A Quest For The Best Self Balancing Scooter Blogs

We’ve decided to make a quest out online to find quality bloggers who enjoy a passion for ridebles and understand the whole world of it, specifically hoverboarding and the different types of uses for hoverboards now out there.

I’m actually surprised that there aren’t more businesses using hoverboards for their business. For example, I took a car into the car dealership recently for a standard oil change and I noticed the workers looking tired walking back and forth to get things from different spots. That’s when it dawned on me… these guys should be riding these things but have no idea how much easier it would make their jobs!

Thinking along these lines, I’m looking for outside of the box bloggers who ‘get it’ for our list of ‘the best current self balancing scooter blogs’

Here’s our latest list of 9 interesting and influential ‘Self Balancing Scooter’ blogs… or, hoverboard bloggers if you will.

  • Stephen Sharer, who here, puts starburst all over a hoverboard. Yeah I was just gonna do that too.


  • Shonduras, has a crew who will try to do whatever the task at hand may be, today it was measuring the speeds of hoverboards. This is a good one

If you listen around 2:00 in, he’s doing ‘The Dude (Jeff Bridges character in The Big Lebowskij) talking about users from the movie ‘Tron‘). He’s fun to watch ride our T6 self balancing scooter and a big Kudos to Jamie for wearing the helmet as you always should wear when on rideables, especially on cement or around tables and other obstacles.

Nice Job!

next up…

  • Braille

If you don’t know who Braille Skateboarding is, then you’ve never Googled anything about learning skateboarding in the recent years. These guys crush it daily and will skate anything you send them from axes with wheels to glass skateboards. Here we find them racing and playing a quick electric game of ‘S K A T E’ on the SwagBoards.

    • tylerf, is A young YouTuber who has already gone and tried out tricks and more stuff on hoverboards, or self balancing scooters, in the skatepark, before many others had. I wouldn’t stretch as far to say that these are the most difficult tricks, but you have to start somewhere. Keep up the progression Tylerf! Ride, learn, experiment! Watch him with his friends on several hoverboards:

Full Review of the T1 by Tylerf

  •   BotBros: We can’t leave out the incredible BotBros doing their 24K Magic video at ‘The Berrics’ in LA

  • Tanner Fox performing more tricks early on in the skatepark…maybe not ‘insane’ but a solid foundation for the future tricks to come! Watch: 7 year old hoverboard tricks in skatepark:

  • Life as Rob (I love these ones, where they go into walmart and say hello while the little one is testing the boundaries of the hoverboard rules).

And of course our favorite hoverboard blog… Swagtron News!

You can always get the latest news and information from the Swagtron.com blog! Where we keep you up to date on the latest trends in electric rideables and the newest products. We cover everything from the best spots to ride your hoverboard, to the science behind them! Follow us on social media to keep up with our hoverboard blog, and even submit user videos to be featured in future articles.

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