Ready to learn how to ride an electric bicycle?

Whether you’re looking to cruise around town, or for a solution to cover that last mile from the subway to work; the SwagCycle e-bike is the way to go. Featuring LED headlights, an electronic horn, battery indicators as well as a 250-watt motor, the SwagCycle serves as a fast, eco-friendly and sleek transportation option for riders who are looking to get where they want to go in style.

Here’s a quick and easy guide for how to get up and go on your SwagCycle.

How to Set Up Your SwagCycle

First, ensure that your electric bicycle is fully charged and ready to go. The SwagCycle connects to a regular wall outlet using a charger, and charges in just 2.5- 4 hours.

After the electric bike has been charged, be sure to lift the stem up in the event that it has been folded down. One of the unique features is the compact folding design making it convenient for storage.  In order to lift the stem, first pull the handlebar stem upright, and fold up the latch to secure it. You should hear an audible clink as the motorized bicycle locks into place.

Once the stem is set up, you’re almost ready to start riding.

How to Ride your SwagCycle

Just like riding a bicycle, it’s highly recommended that you wear a helmet when you ride, especially since the SwagCycle can reach speeds of up to 15mph. To turn on the motorized bike, go over to the left handle bar button, and switch the power button onto the on position. And just like that, your SwagCycle is ready to ride. To accelerate, simply turn the right-hand throttle, while using any of the brakes located on the handlebars to slow down.

Just remember these 4 easy steps:

1.Safety first – put on a helmet!

2.Disengage the kickstand

3.Move power switch to “on”

4.Hit the throttle and go!

SwagCycle E-bike
Don’t forget to disengage the kick-stand!


For first time riders, it’s recommended that you accelerate slowly before moving forward, the powerful engine can cause you to lose your balance if you’re not ready for the initial kick.

Now you know how to ride the SwagCycle, so you can experience the revolution in personal transportation! Enjoy speeding up to 15mph for a distance of 15 miles as you turn heads on the stylish and compact SwagCycle e-bike from SWAGTRON.

Fall in love with hoverboards all over again!

Valentine’s day is finally here, and we are going all out to show our riders just how much we love them! Enjoy this short video of a hoverboard love story.

X1 Valentine’s Day Sale – All that and a bag for your hoverboard

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
The X1 is on sale,
And comes with a free bag too!

Get the best price on a quality hoverboard!

Let us hover our way into your heart with our lovely Valentine’s Day Sale. Buy the X1 Hoverboard at a reduced price of $199.99 and we’ll even throw in a free carrying bag – because we don’t just like you, but like, like you.

The sale is already on and will continue while supplies last. This means there’s no set expiration date on your chance to snag a new hoverboard at a steal, but our boards may sell out fast so don’t sit on this deal for too long.


Why is the X1 the perfect hoverboard match for you?

Well, we picked the X1 because it’s one of the lightest hoverboards around and easily pairs with your free bag so you can bring it anywhere your adventures may take you. Spice up your next adventure by adding your X1 into the mix! This board also comes equipped with the UL 2271 certified SentryShield™ battery enclosure – because we care about your safety.

To seal the deal, we’re also giving you the choice between three colors: dark red, black, and white. Bonus: you can pick the bag color too (red vs blue!).

Our boards were already one of the most affordable out there, but at $199.99 you can even afford to buy one for the number one guy or gal in your life! Or hey, maybe another for yourself, we won’t judge. This is our gift to you!

Get yourself or a loved one the next generation in electric, personal transportation, on us. Seriously, you guys deserve it.


Lots of love,

The entire SWAGTRON team.

SWAGTRON Hoverboarding for Beginners

SWAGTRON is the number one hoverboard brand on the market today and fully UL2772 certified, so that when you’re riding with SWAGTRON, you can be confident that you’re riding with the best. The SWAGTRON T3, is without a doubt, one of the coolest hoverboards around today and comes with LED lights, a Bluetooth speaker, and an Android and IOS app.

Below is an introductory video where you’ll learn what riding with SWAGTRON is all about.

Now that you’ve had a chance to see the SWAGTRON up close and on video, here are some key features to keep in mind the next time you pick up a hoverboard.

