Hoverboarding safely

Here are some tips for safety gear to use when riding on a hoverboard. First and foremost, don’t worry about other people, worry about your own safety, your head (helmet) your knees (knee pads) your wrists (learn the right way to fall or you will break wrists…until then – wrist guards. And finally elbows(elbow pads). I’ve been battling this a little bit, but the right gear and learning to fall correctly will help with most skatepark and rideable related sports. On a hoverboard, I would begin with nothing short of a Helmet and wrist guards. If you are already used to knee sliding out of things, maybe knee pads would also do you well.

Hoverboard railslide

Here’s some more information from the manufacturers who have studied these products and how they affect your body:


self balancing scooter instructions

These are really very subtle movements, it is as thought ‘you feel and think where you wanna go and it just goes there!’

Motivation to wear protective gear? Why don’t most people wear protective gear in sports?

Now we’ve been talking a lot about self balancing scooters or a hoverboard, but this would count towards skateboarding, scooters and really any sports where you could wear pads, but it may be that no one else is wearing them.

I find this mostly at the ‘cool skateparks’ where the kids go to show off the tricks they learned all week and don’t ‘need pads’. Also, as many of them NEVER skate in pads,  it is way out of the normal for them to suddenly want to spend money on protective equipment that would make them stand out, perhaps as ‘n00b’s or beginners’.

Here’s some reasons:

  • Pads can be too Bulky, hot and uncomfortable.
    Pads make it hard to do tricks and get in the way. For some, it works only wearing them to practice new things, then once dialed in, they don’t need them anymore. While this may be true for some, this is not for everyone. Also, if you are constantly ‘pushing the envelope’.. (I’m not gonna say ‘gleaming the cube’ because NO one gleamed any cubes) chances are you will try things you cannot land yet.
  • Expensive.
    Proper protective gear vs a new skateboard is tough. I can’t disagree that it can be pricey, but then how much is the pain and healing time of broken bone worth to you? 6 weeks in cast and having to take showers with your arm in a plastic bag?
  • Pros don’t wear pads. No. Quite often, they don’t. They do this SO much for a living that they are experts at their craft, KNOW THEIR LIMITS and rarely get injured due to being “better at falling than skateboarding” very possibly. As it turns out, the best skateboarders are also the best at falling without injury. This is something I really have spent a lot of time on and now have a assortment of strange pads that make it look like I’m not always wearing them. I look at this as similar to playing music live. You don’t need the music in front of you after 200 shows, just like the pro’s don’t always wear pads when at demos or contests…depending on the setup.
  • Ugly. Yes, but you can make it such you can’t tell… here’s what I used to get around that -> mind you it didn’t stop me from getting a mad chest injury when my wrist guard dug into my upper chest unfortunately… learning how to fall better and ‘take it’ sometimes means you ‘take it’.
    aaron skateboarding with pads pads to wear on self balancing scooters and rideables
    Here I’m wearing a Seattle style grunge plaid long sleeve to stay warm in the evening and to cover up my g-shock elbow pads that are slipped on first, followed by motocross elbow pads I put over them.
  • So two pairs of elbow pads with one over the other.
    • The first hardens on impact and second covers it:
       elbow pads

The G-form pads felt so ‘non-intrusive’ that I was afraid it wouldn’t protect my current injury so I wore motocross pads over them to protect my injured elbow for the time being.

This oughta keep the swell-bow down. Now if you didn’t notice, the jeans are actually Street & Steel that have special pockets in the knees that I put special D30 knee pads into.

Note: the D30s are NOT the ones that come with the jeans, rather an extra purchase to ensure you have better knee protection. These jeans are really made for motorcycles, so this is kinda badass at the same time.

More Hidden Pads are in the Photo above.

