10 Unique Ways To Use Your Electric Skateboard

So you did it. You sprang for an electric skateboard. Welcome to the club!

If you’re anything like me, you probably thought giddily to yourself, “I’m never walking anywhere again!” while ripping open the packaging without a shred of hesitation.

And maybe at first, you didn’t.

Walking became obsolete, and grossly uncool. You took trips to the store to buy TP and milk on top of your board. You used your remote control and popped it into cruise to grab your morning coffee. You caught yourself sending it soulful glances from across your room on rainy days. It was the centerpiece of all of your class or work daydreams.

But then that shiny new-toy gloss dulled into a well-loved, but faded patina, and you start to wonder how you can keep the love alive?

You invested in this and you should be out there having fun using your board to its fullest!

Luckily, there are enough ways to keep your feet glued to the deck of your skateboard and outside enjoying the fresh air and thrilling sense of sidewalk-adventures.

The only limit is what you’re willing to try!

1. Start a group meetup!

        Sure, you’re not looking to start a ride-or-die motorcycle gang, but don’t let your board sit in the corner of your living room collecting dust, and don’t hang up your sense of adventure! Starting a regular meetup group of old and new friends for a ride is a great way meet new people or spend more of your time outside. Just pick a time and place and send out those invites, or make a Facebook group, and see who’s down to try!

2. Explore your city!

        You never know what you’re missing out on by not taking a spin off the beaten path. Your electric skateboard is the perfect excuse to get out there more and go further and faster than you have before. Whether you’re just picking up your mail down the street, meeting a friend for coffee, or taking a joy ride for the sake of ditching boredom, you should treat yourself to new sights and sounds in your very own city!

3. Drive A LOT less!

        The average working American spends roughly 17,600 minutes per year driving trapped behind the wheel of a car. And that’s all time no one can ever take back – why spend it being bored? Spend less money on rising gas prices or expensive maintenance fees and use your electric skateboard as your go-to commuting companion to work or school!

4. Start a scavenger hunt!

        Choose a theme, send your invites and create a clue list! With electric skateboards, your scavenger hunt can be expanded into a great city-wide treasure hunt! (TIP: If your hunt is happening in an urban public setting, consider keeping your clues/items to a strict “dollar store only” policy in case strangers stray across them).

5. Take your skateboard on a road trip!

        There is an endless amount of skating culture to be found all across the United States, and they are all worth visiting. If you truly love skating, pack your electric longboard into the trunk of your car and take it on an epic trip! Drive out to Los Angeles, in California, and ride on the streets where it all started, hit up the twists and turns in San Francisco for some wicked curves, or even down the historic Sixth Street in Austin, Texas.

6. Chase the horizon at your favorite beach!

        Hit up your favorite never-ending beach boardwalk and coast alongside the sand and surf. Show up at sunrise, or sunset if you’re a night owl, and take in the fresh sea breeze as you listen to the crash of the waves hit the shore. It’s the perfect mix of relaxing and adrenaline-inducing that will really make your ride movie-magic-perfect.

7. Get some extra exercise with your pet!

        There’s no denying it: your dog is much, much faster than you. If you’ve ever tried to take a big dog for a run, well, your poor pooch is pretty limited to how fast you can hoof it. But, if you pop your electric skateboard into a comfortable cruise control, your favorite hound can trot gleefully alongside while you cruise breezily down the street. And the brakes make it so you can both come to a soft stop if Fido needs to…well, visit a fire hydrant.

8. Stage a race!

        All right, we’re not saying go drag racing or risk taking a bad spill, but maybe grab a friend, challenge them to a lighthearted race to your favorite cafe…and see who can get there first! Not a bad way to kill an afternoon while you’re waiting on your laundry to dry, and much better than sitting on the couch watching Netflix binge-shows. Again.

9. Take a shortcut…Arrive in style!

        Give your day a boost – hop off the train or bus near your destination and ride the rest of the way. Get your endorphins pumping and show up to your friend’s next barbeque looking like you just rolled out of a Casey Neistat video. Sometimes this will also help you save time and bypass any annoying roadblocks that might make you late to the party.

10. Make a music video with your friends!

        You know you’ve always wanted to! Spice up your next hangout, ignore Snapchat for just one night, and use your phones to record, edit, and post your very own music video. Show off your skills, or learn some new ones, and step outside of your comfort zone a little bit!

Like I said, there are almost an unlimited amount of possibilities to infuse your everyday life with that electric four-wheel beauty. The only cap on your fun is what you’re willing to try! Once you’ve been bitten by the skating bug and are willing to think outside of the box, you’re chances of enjoying your board expands tenfold.

Because at the end of the day, you have to make the most of your time – so make it electric!

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