SWAGSKATE NG-3 Electric Skateboard with Kick-Assist

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  • Mini e-board for kids with smart sensors system for a true kick-to-cruise experience (aka Endless Mode). 
  • Digital Trends – The Best Electric Skateboard for Kids and Teens.
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An electric ride with the human touch. Hop on, kick off & let the NG3 do the rest.
    Kick-to-cruise locks in your current speed (up to 9.3 mph) so you can cut & carve like a skateboard legend.
    Smart sensors detect weight and motion, automatically stopping the board in seconds when you dismount.
    Ultra-durable with support for up to 150 pounds with enough flexibility to deliver truly smooth rides.
SWAGSKATE NG3 Kids Electric Skateboard Description

The SWAGSKATE NG3 kick-start electric skateboard for kids from SWAGTRON® — a truly electrifying ride with a decidedly human feel. We overhauled this e-board and scaled it down for a balanced ride that focuses on control and comfort. It’s for young riders who love the real feeling of carving on a skateboard, but with an electric twist. This is not about speed. It’s not about flash. It’s all about the things that are important when skateboarding — you, your board and the ride.


As you ride, smart motion sensors trigger our unique Move-More technology that locks in your current speed, up to 9.3 mph. So you can ride longer and travel farther with fewer kicks. Slowing down? Give yourself another kick. Our push-assist electronic skateboard relies on you to move, not the other way around.


While we put the human element back into the e-board experience, intelligently placed sensors still do a lot of the heavy lifting. The smart sensors detect when you’re on the board. A second set of sensors detect when you’re in motion. Hop off and the board comes to a complete stop in seconds. And the system is sophisticated enough to differentiate between a kick-off and a true dismount.

No fancy controls needed. No remote required. Just hop on, kick off and go. The NG3 does the rest.


We constructed the NG3 with a dense polypropylene 9-inch wide deck that won’t wear, fade or crack. It’ll look as good on its 1000th ride as it did on its first. The board weighs just under 8 pounds, yet is strong enough to support riders up to 150 lb. And at just under 20 inches long, the NG3 easily fits in a backpack when you need to jam and jet.


When we say the “real feel of skateboarding,” we mean just that. The 72mm (2.8 in) polyurethane wheels along with the polypropylene deck have the flexibility to handle pavement like a pro, acting in part to absorb the shocks from bumpier pavement. The result is an impressively smooth ride that lets riders cut and carve with the best of them as their riding skills get better.


The battery for the NG3 has been engineered with precision. It’s fully charged in just 90 minutes and a single charge delivers enough power for a 6-mile ride, depending on riding style, terrain and rider weight. But running out of juice is no reason to cut the adventure short, because the NG3 kids electric skate board rides like a traditional board.

More importantly, the NG3’s battery passed a series of rigorous system tests. These tests ensure that every NG3 kick-start eboard has a balanced electrical and charging system with safeguards against overvoltage, overcharging and temperature spikes.


Every SWAGTRON electric skateboard is backed by our expert team of support specialists, staffed in the U.S. Have questions? Need help? Reach out to us directly via live chat, email or by phone for the expedited service synonymous with the SWAGTRON® name.

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SWAGSKATE NG-3 Electric Skateboard with Kick-Assist

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NG3 cruz skateboard

This electric skateboard 🛹 is cool to ride and I enjoy it

Daughter Loves It

I absolutely love it when my daughter enjoys something! It just makes my heart swell with happiness. Whether it’s her favorite toy or a new

Electric skateboard

have you seen this electric skateboard that I’ve been using for school? It’s pretty sweet. What I love about it is that it feels just like a

Great toy for teen

I got this cool new toy for my kid as an early Christmas present, and he was really excited about it! It’s pretty simple compared to some ot

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