Also, what made me have the most problem skating with this getup was the hip and tailbone pads I was also wearing in the photos above.
armored shorts

Armored Shorts

BILT make a pair that work great, but they’re better off in the daytime as shorts, wearing proper knee pads. Being afraid to hurt my wrists I wear the wrist guards all the time, but man they really hurt when you land ON them under your body. Being a guitarist, I’m very afraid of not wearing wrist guards, working on a better solution, like falling better, but maybe I need different wrist guards again. These armored shorts were great.

Prepare for  falls, but never really fall

If you are prepared, chances are you won’t need to fall much from your self balancing scooter, or an all terrain offroad hoverboard, like the SWAGTRON T6. Now you can safely break your fall if needed. Remember to always to fall away from the hoverboard as it is heavy and likely has some momentum. Always step off the self balancing scooter backwards, not forwards to avoid any ankle injuries.

all terrain hoverboard

Hoverboards go pretty fast (T6 can go 10-12MPH now!) and they are now getting really really powerful. The off-road T6 all terrain hoverboard has so much power, I would be wary about offering it to a child who has never tried before, without protective equipment. I would start with at least a helmet and some gloves or wrist guards / elbow pads. Trust me on this one.



SwagCycles, e bikes are easy rides when injured

Recently I have been riding the SwagCycle e Bike around when I need some air, as well as the off road hoverboard, more than the skateboard and there’s a really, really good reason for that. It’s not just that the hoverboard is amazing for shooting video, not that an e bike is killer for playing Pokémon Go, but rather that it helps when you have a minor injury and can’t really skate for another week.

Rideables of all types really keep  you moving with less impact when healing. That said as of last night, I can now finally skate the 3 foot to 4 foot bowl at Cost Mesa Volcom Skatepark, I did five runs and never fell. To train myself I only wore an elbow pad, forcing me to do tricks I never fall on. Success.

So until then, I’m hoverboarding and riding the e bike and I don’t care who knows it, however all the kids seem to want to try the hoverboard when I want to ride it.

Gabe’s e bike Ollie Challenge

It has come to my attention that our friends up at Braille Skateboarding have taken upon a challenge successfully that we bestowed upon them. I didn’t expect such a response and wow, nice ollie!

See here as Gabe Cruz ‘allows’ this amazing skater (VINNIE BANH go follow him now) to Ollie over his new SwagCycle e bike. Just listen to that horn in slow motion for all the goodness. Gabe is loving this ‘right thumb red button’ horn.

  • Try that. Say “Right Thumb Red Button” to anyone on a swag cycle. If it SHUTS OFF, they mistakenly used their left thumb!

@swagtronusa this is for you!! Everyone enjoy their Tuesday! #swagcycle

A post shared by Gabe Cruz (@gabecruz01) on

The SwagCycle is a riot, I had one on the beach last weekend of summer and the “right thumb red button” horn alone cracks me up.


So, that went well. I still need to test out their 3-4 foot half-pipe.

CHALLENGE: And this is a big one. You know we were initially quite skeptical about being able to ride the T6 off-road hoverboard on the street course we made for burning man. By the end of the week, we were hooking the board over the coping, pausing at the top to socialize, then rolling back in while holding a drink. Now we want to try to do, after my success on the ‘hoverboard railslide’, something we would attest to being ‘hoverboard rock’n’roll’ on the half pipe.

Here’s the half-pipe attempt at Braille in San Leandra.

Psssst! Get your OWN SwagCycle by SWAGTRON USA right here -> e bike <- do it.


Today we’re talking about fun and unexptected uses and reviews of hoverboards from back in 2016 all the way up to Labor Day 2017.

Now for the best Swagtron hoverboard review I can give you, I need to break it down by hoverboard model, but I will tell you right now, that hands down, the All terrain hoverboard, the T6 is already my vote for product of the Year. And for good reason.

Since I first stepped onto the T6, I’ve been addicted to it’s power and usefulness, plus it adds a solid 4″ to my height making me 6’4″ when ordering hot dogs and ice cream at the beach from the boardwalk.

