Monthly Review Roundup: Top 5 Customer Reviews of June

It’s just about the end of June and we’re kicking off this summer right with our monthly Review Round-Up!

Each month, we gather some of our favorite electric skateboard, scooter, hoverboard, and e-bike reviews all in one place to show our riders how much we dig their crazy cool adventures!

Let’s start things off with number one…

– by Lucas Galovich

Lucas is an awesome kid who got his hands on his blue T1 just this month and was ready to share his hoverboard experience with the world wide web.

Lucas kicks off his video with a basic rundown on how the hoverboard operates – he starts off with some easy stuff, such as turning it on, how to use the footpad, etc… But a neat demo he shows his viewers that would help anyone just starting out is how to put the board into beginner mode!

He even takes it up over a tiny ramp and shows some budding cinematic skills with some unique upside down shots!

Thank so much for the cool video, Lucas! We love it!

The T1 is getting a lot of love this month, because coming in at number two we have another

SWAGTRON T1 Review – by Aidyn Vlogz

Aidyn is another rad rider who was stoked to receive his brand new T1 hoverboard in radical red. He starts off with a short demo, showing viewers how to turn on the board and where the charging cable plugs in.

He gives his thoughts on specially designed pads we made to protect the sides of your boards, and even shows everyone how to strip/attach them. Overall, this is a great comprehensive review for anyone looking to learn about the footpad’s comfort level, UL certification, and the durable wheel design.

Thank Aidyn! Happy riding!

Next up at number 3, we’re moving on to the T6 with…

– by Statue Collector117

Statue Collector treated himself to our newest off-roading model, the T6, after trying out his coworker’s small, not-quite-up-to-snuff hoverboard. And while he didn’t quite enjoy that particular brand of hoverboard, he was positively hooked on riding the boards through his office.

Looking to get the “most bang for [his] buck,” he shopped around until he set his sights on our T6 and nabbed himself one in sleek black.

He gives a comprehensive review over several days, and after having tryed his board for a prolonged period, he was elated to report how impressed he was with the T6’s stellar performance – saying the board rides and turns smoothly, and how happy with what the thick, 10-inch wheels could tackle.

Not only did he download the SWAGTRON specific app and give it two thumbs up, but he also takes it to the park to show off the effectiveness of its off-roading features.

To top it all off, he brings his board to a fairground where he rides it easily over the grass, saying the board was easy to balance on and could handle all of the bumps and dips!

Overall, he closes his review with by complementing the board’s build and balance, and highly recommends it to any rider!

Thanks, Statue Collector!

At number 4, we’re onto the SwagCycle with….

– by SoChrisP

Chris put together an awesome review after handling his SwagCycle for one whole month. Right off the bat, he describes his riding experience as “fun, exciting, and money saving.”

Having really put his SwagCycle to the test, he was delighted with how long the battery life held out. Using it mainly to get to and from work, Chris successfully navigates his 2.5 mile commute while all decked out in his suit and tie!

He finishes things off by detailing how much money our e-bike saves him in parking and gas fees daily!

Thanks for the video, Chris!

Last but certainly not least is…

– by VexMe

VexMe’s clear-cut and informative review has everything you need if you’re on the fence about buying one of our SwagCycles.

Her video is neatly organized into bite-sized verbal bullet points, so it’s easy to follow along. She walks viewers down a list of features, such as which buttons do what, where you can find the break, etc.

She caps it all off by recommending it for anyone’s next e-bike purchase!


Well, that about does it for this month! Keep sending us your videos for a chance to be featured in our July Round Up! If you’re looking for more hoverboard that are on sale, visit us here!

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