SwagDrone 4-UP – Drone Video Goggles

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  • FIRST PERSON VIEW – The 4-UP is built to work with the 150-UP and 210-UP SwagDrones to provide a premium FPV experience
  • 40 DIFFERENT CHANNELS – The drone racing goggles come with 5 different bands and receives up to 40 different channels
  • 5 IN SCREEN W/ HD – The FPV goggles allow you to see the world in a whole new way with a 5 inch crystal clear LCD screen
  • DUAL ANTENNAS – These racing drones goggles utilize dual antennas to allow for superior quality transmission
  • COMFORTABLE – Experience less fatigue while racing drones with an ergonomically designed VR drone headset

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Step into the world of flight and see what your drone sees with the SwagDrone does with the SwagDrone 4-UP. The SwagDrone 4-UP visual FPV drone goggles allow you to see things from a drones eye point of view. Using an AV input and output connectivity option, the SwagDrone 4-UP also utilizes 5 different bands as well as 40 different channels so you have a wide array of options to choose from on race day. These FPV googles are fully calibrated and can be used with either the SwagDrone 150-UP or the SwagDrone 210-UP.

The 4-UP is also fully customizable and comes with adjustable brightness, chroma, and contrast so you choose what’s most comfortable for you. The FPV goggles are designed to be extremely ergonomic and features straps as well as a lightweight battery that can be easily contoured to your head.

The 4-UP utilizes a 5 inch crystal clear LCD screen so you can see everything your drone does in stunning HD, and comes with dual antennas to ensure the highest quality transmission possible.
With the SwagDrone 4-UP goggles, see more than ever before.

AV Input/Output

The SwagDrone 4-UP features an AV output connectivity option so you can share what you see on the goggles on the big screen. The AV input and output also gives you a way to conveniently record what you see on your goggles, so that you can easily share what you’ve seen with friends and family. Additionally, NTSC and PAL video signal compatibility means that your videos will always be crystal clear.

Clear out Visual Fatigue and Adjust Settings with an Easy Toggle Button

The 4-UP is specially calibrated to prevent visual fatigue and features a unique 5” LCD screen that allows you to see things with crystal clear clarity. The LCD screen also features customizable options so you can adjust chroma, contrast, as well as brightness and choose what style of screen works for your eyes. To adjust these options, simply use the easy to toggle control button located at the top of the goggles.

Dual Antennas
The 4-UP features dual antennas for a superior signal transmission and to reduce the chances of losing transmission with the SwagDrone. Whereas some drone FPV goggles utilize a single antenna, the SwagDrone 4-UP uses dual antennas for safety and to transmit a stronger signal so you can get crystal clarity every time.

Channel search
The 4-UP goggles utilize automatic channels search so it automatically detects whatever channel your SwagDrone is on. The 4-UP has the capacity for up to 5 different bands as well as 40 different channels. The wide variety of different channels give you more room to choose a unique channel for your drone come race day.

The 4-UP is extremely ergonomic, ultra lightweight, and designed to be worn for extended periods of time. The 4-UP goggles feature cushioned lining around the goggles as well as a lightweight battery pack in the back to balance out the weight of the goggles.

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