What’s so much different about this model from the competitors and everything else?

The wonderful T6 and it’s many not so obvious uses.

1) As a chair.

For real. When you are tired, prop it up on one-wheel sideways and you can sit on it, rather comfortably. Throw your hoodie over it for even more comfort. The mad strength (over 400lbs weight certified) means you can lean on it and not worry about bending the axle. It also swivels, kinda like a bar stool, and it’s the perfect height.

2) As a guitarist’s stool to perform from:

hoverboard guitar stool

I had a gig and knew that if I sat on the hoverboard, the guitar would be at the same height as our rehearsal.

Also it got me TO the gig.


3) As a bar stool

  • Where festival bars exist with limited stools… roll up and have a seat!

4) As an art car additional roving stool

  • This means when traveling across a festival on a car designed to carry people, if you have your hoverboard, you can sit down on it and not have to stand
  • Very helpful at burning man
  • Not all festivals allow hoverboards yet

5) As a mode of transporting water and fuel long distances!

  • Carrying water on the T6 all terrain hoverboard is very easy, just balance your load so each arm has the same amount of weight. PULLING a wagon is even easier.

6) As a portable snack table! I just love how easily these things can be put up on one wheel to do many things, even spin around on!

hoverboard as a table

7) It’s ability to travel miles without a recharge and how well it handles off road dirt and sand. Thus as the very best way (if you can ride one…easy, just need a few hours of practice to get the hang of it) to get to a porta-potty without having to move your legs very much, if at all. Trust me! LOL.

Now, moving on, there are all types of hover boards out there, the best hoverboard, the cheapest hoverboard and the hoverboard for sale at big box retailers. The real question is what is it you are looking for, that will work best for you and your needs. If you are buying for your child, then it’s best that they can try out the different kinds before buying, but this is not always the case. I suggest looking at our product page videos to get a solid idea of which product will work best for your child based on what you see.

You can look at the T3 hoverboard, which is our High End, Bluetooth Enabled, LED lights and App-Controllable, where you can set beginner, standard and advanced modes. You can play any music from your phone on the solid high end T3 model and the battery life is quite dependable. The 5 blue dots represent 20% of battery life, and it generally lasts about 3-4 hours.

If you want to spend a little less and this is more for in the home, less out of the home use, the T1 and T5 hoverboards will suit very well to a youngster who wants to ride, perhaps around the backyard and in the driveway. Be very careful around vehicles in the driveway and near roadways. Be sure to wear a helmet at all times and especially when anyone is trying for the first time. Be mindful that first time riders could fall in any direction, so don’t start near a picnic table or benches with corners that could be fallen backwards into. These are relatively safe, and new riders can try squatting down to get used to the motion of moving with the feet. It just takes some practice.

There is an optional handle for the hoverboard, if you really want something to hang on to. I find that the handle could be easily skipped by most skateboarders or scooter riders, but good for non-riders who are trying hoverboards without any skatepark experience on other rideables, electric or non-electric.

It’s likely best to avoid used or auctioned hoverboards for sale online due to not knowing if they are actually UL 2272 certified or what else they may have already endured.

Here’s some final quick buyer tips:

  • Always beware of non-official used products.
  • Refurbished SWAGTRON:
    • Official stock
    • Cheaper
    • Online Support
    • SWAGTRON is UL Listed
  • UL Listed?
    • Recertified or brand new out of the box.
    • SWAGTRON is UL Listed,
    • learn more about UL  on our UL Listed pages.

Get your own self balancing scooter today!

Do the new off-road hoverboards make them relevant again?

After seeing the craziness ensue around the hoverboard craze in 2015, you probably saw many examples of two wheeled self-balancing scooters, or hoverboards in the news and on television, at airports and on the sidewalks.  You also may have noticed that most of these hovercrafts or non-flying wheeled rolling machines were pretty much limited to malls and other nice smooth surfaces like clean California type sidewalks.

