing one pass you buy on the sidewalk. Whether it’s a kid on his way over to his friend’s house, or a commuter gliding from the train station to work, they’re everywhere.

And just like how there are so many different variations in skateboards, there are different kinds of electric skateboards. From 22-inch penny boards, to 50-inch longboards, electric skateboarding has evolved to be just as diverse and fun for every rider!

SWAGTRON, the leaders of the electric rideable market, broke onto the e-skateboard scene with its flagship Swagboard NG-1 electric skateboard.

But if you’re new to the idea, it might be hard to tell the difference…because a skateboard with a motor is just that right? Well, not exactly, they aren’t all the same.

So let’s break things down: what is the difference from the Swagboard and the Voyager?

Let’s start things off with the Swagboard…

1. Great for young riders and beginners!

The Swagboard might surprise you – because it’s the most ideal for younger or inexperienced riders. It’s the all-in-one introduction for anyone just starting out on an electric skateboard. Don’t let the sleek packaging fool you – it has an easy learning curve and is completely beginner friendly. You might believe it, but it’s true! You’re most likely imagining hitting the throttle on the remote and being thrown off the board as it zips off at max speed. But so long as you bend your knees and keep your eyes glued forward, you should be good.

2. Ideal short commuting companions!

They make getting from Point A to Point B kind of an adventure. If you have a young rider in your life who is looking to get to and from school in an all-new way, then the Swagboard is your perfect-fit solution!

Does your child have school at the top of a particularly tall hill? The Swagboard can help take the slope factor out of any commute thanks to the strong motor near the board’s truck, this electric board will let riders glide to the top of almost any hill!

3. Easy-to-use brakes!

If you’re a tad hesitant about starting off at top speed or flying too fast into a turn, the Swagboard is equipped with brakes accessible on your remote control. If you’re on-the-go and come across an immovable object in your path, or even something as simple as a crosswalk, you can breezily come to an easy stop by pressing on the brakes.

4. Flexible turning-radius

The Swagboard is designed with a flexible maple wood deck that makes it surprisingly pliable. This design enables the Swagboard to carve and smoothly handle fast turns. If you need to pop a U-turn or handle s quick swerve, just lean into the board and it will respond to your weight in seconds.

5. Taking care!

There is a lot of talk regarding lithium batteries, and we get the hesitation when the words are mentioned in conversation. But we’re never one to shy away from the issues – and how we found a solution for everyone’s well-being. It is important to research and ensure that any electric rideable you commit to purchasing is UL certified. This distinction means that your board or bike has been submitted for a series of rigorous quality tests and guarantees that they are appropriate for riders to use and charge.

The great news is that all SWAGTRON rideables are UL certified, so you can cruise with confidence.

So, where does that leave the Voyager?

1. Great for young adults and adults alike!

The Voyager is an overall bigger package weighing in at 19 lbs and able to carry up to 330lb – making it better equipped for larger riders. The heavy duty 36v lithium-ion battery mounted underneath the board makes it a tad too hefty for younger riders to hull casually around.

2. The perfect beach-cruising companion!

With a faster 350-watt engine and a slower turning radius compared to the Swagboard. This makes this electric longboard ideal for beach cruising, and not so much quick urban navigation.

With its elongated body and smooth, responsive controls, this board can take you barreling down the boardwalk beneath the shade of palm trees on your way to your favorite spot. Perfect for a lazy, beachside Sunday!

3. Easy to stay on top – even at 15 mph!

Because you aren’t constantly repositioning your feet off to push or stay on top of the board, you out all of your focus into steering accurately. This also makes it a great introductory board for anyone seeking to jump into the longboard scene, but don’t quite have pushing/steering technique down pat yet.

4. They make for great alternative personal transportation!

Tired of taking an Uber from your house to the beach? The Voyager makes for a fun and emission-free solution for last mile transportation. Get to your destination… and turn your boring commute into an adventure!

5. These boards are environmentally friendly!

In a society where environmental responsibility and population density is a hot-button issue, it might be worth research and investing in eco-friendly transportation. Freeways have become so congested that emission levels have skyrocketed in recent years, and forget finding decent parking in any major city. It might be worth forgoing a drive to the movies, or even taking a crowded bus to the store.

The Voyager can easily be your go-to transportation that leaves behind no harmful carbon footprint. Designed with lithium iron phosphate batteries, your board not only has a longer lifespan, it is more efficient than other electric batteries, releasing zero damaging emissions into our environment. You also won’t be throwing out old batteries constantly, because our batteries are rechargeable.

But the best way to find out which board is the best fit for you is to try one out for yourself!

Whether you’re looking to explore your city or spend a slow Sunday speeding parallel to a seaside sunset, SWAGTRON has you covered.

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