Riding Modes

The T3 has three riding modes:

Learning Mode

which governs the speed of the SWAGTRON T3 & T1 so that you can practice balancing and general movement, and allowing you to feel out your swag.

Standard Mode

which removes learning mode speed restrictions and allows the SWAGTRON to reach max speeds of up to 8 MPH.

Advanced Mode

which allows SWAGTRON riders to zip down the street and allows the SWAGTRON T3 to reach maximum speeds of 8+ MPH.

For T1 & T3 models to enter beginner mode rapidly press the power button twice. Or you can use the Swagtron Phone app (App for T3 only)

Getting On

Getting on and off the hoverboard can be tricky for riders who are first starting out. However, once you follow these simple steps, you’ll be getting on and swagging out in no time.

In order to get on your T3, first make sure that your hoverboard is powered on. The power button can be located on the front of the hoverboard near the right-hand side wheel.

If it’s your first time getting onto a hoverboard, it’s recommended that you practice next to a table or with a type of support located at arm level close to you.

To get on the hoverboard, stand behind the hoverboard and place your dominant food onto the foot pad. If you feel unsteady, hold onto something for support. Next, place the other foot onto the foot pad while keeping your body upright. Be careful not to lean forward as you step onto the SWAGTRON, as this will cause the SWAGTRON to accelerate.

Always step on/off the hoverboard from the back

Steering and Controlling

Hoverboard steering and controlling is based on the shifting of your bodyweight. SWAGTRON uses internal gyroscopes to make sure that you’re kept upright, so that all you have to do is shift your weight forward to go forward, and shift your weight back to move back. Make sure to use your core rather than your head or upper body to control the hoverboard, as this will give you a smoother riding experience.

In order to turn left or right, shift your body weight slightly in the direction that you want to go, shifting your weight onto your right foot if you want to turn right, and left foot to turn left.

First time riders often shift their weight too much in one direction and end up performing a 360 spin on their hoverboard, and giving them a taste of the tricks that you can perform on a hoverboard.

Getting Off

To safely step off your T3, it’s important to step down from behind your hoverboard rather than in front of it.

Simply follow the same instructions that you used to get on, and step off one foot at a time, using a support handhold if you feel unstable.

Hoverboarding is always more fun with your friends. Don’t forget to wear a helmet!

General Safety Tips

For safety reasons, it’s recommended that you wear a helmet and safety gear at all times.

In order to have greater control over your SWAGTRON, connect it to the SWAGTRON app and adjust the speed, sensitivity, and acceleration settings to your comfort level.

For safety reasons, the hoverboard will require a higher exertion of force once it reaches 10% battery, and begin emitting a beeping sound, letting you know that it’s time to charge.

Never ride the SWAGTRON in heavy rain, or over uneven or cracked terrain.


SWAGTRON, adventures begin with your feet!

Stand Out By Adding Stickers to Your Hoverboards

Whether you’re riding on the SWAGTRON™ T3 or the supersized T6, riding on a hoverboard has always been a head turning experience, attracting the attention and envy of everyone who comes near. Though SWAGTRONs already come in a line of eye popping colors ranging from camouflage to navy blue (with recently released pink available now as well!), there’s a new accessory that you can add to take your SWAG to the next level.

Now you can add your own personal swag to the hoverboard in the form of hover board decals! Though people have long been putting their own stickers onto their boards to add their own personal flair, decals now allow users to place full body stickers that cover every inch of their ride for a cleaner and more personalized aesthetic.

Just as gear heads spend their customizing and adding modifications to their cars, now Swagheads have the opportunity to do the same to their hover boards!

Decals such as this one allow you to quickly and immediately tell which is yours when you’re inside a hoverpark or skate park, and even serve as a deterrent to potential thieves as your self-balancing scooter would be so unique that everyone would immediately know it was yours.

Stickers are also great in that they provide a protective covering for your scooter, preventing sharp rocks or other small objects from scratching your board.

Here are 5 steps to add decals to your hoverboards

In order to attach a decal simply follow these simple steps to add some style and swag to your board:

1.  Make sure that your hoverboard is completely powered off. If it is still powered on, press the silver button located on the hoverboard body to power it off.