How does the fact that off-road hoverboards are out even matter?

You can bet your last dollar that it does! Now you no longer need to worry about being in people’s ways on walkways as you can go off onto the grass. Now you are no longer limited to clean smooth surfaces, but can pretty much go anywhere the other kids go, like any bmx bike can, but with a lot less effort and in style with lights and music!

Why should adults take notice, not just kids?

These all terrain powerful machines may almost be too much power from some young kids to handle. However, kids learn quick and I’ve seen 11-13 year old girls and boys really master the T6 and it can hold over 420 Lbs. So this means no longer do are these units limited to kids who weigh under 175 lbs. With 12 mile ranges, you or anyone able-bodied enough to stand and balance, can commute to and from work 20 miles daily as long as you have a charger at work!

all terrain hoverboard
Also, I don’t think that people are so much concerned about being run over by someone on an errant hoverboard as they really don’t get away from you, but more so that you can now explore the parks and all the grassy, not paved areas that may be much more interesting. This opens up a whole new world for exploring and enjoying the outdoors on a personal self balancing device, like the T6 Offroad Hoverboard.

Going offroad this season has been an amazing experience, now you can ride along the boardwalk at the beach at a nice 8MPH cruising speed (as posted) and have not one but two hands free to take photographs, or simply eat french fries while enjoying the breeze. The comments we get daily riding around on these things is quite funny and interesting. Since the technology is still rather new, there are many people who don’t understand it yet and are surprised at just how fun, strong and durable these off road hoverboards are.

So amazingly, I was able to take the T6 all terrain hoverboard to the burning man arts festival, which normally I would spend most of my time traveling around on bikes at.

the tree & robot heart

Unbelievably, I only rode the bike 2 times, more to come about the success of the off road hoverboards on the dried up lake bed, also called the playa (which is like a giant baseball infield without any water in sight). My friends who built cars with gasoline and have fire effects and flames around a lot didn’t expect my battery powered self balancing scooter to last too long into the week.

Here you see yet another of the many uses of the T6, which makes for a great stool as well as a dinner table!

offroad hoverboard as a table

To the surprise of very many, it was a hit and my preferred method of transportation. I learned quickly that you don’t need to get off your hoverboard to enjoy the dance floors, it actually can make things better!

Maybe you are considering trying out a self balancing scooter, here’s where you can actually, finally go and do it!


This past weekend I was up in the northern California region for a fundraiser that revolves around another type of Sk8 kamp, which we will get back to later…

As I’ve somehow managed to make it to several of these ‘skate camps‘, I felt that we should write about it. We’ll also get to ‘Woodward West’ in a moment, but first, let’s look at this amazing place that I’ve never had the chance to go to yet, but hopefully with enough skating time put it, I will eventually get to skate there. Check out Element:

Element Skateboard Camp

For now I wanted to show you a very recent video from this past week at the amazing Element Skate Camp!

skidmark skate mag
        Skidmark Skate Magazine!

Our friends over at Skidmark Skatemag (A legitimate source for daily skateboarding from amazing skaters filmed by skaters, worth subscribing) just posted this video from this past week at Camp Element around July 18-21st, 2017.

Very new! 

  • If you ever wanna go to skate camp, this is where things there are at currently.
  • I would have LOVED this as a kid if it existed
  • The next best thing is to share this and attend these places as an adult when we get the opportunities.

This video sums up what a week in the summer of 2017 is like:

Woodward West

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have been to Woodward half a dozen times now and it’s absolutely an incredible vibe of progression and learning every time we are there.

Thanks to Jake and the local riders who keep woodward rolling all year ’round, I’ve had some amazing street and ramp times at this world class x-games style training facility.

This camp runs 12 weeks from June until the end of August.

For adults, there are weekend getaways, but you need to make the appointments and don’t EVER SHOW UP without speaking to them and confirming your trip first to avoid any disappointment as this place is STRICT and PRIVATE but for good reason. You will appreciate these rules after you obey them as it keeps out the wrong crowd and everyone is way cool there.

