Your Mobile Hatchery For Pokemon Go Eggs. If You Hunt Pokemon Eggs, You NEED this.

Still seriously hunting and hatching Pokemon Go eggs? Unless you want to continue spend too much time flailing about in the wild, the best way to hatch and acquire the elusive Pokemon in Pokemon Go is use a SWAGTRON Hoverboard. The T1, T3, and T5 all have that inherent speed, range and ability to enable you to compete on the highest level.

As you know, the Pokemon Go game requires players to walk around endlessly in real life, traveling either 2, 5 or 10 kilometers to hatch a game egg. That’s a lot of miles. A number of crafty players have attempted all sorts of sorry methods to outsmart the app ranging from bike riding to skateboards, and even cars. Some have attempted tying phones to ceiling fans, Rollibot vacuums and old vinyl record turntables. They discovered the app is much smarter than that.

It uses your GPS, so you can’t simply spin it in place or restrict movement to a kitchen cleaner. Additionally, the maximum speed is limited to 10.5 mph. However, there is an answer that will keep you on the straight and narrow with your Pokemon hatchery…

SWAGTRON’s T1, T3 and T5 series hoverboards cruise at 8-10 mph with a range of over 10 miles. That is more than enough limited speed and extended range to please the Pokemon spirits that oversee the game.

There is no official word about speed and distance from Niantic, but according Pokemon Go Hub, the speed limit is currently about 10.5 miles per hour. If you’re going any faster than that, your movement will not count towards hatching the egg. Some have reportedly been able to go a bit above this limit, but in general 10.5 seems to be roughly the cutoff.
Biking and skateboards won’t work, either, unless you’re moving incredibly slowly. In fact, this has led many boarders and bicyclists complaining and asking Niantic to increase the speed limit so that they can bike around town and still make progress in the game. And the answer is Nope! No Go…or rather, no Pokemon Go.

Keep in mind also that Niantic really wants you to be walking around, not biking, And, as stated, stationary or limited range of movement does not help. Walking on a treadmill won’t help you hatch eggs. The game registers distance traveled, not just steps taken. Unless you’re physically moving around out on the landscape you’ll be out of luck. The system works by repeatedly pinging your GPS and seeing how far you have traveled since the last ping, thus ruling out the possibility of hatching eggs at the gym or by just walking around your room. It also can calculate your speed between locations, which gives them your speed. It also means that if you aren’t moving in a straight line, the distance you travel may not always be measured completely accurately. Again, a SWAGTRON hoverboard is going to take you places at ease and hatch your eggs at the same time!

So, if you want the major collection of hatched Pokemon Go eggs, go right now and get a SWAGTRON hoverboard!

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