2.  Take the hoverboard sticker with the backing still intact, and place it against the hoverboard body to get an idea of where to place the sticker

3.  Remove the sticker, and carefully place onto the frame of your board

4.  Use a credit card or other thin object to remove any air bubbles that may have been trapped underneath the sticker.

And just like that, you can enjoy not only having the coolest ride in town!



The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas is recognized as the authoritative showcase of the up-and-coming in cutting edge technology – and the SWAGTRON team wasted no time in rolling out our full slate of dynamic rideables at the 2017 CES stage. Famous for our best-selling T-line hoverboards, SWAGTRON unveiled how we are kicking it up a notch for our 2017 line-up and quickly became the most sought-after booth in the South Hall.

The booth was recreated as a miniature skate park where guests were welcome to hop on any of our hoverboards, electric skateboards, longboards, electric bicycles, electric scooters and go for a ride. Visitors included officials from popular online tech journal, The Verge, and even video game journalism titan, IGN, among many others.

The fun didn’t stop at demos, though, as our team put together a surprise performance with Bot Broz hoverboard dancers. Ever tried dancing with a hoverboard? We don’t always recommend it, but it’s amazing to see skilled professionals execute a unique routine – check it out below!

This CES also marked the first time we premiered our brand new electronic surfboard, SwagSurf. Mashable described it as “a hoverboard for the ocean” and went on to observe that the board serves as either a surfboard or a paddleboard and can take you up to 15 miles per hour in the water.


Mashable described it as “a hoverboard for the ocean”

Other honorable mentions that made their debut at this year’s CES include the SwagCycle (a pedal-free, urban electronic bike that reaches a speed of 15mph!) and the Swagroller our new electric unicycle.



 IGN hailed as “something out of Pixar’s Wall-E”


No matter your personal transportation needs, the SWAGTRON team has you covered with our increasingly diverse line of electronic rideables. Every board, bike, and scooter we make are equipped with our patented Sentry Shield technology. This makes us the number one brand in battery safety. Bonus: making the switch to a SWAGTRON whip means zero emissions, actively lowering your carbon footprint.

Not convinced? By all means, don’t just take our word on our CES success. Here’s our favorite blurb from Sean O’Kane over at the Verge describing his experience after leaving the SWAGTRON booth:


“You cannot stop SWAGTRON. You can only hope to contain SWAGTRON.” – The Verge

The powerful, new Voyager longboard is the latest addition to the growing SWAGTRON line of electric skateboards. One of the most powerful electric skateboards on the market, Voyager features dual 350 watt motors that can blast you to a full 30 mph (though for safety reasons a governor limits the board to 15mph).

Check out the video below of the Voyager skateboard unboxing and putting it through its paces at the skate park. The Voyager skateboard goes the distance and takes the punishment. Hit the roads on a full 42” classically styled longboard deck made of 6 layers of Canadian Maple sandwiched between 2 layers of bamboo which is capable of supporting up to 330lbs. The electric longboard runs on two 36V Lithium Ion Phosphate batteries, far more durable and safer than standard lithium-ion batteries.

Use motor or muscle, with the Voyager electric longboard you always have your choice. An included wireless remote gets you rolling. Accelerate, decelerate and enable cruise control at a click. The remote digital display shows battery life and current speed. Looking for firm board control? The deck is covered from nose to tail in grip tape to keep your feet in place and features a carrying handle so you can take the voyager wherever your adventures might lead. The over-sized Polyurethane wheels help the Voyager longboard easily go over bumps and cracks, and connect to the deck with fully adjustable trucks you can calibrate for perfect turns and stability.

The Voyager motor skateboard is exceptionally built with your safety in mind. It exceeds the stringent UL 2272 standards. The electronics and LI-FE battery are sealed by SWAGTRON’s patented Sentry Shield enclosure, protecting both the board and the rider. Like every SWAGTRON product, Voyager is covered by Swagtron with a 1 year limited warranty.

Experience the revolution in personal transportation. With SWAGTRON, adventures begin with your feet!