On my first trip to Woodward, I spent 3 days there and here’s my video from the last day. It was SO cool that they let me do this: Thanks to all the riders and skaters we’ve met there:

Then once I proved I can hang with the Woodward Crew, we returned, with toys!

Etnies of Lake Forest.

This is a much smaller, more local, ‘day type camp’ that you can find in the heart of Orange County at the killer Etnies skatepark. I’ve skater there a few times, the people are cool and I love the terrain. I’m sure this camp is killer for local kids and they are lucky to have it. More details on summer camps at Etnie’s skate park of Lake Forest.

SK8 Kamp Burning Man

Sk8 Kamp at Burning Man.

skate kastle burning man

Seeing as some of us are too old for ‘skate camp’ now, there is an adult version. SK8 Kamp. Driven by Kickstarter, the brand looks like this: (there are no real logos at burning man just ones like this!)

Skate Kastle & Burning Man Sk8 Kamp 2016

Sk8 Kamp Brand on Wood Sk8 Kamp Branding

Sk8 Kamp Brand SK8 Kamp Decks

I actually skated this wearing a cowboy hat and a fire suit. Next year there are some plans to have the ability to skate the propane with just jeans by lowering the fire levels to one that’s more skateable with less hazard. Every year it gets just bigger and better all around. Soon there will be a mobile skate ramp I hear…. still searchin’.

To see more of our skateboarding adventures check out this blog piece  with the team over at Braille Skateboarding !

Costa Mesa, California has one of the most real skateparks in California. Not only is this nothing like the Etnies park in Lake forest, where there is a staff, strict rules and lots of parents and parking…. it just has great lines and a killer local scene.

I’ve been skating there since 2017 began and compared to DTLA spots (better lighting), Burbank: Less rules, free and better hours… or Venice: Daytime only and I work fulltime so weekends only which are killer busy…but when you skate Venice on a weekend, it feels like you are in a skate video. You literally are in hundreds of tourist videos so it is rather true!

At Venice Beach with the Voyager Longboard
At Venice Beach with the Voyager Longboard

So back to Costa Mesa:

See how much fun we have here?

Check out this video having some fun with the locals on all different rideables in the skateparks.

On these next videos, there’s several different things going on, basically we’re testing out the all terrain hoverboard or the T6 offroad hoverboards, which are the best hoverboards going, personally I feel as you can ride on the grass or the sidewalk and not have to worry about things like cracks, etc.

Notice how I took the SWAGTRON Voyager electric skateboard into the 3′ – 4′ bowl at Costa Mesa and then launched out of it. I was using the hand controller to really get speed through the corners… it’s really nice because you can get speed without throwing so much weight around… keeping you in more control.

Think of it this way… if you are coming out of a corner with a car, it’s great to accelerate. Skaters already do this by pumping the transitions and corners… using an electric skateboard however, the game changes. You can conserve your own pump energy by hitting the gas where needed instead and preparing for your next manouver rather than dealing with gaining more momentum as you would have in the past.

This leads to the thought of when regular skateboards will have the same type of thing, as battery design enclosure evolves smaller and smaller. I can’t wait to skate regular boards that have boosts to get you out of the bowl after you bail, for example!

This weekend I will participate in helping get ready for our SK8 kamp fundraiser August 5th in San Francisco, we’re packing up ramps for burning man and making sure everything works before heading out to Playa for the last week of August-September. See BurningMan.org to learn about the ten principles of burning man or even read my ‘the 10 things I learned at burning man’ blog post that I wrote after my first year ever attending. I should re-read that now and see how I’ve changed!

Okay I’m off to the BRAILLE HOUSE! wish me luck.

Still Searchin’


loving his T6 off-road hoverboard buy one right now!

