Should You Buy a Recertified Hoverboard?

Hoverboards are a fun and convenient way to get around. But they can be expensive, especially if you buy a new one. That’s where recertified hoverboards come in. Recertified hoverboards are used hoverboards that have been returned to the manufacturer and refurbished. They are then sold at a discount.

Person riding a hoverboard

So, What’s The Best Recertified Hoverboard in 2023?

The true answer is, it depends on the rider. Here, we have included these three quick picks that range in features and skill requirements.

Recertified EVO LED Hoverboard

  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 Sale Price: $69.99
  • LED music-synced party lights
  • Save $100 Immediately!
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Recertified ZipBoard – Hoverboards + Skateboards

  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 Sale Price: $169.99
  • Hoverboards + Skateboards + Hours of Fun
  • Save $150 Immediately!
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Recertified EVO V2 Hoverboard

  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 Sale Price: $69.99
  • UL-compliant LiFePo Battery
  • Save $80 Immediately!
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Pros of Buying a Recertified Hoverboard

The Best Recertified Hoverboard - SWAGTRON Evo For Sale Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023
Recertified SWAGTRON EVO Hoverboard
  • Save money: You can save a significant amount of money by buying a recertified hoverboard. In fact, you can often find recertified hoverboards that are 50% or more off the price of new ones.
  • Get a quality product: Recertified hoverboards are inspected and repaired by certified technicians. This means that you can be confident that you are getting a quality product.
  • Help the environment: Buying a recertified hoverboard is a great way to help the environment. It keeps hoverboards out of landfills and reduces the need for new hoverboards to be manufactured.
  • Support a local business: Many recertified hoverboards are sold by local businesses. By buying from a local business, you are supporting your community.

Cons of Buying a Recertified Hoverboard

  • May have minor cosmetic flaws: Recertified hoverboards may have minor cosmetic flaws, such as scratches or dents. However, these flaws should not affect the performance of the hoverboard.
  • May not come with a full warranty: Recertified hoverboards may not come with a full warranty. However, most recertified hoverboards come with at least a 90-day warranty.
  • May not be available in all models: Recertified hoverboards may not be available in all models. However, there is a wide selection of recertified hoverboards available to choose from.

How to Choose a Recertified Hoverboard

  • Do your research: Before you buy a recertified hoverboard, do your research and read reviews from other customers.
  • Inspect the hoverboard carefully: Once you have found a recertified hoverboard that you are interested in, inspect it carefully for any cosmetic flaws.
  • Make sure it comes with a warranty: Make sure that the recertified hoverboard comes with a warranty.
  • Buy from a reputable seller: Buy your recertified hoverboard from a reputable seller like SWAGTRON.
Hoverboards plus Skateboards plus Hours of Fun
The Recertified Zipboard is a riding experience like none other!

Is a Recertified Hoverboard Right for You?

Whether or not a recertified hoverboard is right for you depends on your individual needs and budget. If you are on a budget and are willing to accept a few minor cosmetic flaws, then a recertified hoverboard is a great option. However, if you want a brand new hoverboard with a full warranty, then you should buy a new hoverboard.



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