  • DUAL 350 WATT MOTORS – speeds up to 15mph for a distance of 15 miles. Supports 330lbs. Weight limit.
  • WIRELESS REMOTE – Displays speed and battery life, while also controlling acceleration, breaking and cruise control settings.
  • 42” CLASSIC LONGBOARD SHAPE – the size and style of longboard has that classic cool look and makes it easier for novice riders to master. Plenty of room to enjoy the ride.
  • 36V LITHIUM ION PHOSPHATE BATTERY – the voyager longboard uses a LI-FE battery which has a longer lifespan and is safer than standard Lithium-Ion batteries.
  • 8 PLY DECK – Made with a combination of 2 layers of bamboo sandwiching 6 layers of Canadian Maplewood making this board flexible, but very strong.
  • BUILT IN CARRYING HANDLE – makes the voyager easy to take with you wherever your adventures might lead.
  • OVER SIZED POLY-URETHANE WHEELS – allow the voyager electric longboard to easily cruise over bumps and cracks in the road.

It’s not grown up. It’s not sophisticated! It is however, rather leading edge.

Take one indoor trampoline park, add kids with hoverboards!

Far beyond that idea of kid’s crawling along the home driveway or around a nearby empty parking lot, here is a video of an indoor trampoline park full of kids and their hoverboards going all out.

With the rise in popularity of the hoverboard, the category has grown so large to the point there are now hoverboard parks designed and designated specifically for them, and they are thriving. But this video takes a different twist of combining the speed of a hoverboard to launch the young riders into the trampolines at an indoor trampoline park.

It just goes to show how big hoverboarding has become, and like any popular trend people will find a unique way to push the limits. The bright lights and colors colors compliment the excitement and joy of the young kids flipping about.

Evolving from the novelty of the original sidewalk cruisers, rideables are rapidly going to new levels of creativity and experimentation. They are now something akin riding a gymnast’s balance beam, if you really know what you’re doing. Amazing new tricks are popping up here and there. Combining the hoverboard with a skatepark or any other indoor facility is genius. Luckily SWAGTRON is keeping up with trend, innovating new versions of the two-wheeled self-balancing scooter with stronger frames and more features.

With lighted indoor skate parks, the night comes alive anytime. Yes, there are now hover parks and the amazing things the riders perform will astonish and inspire you. But, for now, just enjoy the exuberance of the kids in this video.

The old idea of just banging about the skateboard park is now looking a bit old and out of date. These new SWAGTRONs add a whole new dimension that everyone and every age can enjoy.

What’s next in the world of hoverboarding? That’s up to you! Send us your rideable videos and photos via social media for a chance to be featured on our blog and social media accounts.





Often, the best promotion comes from those enjoying our products the most. When a young fellow wanted to share the immediate excitement of owning Swagboard what did he do? Post a video! Check out his detailed electric skateboard review.

Tyler, a young super fan of our most popular electric ridables, combined some strong enthusiasm, along with his many other talents to produce this great video. With style and thought and planning he crafted a fine presentation. After some intro footage of him enthusiastically riding the Swagboard, Tyler carefully explains almost every detail of the product, how it works, the safety factors, and even how SWAGTRON assisted when the product stopped working.

There are some great shots in this piece that normally would not be found in professional videos.

Then, in explaining a product glitch and how the company made good on the warranty, Tyler opens up his newly returned box and re-introduced the audience to its contents. Keep in mind as you watch that Tyler is not just idly rolling about or giving a “one view” video shot. He took time and thought to construct a great and visual description of the many features and benefits of the Swagboard, including the government travel approval and safety warnings.

Point by point, Tyler calls attention to the items in the box that many people would overlook. Highlights included operation instructions along with the warranty. There is a clear camera shot of the UL2272 certification label and the warnings about safety. Few youngsters their age would even bother to consider showing this aspect. It shows he thought through the process of filming this very clearly and took time to be fully responsible with his new possession.

Tyler and his brother show themselves riding the Swagboard at full speed. While giving you information about the SWAGTRON Swagboard product.
With excited customers like this enjoying SWAGTRON products, the company knows it has a very bright future ahead.

Want to learn more about the Swagboard by SWAGTRON? Check out Tyler’s full review below.