The other weekend I was out riding the SwagCycle e bike down in Newport beach. Now the way I look on this thing, can really a be a bit of a  riot as it looks unique.

e bike

See how the short set of wheels are actually really quite powerful and the funny horn ‘beep beep’ sound you can make with the press of a button. I was simply enjoying the weather and cruising around the huge open space at the end of the boardwalk by the school carrying my electric swagboard on the e bike.  When suddenly there was this huge flock of riders who had rented ‘larger handled rideables’ and I felt like I was in Star Wars, approaching a bunch of Tie Fighters… see below, you’ll see what I mean how they whiz by you all in unison. Seemingly powered by some dark force out to destroy all that is good, Yoda help us.

This is such a great spot to test out e bike rideables and electric skateboards because you have so much room to turn and coast with lots of breeze coming off the Pacific. It really is the perfect spot for testing out any rideable. I also found that the SwagCycle e bike is great for getting around Newport beach with all the traffic. You can just take the boardwalk or sidewalks without really getting in the way, plus the trusty *horn on this electric bike does wonders for laughter and to keep you safe. Solid brakes too.

I’ve since come here on the Voyager Electric Skateboard and enjoyed top speed with ease while the wind comes off the ocean waves. It’s quite a sight and invigorating if you skateboard. Once you know how to skate, you enjoy the feeling of ‘carving’ be it on snow, ramps, concrete or just an open parking lot on an electric cruiser with two 350 watt motors!

Prior to this event with the larger, police style or ‘mall cop’ rideables, I had run into a bunch of people on electric unicycles with handlebars. You can see how our SwagRoller e bike was much simpler without all of those extra handles. I ended up singing: “I can ride my e bike with no handlebars…no handlebars”, and we had a good laugh.

I can ride my swagroller with no handle bars, no handle bars #rideswagtron #skatelife #staminamusic @swagtronusa

A post shared by The Millennials (StaminaMusic) (@the_skatepark) on

Even though it feels like quite the competition, there’s a certain camaraderie between all the electric vehicle riders you see out there…some feel superior, but all seem to have that common desire for ‘having more power’ as opposed to human powered propulsion.

Does this make us lazy? Well I personally spend most of my energy at the skatepark, so whatever I do extra is just gravy. If I’m on a self balancing scooter or an electric skateboard, I still exercised in the skatepark already so I’m good with that!

Get your SwagCycle Today!

e bike


One of my hometown friends was surprised that ‘I hadn’t been kicked out yet’ or ‘told not to ride that thing around here’ while she was looking for me after waiting some time. You see, we were at the top of Griffith Observatory overlooking Hollywood in Los Angeles, California.

all terrain hoverboard at griffith observatory

It seems it was quite busy and many cars were frustrated and turning around from the long line up that looked like it the task or parking would surpass the sunset that you were likely parking to watch. I decided to drop her off and drive back down to the bottom, because I knew that in my trunk was a fully charged off road T6 Hoverboard from SWAGTRON.

Yes I love these things, perfect to zip around after skateboarding to cool off and load your car in, great at the beach or park and most kids already ride them better than you do. Unlike skateboards.

So, seeing as the parking lot had been overflowing with cars up top such that I could not park anywhere nearby, I rode the T6 ALL the way up from griffith park parking lots at the bottom. Is this a big deal?


Why? because I didn’t even break a sweat climbing up the hill to Griffith Observatory. Had this been a date, I would have been less sweaty in my appearance, less tired and easier to deal with due to avoiding some of the frustration of parking in Los Angeles.

Do you want to try a T6? Get one here!

Black T6 Bluetooth Hoverboard


We’ve decided to make a quest out online to find quality bloggers who enjoy a passion for ridebles and understand the whole world of it, specifically hoverboarding and the different types of uses for hoverboards now out there.

I’m actually surprised that there aren’t more businesses using hoverboards for their business. For example, I took a car into the car dealership recently for a standard oil change and I noticed the workers looking tired walking back and forth to get things from different spots. That’s when it dawned on me… these guys should be riding these things but have no idea how much easier it would make their jobs!

