SWAGTRON ST045 Stunt Scooter

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Unleash your inner viper and enter the skate park in style with the SWAGTRON® ST045 Stunt Scooter!

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Want to become the ultimate stunt master? Your search for the best pro scooters is over! With SWAGTRON’s ST045 Freestyle Scooter, you can learn slick moves and venomous tricks to charm your way through the crowd.

Designed with a 19.5×4” deck and reinforced with robust aluminum alloy, this extraordinary pro scooter can combat almost any rough ride as you discover new moves and unique styles. Sturdy TPE grip embellishes over a 22” steel T-bar to help you whip into the street with enough grapple to bust 360 spins. Ultimately, this light weight scooty weighs only 7.4 lbs and can support up to 260 lbs. Who says this versatile kids scooter can’t be an adult scooter also?

Featuring solid 100mm polyurethane wheels with a polycarbonate core, this kick scooter prevents tread separation and absorbs high impacts to learn bunny hops and tail taps in no time. Conquer the rink with quality ABEC-7 bearings to gain enough boost for midair combos. A special two-bolted Naga clamp packs a powerful bite to keep the kids scooter’s bars in place as you experiment with new moves without worrying about unsealed looseball bearings or rattling headsets.

Per ASTM F2264 standards, the SWAGTRON® ST045 Pro Scooter meets all performance, test, and labeling requirements necessary to make this stunt scooter safe, fun, and perfect for a thrilling learning experience.

Resilient Body

This pro scooter’s 19.5×4” deck and 22” stem is reinforced with durable aluminum alloy to tough out almost any stunt.

Extremely Lightweight

The ST045 Freestyle Scooter is lightweight and durable to assist with midair stunts while supporting up to 260 lbs, making this perfect for riders of all shapes and sizes.

360° Stem Rotation

The scooter’s full 360° stem rotation allows you to perform midair combos, bar spins, bar twists, and more!

TPE Grip

Ride comfortably and securely by staying grappled with sturdy TPE grip while showing off your steezy moves.

Heavy-Duty Wheels
Stick any hard landing on 100mm polyurethane wheels with polycarbonate cores.

Aluminum Brakes

Slide into quick and effective stops by pressing down on the aluminum brakes.

Maximum Load Capacity
This solid kick scooter can accommodate riders up to 260 lbs.

Robust Bearings

Quality ABEC-7 bearings help pick up speed and smooth out any ride to give you enough boost for insane tricks or competitive races.

Naga Clamp

This custom scooter’s two-bolted Naga clamp is packed with a powerful bite to stabilize the bars. Simply tighten the bolts to your preference, and your scooter is dialed and ready for an epic ride.

ASTM F2264 Certified
The ST045 Stunt Scooter meets all safety requirements of non-powered scooters

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