Still seriously hunting and hatching Pokemon Go eggs? Unless you want to continue spend too much time flailing about in the wild, the best way to hatch and acquire the elusive Pokemon in Pokemon Go is use a SWAGTRON Hoverboard. The T1, T3, and T5 all have that inherent speed, range and ability to enable you to compete on the highest level.

As you know, the Pokemon Go game requires players to walk around endlessly in real life, traveling either 2, 5 or 10 kilometers to hatch a game egg. That’s a lot of miles. A number of crafty players have attempted all sorts of sorry methods to outsmart the app ranging from bike riding to skateboards, and even cars. Some have attempted tying phones to ceiling fans, Rollibot vacuums and old vinyl record turntables. They discovered the app is much smarter than that.

It uses your GPS, so you can’t simply spin it in place or restrict movement to a kitchen cleaner. Additionally, the maximum speed is limited to 10.5 mph. However, there is an answer that will keep you on the straight and narrow with your Pokemon hatchery…

SWAGTRON’s T1, T3 and T5 series hoverboards cruise at 8-10 mph with a range of over 10 miles. That is more than enough limited speed and extended range to please the Pokemon spirits that oversee the game.

There is no official word about speed and distance from Niantic, but according Pokemon Go Hub, the speed limit is currently about 10.5 miles per hour. If you’re going any faster than that, your movement will not count towards hatching the egg. Some have reportedly been able to go a bit above this limit, but in general 10.5 seems to be roughly the cutoff.
Biking and skateboards won’t work, either, unless you’re moving incredibly slowly. In fact, this has led many boarders and bicyclists complaining and asking Niantic to increase the speed limit so that they can bike around town and still make progress in the game. And the answer is Nope! No Go…or rather, no Pokemon Go.

Keep in mind also that Niantic really wants you to be walking around, not biking, And, as stated, stationary or limited range of movement does not help. Walking on a treadmill won’t help you hatch eggs. The game registers distance traveled, not just steps taken. Unless you’re physically moving around out on the landscape you’ll be out of luck. The system works by repeatedly pinging your GPS and seeing how far you have traveled since the last ping, thus ruling out the possibility of hatching eggs at the gym or by just walking around your room. It also can calculate your speed between locations, which gives them your speed. It also means that if you aren’t moving in a straight line, the distance you travel may not always be measured completely accurately. Again, a SWAGTRON hoverboard is going to take you places at ease and hatch your eggs at the same time!

So, if you want the major collection of hatched Pokemon Go eggs, go right now and get a SWAGTRON hoverboard!

This winter season we’ve seen a whole new trend sweeping, or should I say “shoveling” across America. “Shovel-boarding” is here! Kids and adults everywhere are working smart instead of working hard, and having fun while doing it. Using their SWAGTRON hoverboards and a standard snow shovel, these talented riders are making quick work of this seasons driveway clearing.

We’ve put together the top 3 “Shovel-Boarding” videos so you can see the newest way to add some fun to your everyday chores, and inspire more people to find unique ways to put their hoverboard to work!

#1 – The Pro

With over 300,000 views this video posted by Steve Scherer is a perfect example of what an expert rider can do with a hoverboard and a snow shovel. He makes quick work of shoveling his long driveway as he seamlessly glides up and down the perimeter of his drive way, holding his snow shovel like a hockey stick creating a human-hoverboard hybrid snow plow.

#2 The Fail

Posted by YouTuber Jon Marco Gaydos this funny video showcases his attempt to snow shovel while riding his hoverboard in just his boxers and socks. This quickly backfires as the snow he is trying to shovel is too deep causing him to fall forward into it for a chilling surprise. A perfect example on what NOT to do this winter season.

#3 The Unexplained Banana

This bizarre video shows a New Jersey man, Adam Szyfman making the most of his hoverboard during the east coast blizzard that hit in January of 2016. He takes a different approach than our first video using the full range of the hoverboard gyroscopic control system to speed forward and then reverse. What sets this one apart isn’t the skill of the rider or the efficiency of his hover-shoveling, it’s the unexplained banana costume that he’s wearing.

This winter season put your hoverboard to work! Don’t have a hoverboard yet? Check out the full line available from SWAGTRON, including the unreleased SWAGTRON T6 all-terrain hoverboard which was featured at CES 2017!