Thinking along these lines, I’m looking for outside of the box bloggers who ‘get it’ for our list of ‘the best current self balancing scooter blogs’

Here’s our latest list of 9 interesting and influential ‘Self Balancing Scooter’ blogs… or, hoverboard bloggers if you will.

  • Stephen Sharer, who here, puts starburst all over a hoverboard. Yeah I was just gonna do that too.


  • Shonduras, has a crew who will try to do whatever the task at hand may be, today it was measuring the speeds of hoverboards. This is a good one

If you listen around 2:00 in, he’s doing ‘The Dude (Jeff Bridges character in The Big Lebowskij) talking about users from the movie ‘Tron‘). He’s fun to watch ride our T6 self balancing scooter and a big Kudos to Jamie for wearing the helmet as you always should wear when on rideables, especially on cement or around tables and other obstacles.

Nice Job!

next up…

  • Braille

If you don’t know who Braille Skateboarding is, then you’ve never Googled anything about learning skateboarding in the recent years. These guys crush it daily and will skate anything you send them from axes with wheels to glass skateboards. Here we find them racing and playing a quick electric game of ‘S K A T E’ on the SwagBoards.

    • tylerf, is A young YouTuber who has already gone and tried out tricks and more stuff on hoverboards, or self balancing scooters, in the skatepark, before many others had. I wouldn’t stretch as far to say that these are the most difficult tricks, but you have to start somewhere. Keep up the progression Tylerf! Ride, learn, experiment! Watch him with his friends on several hoverboards:

Full Review of the T1 by Tylerf

  •   BotBros: We can’t leave out the incredible BotBros doing their 24K Magic video at ‘The Berrics’ in LA

  • Tanner Fox performing more tricks early on in the skatepark…maybe not ‘insane’ but a solid foundation for the future tricks to come! Watch: 7 year old hoverboard tricks in skatepark:

  • Life as Rob (I love these ones, where they go into walmart and say hello while the little one is testing the boundaries of the hoverboard rules).

And of course our favorite hoverboard blog… Swagtron News!

You can always get the latest news and information from the Swagtron.com blog! Where we keep you up to date on the latest trends in electric rideables and the newest products. We cover everything from the best spots to ride your hoverboard, to the science behind them! Follow us on social media to keep up with our hoverboard blog, and even submit user videos to be featured in future articles.

This past month has been pretty amazing when it comes to skateboarding and rideables in southern California. I’ve managed to visit several amazing skate-able places and events that I’m happy to begin to tell you about here:

  • Creature Demo & Video Premiere at Active Ride Shop in Rancho Cucamonga, California.
    • Premiered the new Creature Video later on that day to a crowd of eager skaters and Creature Team riders.

You can’t see me but I’m in the middle of the photo sitting on the rail next to the guy in the white watching the video with some Creature folk right in front of the screen, lol.

 new creature skateboard video

This day was great, it started out with tons of skaters in the Active Ride Shop facility in Rancho Cucamonga and I just skated with everyone for a few hours to get into the swing of things:

Then I went outside and cooled off, like I always do by riding around and getting some wind with an electric voyager longboard and then on the T6 hoverboard, or self balancing scooter.

creature demo at active ride shop


As the day progressed, more people started trying out the T6 All Terrain Hoverboard and the Electric Longboard (Voyager) that I brought with me to cool down.

This is also from Active Ride Shop’s Facebook page: Do you see my cowboy hat and Megadeth shirt while riding a black offroad T6 in the background?

Lots of T6 footage fun!

Stay tuned for more of my weekly episodes @the_skatepark!

Next up will be my Norcal trip & Sk8 kamp fundraising while rideables’ing with friends and interesting skate sessions incorporating hoverboards and electric skateboards.


Buy yourself the T6 SWAGTRON All Terrain / Off-road Hoverboard Right now!